Weekly digest November 16th - November 22nd

Weekly digest November 16th - November 22nd

Polkadot News


🔹 With the latest Polkadot runtime, there is currently no minimum to stake (except the existential deposit of 1 DOT). Just ran the numbers and saw quite a few 1 - 2 DOT nominations.


🔹 Bifrost started a meme contest. Prize pool is 500 BNC. How to participate.

🔹 New AMA in russian will be held by Bifrost on 26th of November, 1 pm UTC+3 (13.00 MSK). To register.


🔹 Bondly released new sets of cards, named “The SeVerers” with 5 new characters.

Holding these cards brings several advantages, including $BONDLY airdrops, no fees on BSwap, access to Premium Tournaments within the game, VIP status for private community, etc. Full information about cards is here.

The cards were sold out very quickly, and now they can be found on the secondary market. How to avoid fake cards.


🔹 Phala Network started Vendetta testnet.

At this stage the following functionality is available: running a computing node, mining PHA and earning mining rewards. The “1605” Miner Race and the Vendetta Incentive Program will be launched the next week from November 23rd.

More functionalities such as Miner Nomination, Liquid Democracy, and PhalaDAO will be live phase by phase after the launch of Phala pre-mainnet Darth Vader and mainnet.

Reward distribution and closing affairs of the program is planned on December 23rd.



🔹 Moonbeam launched the latest version of TestNet - Moonbase Alpha v3 with a significant upgrade: Unified Accounts.

"Users will now be able to use a single Ethereum-like account and its associated private key to interact with dApps and protocols implemented in the Moonbeam EVM. Simultaneously, they can use the same Ethereum-like account for Substrate-based actions such as staking and on-chain governance. " New features of Moonbase Alpha v3.


🔹 Usetech was accepted into the Substrate Builders Program to launch Unique Network, NFT chain for Kusama and Polkadot networks. The nearest steps of development see in roadmap (till Q2 2021).


🔹 DOCK migration will start from December 8th via Dock's own migration service. Source. Several exchanges - Binance, Kucoin, AAX and BKEX - will support Dock in this process, but the date of echange's readiness is not known yet. Read about bonuses for token holders here.


🔹 Kylin Network reported on launch of Red Wings V0.1.0. The project was supported by Web3 Grants Program.

This is the very first alpha version with the Kylin Node and several other components such as Oracle Module, Data Feeding Module, Ink! Contracts and Data Fetcher for POC. Check the blog post with all Github links to know more.



Reef, a cross-chain liquidity aggregator, partners with built on Cosmos Kava - a multi-chain lending platform. The partnership has been highlighted as a plan to bridge Cosmos and Polkadot. Source.


PAID Network partnered with EVEDO - a blockchain-based events management platform. PAID will help Evedo users to create and execute custom trustless agreements through PAID Network’s SMART Agreement and Escrow functionality. Source.


Polkastarter integrates Shyft, a credential verification network with proof-of-sender protocol. With this integration, Polkastarter will be able to provide every pool creator with the option of activating a mandatory and fully compliant KYC process. Details.

CRUST Network and RAMP

Crust Network and RAMP collaborate for RAMP’s cross-chain liquidity unlocking solution.


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