Welcome to the Ultra Protocol

Welcome to the Ultra Protocol

Ultra Protocol Team

Greetings to the world, today we embark on a journey towards building a more secure and verifiable industry in blockchain. The official launch of our new website, today the 21st of October 2021 we firmly plant our feet to the ground to show exactly what the Ultra Protocol is about, what we're doing here and what it is we're going to be building for the industry.

What is the Ultra Protocol?

It all began from a thought, a thought of a better industry that could facilitate the growth of amazing technology, incredible finance options and a better world. Today Ultra Protocol begins it's journey through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has been dubbed the wild west of crypto, we certainly think it is, where a picture of a dog can become more valuable than fortune 500 companies overnight.

We know this space has a reputation for spontaneous decisions, capital gain, capital loss, unethical practices and so on and this isn't healthy for any project wanting to begin in blockchain.

But what if BSC was known for launching prominent and leading projects that would serve as a benchmark for the future generations to come? What if there was a space we could all learn about blockchain projects, mint share and distribute cool NFT's, educate ourselves on new technologies and investment strategy? Well my friends, it's now time we stop thinking what if and start seeing what is happening right now.

Products and Services

Among the multiple that are planned and will be released with more details in our upcoming roadmap and re-visioned whitepaper these are subject but not limited to:

  • Multi Chain Incubator (Launchpad)
  • Cross Chain NFT Marketplace
  • Direct Purchase of Asset
  • Multi Chain Wallet
  • Revamped Staking and Rewards
  • Education Centre

Multi Chain Incubator

We'll be bringing forward our launchpad in the next couple of weeks which, we're now currently testing functions, plus getting the audits done by Hacken Foundation. You'll probably see us in the community reaching out to a few members to help us with testing in the coming days.

Multi Chain NFT Marketplace

After the launch of the incubator, we'll open the doors for all the artists around the globe to use Ultra Protocol's brand new NFT Marketplace, with scholarship programs for artists and groups.

Direct Purchasing

Will be available at ultraprotocol.io in the coming days.

Multi Chain Wallet

Being able to purchase, swap and exchange and use your $ULTRA is important, so we'll be bringing the Multi Chain wallet to the community and for all to utilize simple and easy transactions without complications.

Revamped Staking and Rewards

A new improved staking and rewards system will be in place of the old, we'll be announcing more information on this soon.

Educational Centre

You'll find how to operate our products and services and also have plenty of useful information for the DIYer who wants to research further details about the project. Plus a little extension to come that'll help those getting into blockchain and also provide some very useful tips and strategy to investing in this space!

Our new home, Ultraprotocol.io

The new website will be continuously updated with the latest news and announcements as well as have our upcoming educational help center, updated roadmap and new white paper. Which is all coming in the next few days.

It's been quite a push so far to get everything done and in place. We have our executives and the team of moderators helping with writing content to publish on the help center, audits getting done for our launchpad, interactive roadmap and new white paper coming too.

So much is on the way and also, there is still so much to come!

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