Webtalk: Some of the "Wow-factors"

Webtalk: Some of the "Wow-factors"

Let's look at some of the "wow factors" of webtalk:

  • it's the BEST of Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all in one, without the downsides of each of those others
  • You see what you want, when you want, from who you want, easily filtered on the time line
  • You update who you want, when you want, easily targeted, so who you want will see it
  • You manage your connections and followings easily and can re group them at any time, and even better stuff for contacts is on its way: gone are the days of not remembering who is who, and where to put them
  • Imagine if you had a super brain in your head, where you would remember everyone who and when you met and what you discussed, and could retrieve that easily. Would this not make you rich and bring you more success? All those great connections you had while stuck on a flight in the air, or along your travels and other meetings. Well, now with Webtalk you can do JUST THAT!
  • You can show case your talent, experience, interests, photos, files and more, to whichever groups of people. They can find you easily, leading to job offers, trade, business, discovery of common interests and more
  • After a hard day's work, had enough of anything that reminds you or work? Switch your timeline to personal and catch up with what family and friends are doing or sharing
  • Have your personal and/or professional communications in one place, easily separated and fine tuned in categories and/or sub categories ("groups"): clear and easy, no confusion or wrong posts to the wrong people
  • Tired, want to spend time only with family, switch to Groups and drill down to Personal > Family and see only updates from your family
  • Simply using webtalk (which you can absolutely replace Facebook and Linkedin with once enough of your contacts start crossing over on your invitation), you can earn 10% of all income to webtalk from 5 degrees of separation -- FOR LIFE -- just doing what you do!
  • Patent pending search technology means you can find those contacts, past messages, media, and more quickly and easily at very high speed.
  • Go to your Connections and use the Search your Connections box, try keywords separated by AND or OR, that will match anything you entered into the comments box for each contact. E.g. with Africa OR Adelaide I get all contacts from Africa or in Adelaide, with Africa AND Adelaide I get my African contacts in Adelaide. Use the comment box on the regroup feature of any connection, to put meaningful comments: where and when did you meet? Who are they? Put things that will remind you, or things you discussed.

I don't want to make this post too long, but you can see there are a lot of "wow factors" that define webtalk already, and yet this is still in beta, perhaps 90% developed, and there are more products to come as an integrated suite: sales, purchases, meeting tools, business marketing tools and more!

Stay tuned, use the features, check out your Connections tab and click the drop down menu top right of any connection to see how to Regroup, add comments (where you put them and what you write there, is not visible to anyone but you) so that your can Communicate Better and Achieve Morse Success. Use the drop down top left of your time line to change it, get to know these simple features, because they are what already gives this so much power and usefulness.

Push people over to webtalk: get your referral link, or simply give your profile page link, sharing it on other social media, emails, email signatures. Why keep quiet about a good thing, let everyone else benefit too.

A common reaction I have on telling people about webtalk is "this sounds too good to be true". Sadly people have been brought up that way to disbelieve that they could be among the first to know of the future big social media, relationship management and targeted communications app, but once they check it out for themselves, they can see and experience it and believe it.

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