Well-known charity activist Jillian Godsil joined Pixel Charity project 

Well-known charity activist Jillian Godsil joined Pixel Charity project 

Pixel Charity Team

Popular crypto advocate, journalist of CryptoCoin.News , The Irish Independent and The Irish Times - Jillian Godsil joined Pixel Charity to support the realization of charity project, which has already raised more than 400,000 thousand dollars in the first stages of fundraising during an ICO.

Jillian is a famous individual in the crypto industry and blockchain field, also a person who is not indifferent to the issues of charity. Her support of charitable project is no accident, as few years ago, Jillian herself was in a difficult situation due to bankruptcy law in Ireland, as a result of which she suffered great financial losses. However, without despairing on this, Jillian not only appeared in court case against injustice, later contributing to the amendment of the law in Ireland in 2014, but also became a candidate for the European Parliament. She is not only an independent journalist, but also one of the representatives of the development and legalization of crypto-currencies around the world.

"She is an outstanding expert in the field of blockchain, her name being in 50 most influential women in the blockchain industry. Jillian Godsil also has her own radio show on DublinCityFM. We highly convinced, that involving her name to the advisory board team of Pixel Charity, will give tangible push in the popularization and development of our charitable blocking project from the public side" - said the co-founder of the project Bakyt Kudaibergenov.

Meanwhile we will remind for our readers that apart Jillian Godsil, to the consultative council of the Pixel Charity project was joined a well-known crypto-currency figure, chief editor of CryptoCoinNews, as well as blockchain expert - Simon Cocking, whose name is included in the top 3 list of world leaders in the blockchain industry.

Pixel Charity is a charitable crypto project based on the blockchain technology that allows people to participate in charity without donating their money.