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Rewarding people for their wellbeing

Happier people are up to 20% more productive at work. We present the unique Wellmee mobile application, which enhances the overall wellbeing of its users through mentoring, engaging and entertaining. With the Wellmee app, people are more productive and creative, which brings more profit to their employers. To reward their employees, there are Wellmee tokens linked to the app. These tokens are going to have plenty of value in real world marketplaces.

“We all have a human need to feel appreciated. The Wellmee app enables employers to create more harmonizing environment that makes employees happy, encouraged, valued and rewarded.”

Barbora Cermakova former HR consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group

“Having an app which uses unique data for each individual user to positively stimulate them, engage them or even to give them a chance to be rewarded, is indeed revolutionary.”

Frantisek Mareth former Deloitte director and Financial group CIO


Why Wellmee?

Wellmee is special. On the one hand, it brings a mobile application which helps people live their lives better. On the other hand, it creates a unique ecosystem for employers and employees.

Wellmee´s aim is simple – to enhance the wellbeing of each user. Together with Wellmee tokens, it makes it possible for employers to reward the employees who use Wellmee app, because a happier person shows better results at work as well.

  • Wellmee app is purely private – no social network
  • Its workings are backed up by findings of major studies on positive psychology
  • It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • The Token ecosystem is beneficial for employees, employers and marketplaces



Looking at the target for Wellmee business model, in 2018 the Fortune Global 500 companies employ more than 28 million people. Expanding this focus to a further 1000+ bluechip companies, we can estimate that within first 5 years there can be contracted 125 companies and there can be 5 million employees part of Wellmee business ecosystem.


Research shows that unhappy workers cost the U.S. itself between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity each year, and that 7 out of 10 US workers aren’t working to their full potential. And this is a global problem. Even 87% of C-Suite executives recognize that disengaged employees are one of the biggest threats to their business.


A whole 40% of happiness is determined by our actions. Wellmee aims to cover 8 key areas which are crucial for everyone’s wellbeing, including: Positive emotions, Active engagement, Relationships and Meaning & Purpose. Wellbeing improvement will be tracked in the app to be evaluated periodically by the employer – keeping privacy is the highest priority of the application. (Employers will be only capable of extracting data which tracks usage). That is why the relationship between each individual user and the Wellmee app is built on trust.

Clear user-interface and AI

In front-end, the app is based on clear user-interface components (metaphors, mental models, navigation, interaction, and appearance) so that links from the navigation panel are mainly search field, sliders, icons and image carousels. In back-end, using AI and all possible up to date SW technology which may include geolocation of the smartphone, sensors, cameras, etc. to minimize the necessity of users’ input for the tracking and monitoring of the wellbeing improvement.



Concept of Wellmee appConcept of Wellmee application is established and loosely follows on „The Happinness machine“



ITOITO takes place



Dream come trueDevelopment of the app starts! Wellmee team is complemented continuously and appropriately (mainly experienced Psychologists and world-class SW engineers)



Development and Ecosystem setupBeta program of Wellmee app is continously released based on agile development; Foundations laid for functioning of the ecosystem for both Employers and Merchants



Wellmee 1.0 is released (by Jan 2020)Available on iOS and Android; Covers the fundamental features; Pilot with the companies is done



Wellmee 2.0 is released (by Jan 2021)Offering most of the key features; Operating with initial Employers and Merchants; First revenue is booked



Wellmee 3.0 is released (by Jan 2022)Fully functioning app with all its necessary features; Having its regular users where numbers are exponentially growing; Recognized by all big companies on the market for its benefits


Our Motivated Team

Milan Vlcek

Founder & CEO, ex-Deloitte consultant, PMI certified,…

Petr Cvengros

SW Engineer, Blockchain Professional, ex-Deloitte…

Xavier Salazar Primo

Data Communication Specialist

Klara Hluzova


Tomas Brablec

Experienced IT Manager

Rebecca Trubac

Compliance & Internal Audit, CPA certified

David Tadesse

Employee Benefits Professional

Alex Farrow

Supporting organisations to be more effective…

Ariel (Green) Andersson

Authenticity, Life & Conscious Business Coach…

Jiri Prochazka

Experienced Android developer

Jaroslav Pavlicek

Experienced iOS developer

Jan Vihan

Legal advisor


Our Advisory Board

Aaron Marcus

Principal, Aaron Marcus and Associates, Berkeley,…

Jan Brejcha, Ph.D.

Blockchain Specialist, Business designer

Mehdi Jelloul

ICO Advisor, Blockchain / ICO Analyst

Vikas Kalwani

ICO Advisor, Growth Hacker



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