Week Start Cryptocurrencies Market Strategic Direction Review

Week Start Cryptocurrencies Market Strategic Direction Review

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To have a strategic direction this week that is starting from today, we have to tell the truth sincerely.

Bakkt still doen't exceed many market investors expectations. ūüėā

That is why our personal opinion is: make less noise or marketing and let investors choose what is best for them. Stay with us then and learn more about it.

And for not extending the matter, most of the media in the world of cryptocurrencies thought the same. Low trading volume and a lot of marketing.

In total, approximately $ 600,000 USD were sold within 24 hours. A quantity of 28 Bitcoins to be exact, as reported dailyhodl.com.

Personally a total disappointment. That's what the Binance CEO sells in a minute. ūüėā

An Interesting Study

A study says that the crypto investors that are predominantly are single males. They are between the ages of 18 and 30, and a little over 40% are between 31 and 45 years old.

In the same line of thinking, it says that annual household income was less than $50K for 25% of respondents, which may also be a result of the young average age.

Another thing that it says is that over a quarter of crypto investors invest in nothing other than crypto. Roughly half invest in stocks, a little over a quarter of crypto investors also invest in ETFs and Mutual Funds, and a quarter of them invest in real estate. And Over 90% of crypto investors make investment decisions themselves.

But the best idea to highlight is that the most common exchange used by crypto investors is Coinbase, with Binance being a close runner-up. And crypto enthusiasts get the majority of their information about the market from Twitter and Reddit, through subreddits such as r/Bitcoin.

Quick News To Highlight

At least the previous study helps us forget the incident news by the Bakkt. But to make up for that let us tell you other relevant news.

The first one and one of the ones we consider important is that Crypto exchange OKEx eyeing launch of Tether margin futures in October as related theblockcrypto.

And in the same line, crypto exchange Bithumb Global opens up access to users in India as said cryptoninjas.

In another hand, the Linux Foundation and IOTA Foundation join forces through LF Edge as reported blog.iota.org in conjunction with the launch of its marketplace.

we had a rumor too that Ripple added UAE Banking Giant National Bank of Fujairah to RippleNet as reported coingape; and the same time, we haired that RippleNet Partnered with American Express for Talking about SWIFT vs RippleTech, as related xrpripplenews.

We don't know how compelling the news is from the Ripple project, but what we do know is that the Exchange Boerse Stuttgart, a germany’s second-largest stock exchange, has opened a regulated trading venue for digital assets, as said coindesk.

The truth is that we keep other news. We will tell you at another time. For now let's look at the market perspective for the last hours.

Total Market Capitalization And Sentimental Status

Over the weekend, total market capitalization steadily dropped from $273 billion to to $263.2 billion, with most coins seeing losses in the ~2-6% range. 

24-hour volume during that time averaged ~$51 billion, according to coinmarketcap.

Bitcoin is currently trading at ~$9,990, down ~2.3% over the weekend.

On the daily chart, BTC is currently testing its 100-day EMA support line and RSI is at ~41.2.

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