Weekend at My Older Brothers_(0)

Weekend at My Older Brothers_(0)


Muutterfuucckkeer...Thhhhhhhhaaaat hhhhhhuuurrrrrtttttttttttsss, I screamed as best as I could with Ghosts long thin fuck stick trying to enter my stomach thru my mouth. Tears were running freely down my cheeks as I choked and gagged on Ghosts 10 plus inches of uncut meat as he shoved in in and out of my throat, grabbing two fist fulls of hair on the back of my head and forceing my face into his groin. I had no idea who was forceing thier cock into my un-lubricated asshole, I just knew it fucking hurt. I love anal, but god damn guys, lube me up first!! I grabbed ahold of Ghosts nuts and squeezed. Ghost got the message. He pulled my face off his dick, I was gasping for air, spit, saliva, drool and cum from the several loads I had already sucked out of my nights lovers sprayed out of my mouth and nose, strings of the tastey mixture joined my mouth and Ghosts long thin cock. What the fucks your problem cunt?, Ghost demanded as his fist wrapped around his prick and he whipped my face with it. I glanced around, before Ghosts dripping dick head smacked forcefully into my eye, I saw it was Fat Franky that was trying to shove his thick 7 incher up my poopshoot. Asshole...Fuck Frank, you know your fucking dick barely fits in my cunt and Ive only taken that elephant dick in my ass once after every one else had stretched me out, your an asshole... I was able to finish what I was saying, Ghost shoved his prick back in my mouth.

Georgie, you fucking little skank, you love my fucking dick so shut the fuck up...enjoy, Frank said. As Ghost rammed his dick back down my throat to his balls, I heard Frank spit, then actually felt it on my asshole. THen I heard, Hold on Frank...spread her cheeks..., my brother Harry said. I felt my butt cheeks being spread, then I could feel something being pressed against my asshole and slightly enter me. Then lots of laughter from the bikers watching who were recovering for thier next turn on me or still waiting for thier first. Brother, thats gonna be so fucking messy...., some one said. Ghost was almost to the point of filling my throat when I felt something very cold, definitly a liquid, enter my ass. I could hear the bottle being squeezed, then squeezed again and again. The bottle was emptied inside me ass. That should lube her up for ya Frank, Harry, my wonderful older brother said. Then I felt the pressure of Frankys thick cockhead being forced into my asshole. Granted, just the previous night, well, actually, very early this morning, Franky had fucked my ass raw, but that was after my brother, Yankee, Jack and Sideways had stretched me. I guess I was still pretty much stretched out back there, cause he entered me rather easily, I mean, I screamed around Ghosts wonderful dick, it hurt like all hell, but what ever they used as lube, was working very well. Ghost pulled his dick out of my throat till just the head was left inside my mouth and jacked his meat several times as he erupted, filling my mouth with his thick, large load of tastey cum. I swallowed his load and sucked as much as I could out of him. Ghost pulled away and Yankee was the next in line.

I moaned in pleasure as Franky brutally pounded my ass. Before Yankee shoved his dick in my mouth, Franky spun me around, his dick still buried in my ass, till I was laying on my back on the couch, my legs spread wide and my knees pushed to my shouders, Franky having hooked my legs behind my knees with his thick arms as he plowed my cunt. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the taboo pleasure of getting sodomized, but was interupted as Yankee rubbed the head of his child sized dick on my cheek. I opened my eyes, turned my head so I faced him and allowed him to slide his dick between my lips. I sealed my lips around his peter tightly and allowed him to fuck my face, his small tight almost hairless balls, all wrinkled, rubbing on my cheek and chin as I accepted the whole lenght of him in my mouth. I kept myself from giggling as I sucked his cock and wondered at how marvelous and strange the human body was. I had just finished sucking off Ghosts cock, a good 9 inches of man meat buried down my throat, and now, here I was sucking off Yankees 3 incher, no bigger then my middle finger that didnt even come close to teasing my tonsils. I didnt care, I enjoy each and every cock I can get my hands, mouth, cunt or ass around!!! Yankee didnt last long, he never does. I saw my brother Harry about to step up, I love sucking his dick, over 11 inches long, one of the longest dicks I had ever had and fairly thick too. I was just reaching up for Harrys very erect cock when Franky began grunting. I started climaxing. I began frigging my clit as Franky began pounding my butt harder and faster. Im gonna cum bitch....SQUEEZE that ASS...., Franky yelled, shoved his thick cock deep in my ass. As his cock began to swell up and then begin to shoot off several streams of his jism, Franky, the sick bastard he is, began slapping my titties back and forth as hard as he could. I lost it. I screamed from my orgasm. Frankys cock stopped spurting, he leaned down and kissed me, tenderly at first, then he bit my tounge, then my lip. He moved away a tiny bit, then lowered his mouth to my tit, taking my puffy nipple in his mouth and sucking roughly, then biting my tit. They were already hurting, but now.....I started another huge orgasm. Frankys cock started to harden again and he began pumping it in and out of me as he chewed painfully on my tender tit. The mother fucker knew I got off on pain, he was the first to figure it out when he raped me a few months before. Franky pulled his nasty fat cock out of my ass and soved it in my cunt as my brother started to fuck my mouth. Several other bikers used me before Harry told me I had to get cleaned up, my step-mother would soon be there to pick me up.

My step mom picked me up from my brothers Harrys house he shared with the other bikers. I love the occasional weekends I get to spend with my perverted brother and his new friends. Sitting besides Carol, I couldnt wait to get home and fuck my boyfriend!!!











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