Webtalk: Helping you find work

Webtalk: Helping you find work


Have you been out of work for a long time? Or just want to advance your career?

In this post I will focus on a common problem faced by those seeking work, especially if it has been longer with hundreds of job applications sent into a market where it is hard to find work. This often leads to disillusionment, depression, and finally, giving up.

Yet the search for work is generally not fun: it is repetitious, boring, tedious, and when there are no results, this quickly turns to despondence or despair.

Enter Webtalk with it's apt slogan: "Communicate Better and Achieve More Success!"

How can you use Webtalk to find work?

Webtalk is ideally suited to finding work, or better jobs, because you can showcase your talent, work history, education and anything else that you would like to show off -- but this part of Webtalk is different from other job seeking tools.

One difference here is that you can update your Profile bit by bit, and keep fine tuning it, as and when it suits you, and you engage with Webtalk not as a tedious, depressing job finding tool, but as you would with a social media network, with your friends!

But it is not just your friends that see your posts: you can control, when you post, which type of people should see each post: Public, your connections (both professional and personal), only professional, only personal, just family, etc. you have full control.

Also, on your timeline, you control what to see and when: this helps your mood. During the day when looking for work, set it to All News, or Professional Connections. In the evening when you want to wind down, set it to Personal Connections.

But there is more: Webtalk shows you who has viewed your profile, and because most of the users of Webtalk are professionals, you may even get a job offer.

In your profile at the top of your work history is a slider that you can turn to "on" to allow job providers to find you based on advanced search features. As soon as WebTalk Pro accounts are available, those with jobs to offer will be able to search and find you.

Meanwhile, you can also be EARNING MONEY from Webtalk -- although not immediate -- at the time of this writing, the affiliate commission program will record all your referrals but you won't receive the payouts until later when registrations will open, and you will then have a head start with all your referrals already being counted.

How this works is quite simple: start using webtalk, update your profile, and invite your friends, family, acquaintances, class mates or colleagues. Once they join, they are in your first level of referrals, when they invite others, those others are in your second level, and so on, five levels deep (better description would be "five degrees of separation").

For ALL of those five degrees of separation, which could be 10,000 or 100,000 or more people in total, you will earn 10% of all income generated from them to webtalk. That includes revenue from advertising (even just being logged in an seeing an advert generates some income to Webtalk), upgrade to premium accounts, sales, and more.

Once you join Webtalk click on the affiliate link or the gift icon after logging in, and watch the video, it explains it well.

So in summary, with Webtalk, you can showcase your talent via your profile which you can share, you will be able to interact with many professionals in the public timeline, you can simply have fun as you would with other social media but in a better way: no timeline clutter, you see what and when you want, with Webtalk you are in control.

And at the same time, just by using it and inviting others, you could end up earning big money in monthly commissions. Join now, try it out, and see there for more information after logging in. Webtalk is by INVITATION ONLY from existing members, so you can join for free via my invitation here (you don't have to become a contact or connection) and you can find out more about Webtalk at www.WebTalkPro.net