Weekly Big Wins (22.09-29.09)

Weekly Big Wins (22.09-29.09)

Celebrate Big Wins together! How sweet they are at BetFury. The Winners enjoy delicious victories over a glass of champagne.

Watch what wins had Betfurians during this week.

Which win is the biggest? The biggest win is determined according to 3 criteria: bet,  multiplier, profit. At first we look at the multiplier and the bet amount, then at the profit. 

If the bet amount is small, but the multiplier and profit are big the winning amount in $ is over $300, then it’s worth to be published and seen by others!

Every day the indicator of the choice differs. For example, on Monday the biggest win was $690. Other wins are: $305, $407 etc. So, we will take the first one.

On Tuesday the wins are: $5 000, $650, $470. But the win of $5 000 was with the multiplier of 1,5 and the win of $650 was with the multiplier of 120. Then both wins are considered to be big.

Let’s get acquainted with the biggest wins chronology of the passing week:

The most popular type of games was Slots. There were 9 big wins in different slots and 2 big wins in Crash during the last week.
The biggest win over $21 824 in USDT was in slot Dragon Pearls: Hold & Win.
The biggest multiplier x7.27 was in Crash.

Winnings that have not been published before:

Total big winnings amount is ~$ 57 400

Your sweetest victories are waiting for you ahead! Play In-house games, spin Slots, attend Live casino and Table games. Get your success out of the sleeve.

Uncork your bottle of BetFury wins!

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