WebTalk Affiliate Program Commission Plan Info

WebTalk Affiliate Program Commission Plan Info

Just to clarify so everyone understands, these are the terms and how lucrative our affiliate program really is for all of you...

The first 1M to get qualified get a 5-Tier commission plan (unlimited users on all 5 tiers forever) paying 10% revenue share on all Tiers from ads, premium feature packages, transaction fees and job services.

After the 1M is reached, everyone other than the first 1M earns 10% revenue share from their direct referrals only (unlimited user referrals)

Qualifications are simple: upload a real photo of you, complete your profile and refer at least 1 user who upgrades to our PRO premium feature service starting at $20/mo (coming soon). NOTE: If you upgrade your account then it helps the person who referred you get qualified, not yourself.

We are also offering our Beta users 50% OFF for LIFE on our PRO Platinum package, which is $40/mo regular price. (see details here)

Linkedin has a premium service as well that starts around $50/mo for similar features. Approximately 2% of LinkedIn users purchase those features.

If we use those numbers, that means approximately 1 out of 50 people you invite will upgrade to a premium service, which will qualify you for the 5-Tier commission plan and pay you 10% revenue share on their subscriptions for as long as they continue to pay their bills.

Also, you can expect an estimated $0.01 in advertising commission for about every 5 mins your referrals spend on Webtalk. ie. The more time they spend, the more you earn (this can add up fast with a lot of your referrals using the site daily).

Once we launch our marketplace, you'll earn a 1% commission every time your referrals make a purchase from another Webtalk user.

As we continue to add additional revenue streams, you will earn 10% of what we make on those as well.

Thanks for being a founding member of our Beta and supporting Webtalk!

We are wishing you all success!

PS: For more info about Webtalk and our affiliate program please see here.

Please join WebTalk today. Joining is only possible via invitation. You are welcome to use my FREE invitation here, and you do NOT have to follow or connect to me after joining, that is entirely up to you!