WebTalk Pro: Some of the Planned Features

WebTalk Pro: Some of the Planned Features

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Pro contact management offers additional contact management features including more custom channels, tags, labeling and filtering based on a volume of contacts. The Free tier will always have unlimited professional acquaintance and personal connections. Only the professional SocialCRM labels (other than acquaintance) will have a cap on contacts (which only the dealmakers will use). ie. The free account is like a LinkedIn with basic connections.

Pro spotlight posts allow you to post to your newsfeed to any or all channels and Webtalk will send them a notification and an email with your news to make sure they/you get it

Send messages to non-connections allows you to message people who you aren't connected to inside of Webtalk

See the people who have viewed your profile will be limited to the last five views for non-Pro members

Stealth mode allows you to search Webtalk profiles without exposing your identity.

Ad free removes banner ads

Advanced search allows you do dive into our machine learning tags and additional user profile data to find specific users. We have also included age range and gender.

PRO BADGE: Every user will get a PRO badge everywhere your name appears in Webtalk as a PRO user. You will also be prioritized in our search as a PRO user.

Note this information and the prices and features above are only as planned and may change. This information was posted 13 September 2018.

For latest information about WebTalk see my WebTalk FAQ page: www.vkcw.net/wt

Please join WebTalk today. Joining is only possible via invitation. You are welcome to use my FREE invitation here, and you do NOT have to follow or connect to me after joining, that is entirely up to you!