UC - Webinar on shifting your teaching online

UC - Webinar on shifting your teaching online

University of Cincinnati | GATE & GSG

Welcome to this webinar on shifting your teaching online. In this session, we will be sharing some some thoughts and technology that we've found helpful in teaching online. This webinar was held on 3/16/2020. You can find links to the webinar video, and instructions on doing various things using the software we talk about, below.

We recommend that you view the webinar video, select the services you'd like to use in your course, and use the links below to get specific instructions on those services. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help.

| Videos

# View the webinar on YouTube


# View the webinar on Microsoft Teams (webinar starts at 8:14 in the recording)

# Blackboard

(On the Blackboard help website, ignore links and instructions that say Ultra.)

  1. Adding content and types of content
  2. Creating & grading a written assignment
  3. Advanced assignment grading help (comments etc.)
  4. Creating a test or survey
  5. Grading a test
  6. View survey results
  7. Blackboard instructor help home page
  8. Moving content from Blackboard to Canvas

# Canvas

  1. UC Canvas quick-start guide
  2. Canvas 101 - UC self paced course
  3. Canvas instructor guide home page
  4. Canvas video guides

# Video-conferencing/lecturing

We recommend that you use Microsoft Teams for regular interactions (chat), office hours, and synchronous lecturing. We strongly recommend having a Teams chatroom for your class.

  1. Microsoft Teams guide
  2. Web-Ex quick-start video (UC login required)
  3. Teaching with Web-Ex guide (UC)
  4. Web-Ex tips for instructors

# Kialo

This is an online discussion platform, useful for argumentative discussion, and spatially organizing information (for general discussion and interaction, we recommend that you use Teams). Remember to use Kialo-Edu and not the regular Kialo.

  1. Getting started with Kialo-Edu
  2. Using Kialo-Edu in class
  3. Creating a team for your class and using it
  4. Using Discussions
  5. Tips on grading
  6. Sample assignments

# Flipgrid

This is an online collaboration tool, useful for short presentations. Students can make and submit 5 minute videos, and share with the class.

  1. PDF on getting started
  2. Upcoming webinars on using Flipgrid (daily)
  3. Instructor sign-up

# Accessibility

  1. Accessibility and inclusion while teaching online
  2. UC - Tips for accommodations while teaching remotely
  3. Making accessible digital material - quick-start guide
  4. Info-diagrams on accessible digital material
  5. More specific tutorials

# Short reads on online pedagogy

  1. Preparing for Emergency Online Teaching
  2. How to be a better online teacher
  3. Effective online teaching

| More Resources

  1. CETL Remote Teaching guide
  2. Association of College and University Educators’ Online Teaching Toolkit
  3. Tips for Instructors and Students Moving to Online Learning
  4. Netiquette Guide for Online Courses

IT@UC support lines: +1 (513) 556-4357, +1 (866) 397-3382

| Contact

If any of this content/links need updating, or you'd like to see more instructions here, please contact Mohan (kunjukmn at UC email or Teams)

If you have any questions, including on pedagogy, or need help/recommendations on setting something up, please feel free to contact us either using UC email, or Microsoft Teams:

Crystal Whetstone - whetstcm
Jonathan McKinney - mckinnjt
Mohan Pillai - kunjukmn
PJ Van Camp - vancampn

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