Wedding Night

Wedding Night

Wedding night


Roshni had received a marriage proposal from Aarav, her dad's friend's son. They had met in a coffee shop for the first time and soon hit it off. They spoke for hours together as if they were old friends. Roshni had always wanted her husband to be more of a friend. She knew she had found her 'Guy' and soon they were engaged. After 6 months into courtship, they were married.

Sitting in their car, as they head to the hotel room for their wedding night, Roshni was reminiscing everything that led to this day. The last few months had moved so fast like it was a roller coaster. As her thoughts moved towards the night that was about to happen, she felt a tingling sensation in her stomach.

She had dated a few guys but nothing can prepare a girl for 'The' night can it? She was raised in a family where speaking about sex was frowned upon. So it felt extremely awkward when her mother tried to explain about the birds and the bees a few days prior to the wedding.

Her words 'he puts his thing... down there' felt so embarrassing that Roshni had pushed her out of her room. 'Mom! Stop it! She had exclaimed. She had watched a few movies to know what goes where and she didn't need to endure this.

She looked at Aarav sitting next to her. Tall and athletic, he looked handsome in his wedding attire. She wanted to kiss him right there. Just looking at him made her hotter. She felt things she couldn't explain in words.

She found him smiling at himself. Is he thinking what I'm thinking? Is he as nervous as I am? She wondered.


Aarav's parents had been pestering him to get married from the past few months. He was irritated at them. He surely didn't want to give up his bachelor life for 2 more years. But his mom had played the emotional card and he was forced to meet Roshni. He wanted to explain to her that he didn't want to get married but had forgotten to do so. He was so drawn towards this pretty girl. She was smart and so full of life that he had found himself falling for her. And much to his surprise he found himself saying 'yes' to the marriage.

During the time of courtship, he and Roshni had grown closer to each other. Texting late nights, calling each other incessantly, romantic outings, movies. He had flirted with her. There was obviously that sexual tension between the two, but neither had tried to speak openly about it. So the only experience the two had done was sending out kissing emoticons on whats app.

As his wedding night grew closer, his buddies had teased him. The usual banter from the men. One had even gone as far as gifting 100 packs of condoms! "This is my gift for you. The best gift you can get" He had shouted. Fucking ass. Aarav found himself smiling at his idiocy. But he saw a nervous look on Roshni's face. She looked cute.

Few Hours later

Finally, the newly married couple were in their room, all relaxed and alone. No nosy friends or cousins to tease them.

It took Aarav only a minute or two to change from his wedding clothes. He was already dialling the room service to order dinner while Roshni was still contemplating how to remove all her jewellery. Damn, the life of men is so easy she complained in her head.

She was only half done removing her jewellery when Aarav came behind her and hugged her. "Do you want any help?" he asked.

She wasn't going to give in so easily. "No I can do it" She said pushing him away playfully.

He pulled her back into his arms... "You look so beautiful today babe. Your beautiful saree, the red lipstick to go with it.. God, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Do you know what I want to do to you?" Aarav tightened his arms around Roshni.

"What?" Roshni replied meekly.

"All I could think of looking at your lips was to kiss them" Aarav kissed her right cheek. He placed a second kiss, this time closer to her lips. He turned her head towards him. They could feel each other's breath with lips only a few cm away from each other's. Slow ragged breath. Aarav moves in...

Buzzzzz "Sir, room service"

Roshni immediately pushes Aarav away. Aarav reluctantly heads to the door cursing the guy for the wrong timing, while Roshni gathers her breath. They haven't even kissed and she is already so hot and bothered.

Roshni finishes removing her jewellery, freshens up and comes back to the room. Aarav had already laid out the food on the table. They had ordered a simple dinner as they had had enough sweets and heavy meals at the wedding.

They were talking random things from the wedding and enjoying the meal. When Roshni asked Aarav

"Aren't you hungry?"

"Oh I am. Am just waiting for you to finish your dinner so that I can eat you" Aarav flashed his bright smile.

He took her hand and pulled her towards him making her sit on his lap.


"Yes my love?" He started kissing her cheek and nibbling at her neck. He was placing soft and gentle kisses on her neck. He would alternate between nibbling at her ears and kissing her.

He turned her head towards him.

"Baby have your dinn.." Before she could complete, Aarav placed a full kiss on her lips. He held her face firmly and continued to kiss. Roshni didn't realise when she parted her lips letting him suck her tender lips. First upper lips and then her lower lips. He would sometimes bite her lower lip gently. He broke the kiss for a second tilted her head and then locked his mouth completely on hers. She felt his tongue slip past her lips and into her mouth. He started exploring her mouth with his tongue. Soon their tongues were playing with each other.

He kissed her chin and Roshni involuntarily pushed her head back, eyes closed. He kissed her neck. Planting kisses all along he started tracing her skin down to the nape of her neck reaching her shoulders. He bit her there. This time not so gently. Roshni felt a sting of pain but not too much. She noted that it was in fact pleasurable. Her first love bite. He had marked her his.

Aarav kissed her collarbone and went further down pushing her pallu over her heaving chest. He kissed and traced the green nerves on her chest. Roshni didn't realise when he undid the strings on the back of her blouse, but she felt it falling down her shoulders. She kept her eyes shut. But she knew her upper body was exposed to her husband. And Aarav was eyeing her.

Roshni gasped when she felt Aarav's hands cup her breasts. 34B. She wasn't huge but she did have generous breasts which she was proud of. Aarav felt her tits from her bra. Even with the bra, he could feel her nipple poking his palms. He kissed her chest in between her tits while at the same time unhooking her bra. Roshni's upper body was fully exposed now. She could feel the cool air from the AC caress her nipple. She felt her nipple getting harder.

Aarav cupped her bare tits. He first felt their weight. Next he squeezed them. And later, he mashed them both together. He wrapped his palms squeezing out her nipples. He kissed her nipple and found her shudder. Using his tongue he licked her areolas. He was drawing wet circles around her nipple. Finally he took her entire nipple in his mouth. He started sucking it as if she had some milk to feed him. He would alternative from one nipple to the other. Cupping, squeezing and playing with each tit. By the time he decided to move on, her nipples were red and aching.

The next few seconds went like a daze for Roshni. Aarav pulled Roshni to her feet. He pulled the pleats of her saree dragging it down. He lifted her and took her to the bed. Within minutes he was out of his clothes and only in his boxers.

He got onto the bed and started from where he had left off. Kissing her tits. But he soon moved onto her tummy. And then her navel. And then further down.

He kissed her thighs and moved to the insides making Roshni tremble with fear and anticipation. He was so close to her treasure.

She felt her panties being pulled. Although shy she couldn't stop him. She tried to close her legs tight shut but he pulled them apart. He touched her most sensitive part making her shudder. She was wet. God. She was flooding. He rubbed her already swollen lips up and down and when he went all the way up he pressed onto her clit making her gasp and moan. She felt his hands move away. Nooo she thought.

She opened her eyes to see him stripping his boxers. She immediately turned her head away. But that 1 sec was enough to register the image of his penis. It was thick. Long. And hard. No. It was a cock. Her cock. To please.

Aarav got on top of Roshni. He kissed her lips tenderly. He started rubbing up and down just enough for his penis to slip up and down her slit. He felt his cock getting wet from her juices. He held his cock in one hand and aimed it at Roshni's hole. But he didn't push. He waited and waited teasing her.

"Open your eyes sweetheart" he said. Roshni just nodded her head left to right saying no.

Aarav slowly dragged his cock from deep down her slit to all the way up till her clit.

He knelt next to her ears "do you like it? Do you like my cock rubbing against you like this?" He rubbed while he kept asking her. His manly voice felt heavy. Full of lust.

"Don't you want to feel my cock inside you?" He poked his cock at her entrance. "Don't you want to know how my cock feels inside you? Ask me for it" he commanded.

Roshni was quivering now... "" was all she could muster.

Aarav pushed his hungry cock into Roshni's pussy. 'Ahh' She felt his cock stretch her. And he felt her pussy coat his cock with her slick wetness. He pulled and pushed back. Slowly at first. And gradually started picking the pace. Roshni was quick to learn and she was bucking and pushing her hips up to meet his downward thrust.

He kept pumping his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy giving her his everything. Roshni hugged Aarav wrapping her hands behind his back and legs behind his ass.

The bed was shaking. The couple were sweating and panting. The room was filled with moaning sounds. Aarav started pumping with all his might. Lifting his ass up and pushing down with all his force. Roshni's pussy was squeezing his cock. Not wanting to let it go. And when Aarav pulled his cock almost out of Roshni's wet pussy and shoved it balls deep into her hole, Roshni felt her entire body shake. She started shuddering and orgasming on her husband's thick meaty cock. This ticked Aarav who started cumming inside Roshni but didn't stop fucking her. He kept pumping stream after stream of cum inside Roshni. And Roshni just kept milking him and letting him fill her pussy with more cum.

Finally the couple lay wasted. With Aarav on top. Both hugged tight with Aarav's cock still inside Roshni's pussy