WebTalk Affiliate Program - When, Where, How?

WebTalk Affiliate Program - When, Where, How?

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For WebTalk users who are not only interested in using something that makes much better sense and features than Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media combined, but also wish to make residual income for free, this article will answer some questions.

We will take a look at what the WebTalk affiliate program is and how it works, who will be eligible and when it is likely to be launched. First, if you are not already a WebTalk user -- or as I like to say Webtalk Member -- you can join for free, but you can only do so via the invitation of an existing member. You are welcome to use my invitation here to join immediately and be ready to earn money from commissions in future.

When will SocialCPX launch?

SocialCPX is the name of the affiliate program that you will be able to join once it launches as soon as WebTalk is out of "beta" which means, once software bugs are down to a minimum, which is estimated to be around the end of 2018 or early 2019 -- but NOW is the great time to get already started inviting people after you have joined, because all of your invites are already tracked and your statistics can be seen on your Settings Page. You will then have a head start advantage over those who wait, as the moment SocialCPX goes live all your existing referrals are in place and showing in your statistics. You will get a notification of the launch of SocialCPX program in this telegram channel or by monitoring posts from the founder "RJ" on your WebTalk home.

As soon as WebTalk is out of beta and thus considered ready for use by millions with the growth expected to be very fast, you will no longer see posts from the WebTalk founder in your time line unless you are following him. But you will receive plenty of notice, if you log in daily or at least once a week you certainly won't miss the news.

Why you should start using WebTalk and inviting people NOW

Meanwhile, you should start inviting as many people as you can to use WebTalk, because the more people you invite, and the more they invite, the more money you will make once the affiliate program launches, having a head start on your earnings. Almost ALL countries in the world will be eligible, so long as you meet certain criteria, which are not so difficult and which will be mentioned in a moment, basically a real name, full profile and photo, not of minor age, and at least one public post made per month.

So, you can already get started now to be sure you meet that criteria on launch of the affiliate program SocialCPX because affiliates will be limited to ONE MILLION people with active WebTalk accounts who register as affiliates and have at least one Pro upgraded account in their first level of direct referrals. If you qualify too late, you will join a waiting list to become an affiliate if the number of qualified active affiliates drops below 1 million again e.g. by someone losing upgrade(s) accounts in their first level.

So, what do you need to be an active qualified affiliate, and what will you get?

Before I answer this question, please take a look at this video, which explains how you will be able to make money -- even life changing amounts of tens of thousands of dollars per month if you are lucky -- watch it here first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hb_9bN9Rum0

Qualifications to Join the SocialCPX WebTalk Affiliate Program

Now for some information not explained in the video. To qualify as an affiliate and receive 10% of all earnings WebTalk make from advertising, account upgrades, sales and commissions from all of those people that you invited and accepted your, invitation to join WebTalk, called "referrals", ONGOING FOR LIFE, you must:

* Have a WebTalk account with a profile completed 100%
* Have real name that matches your bank account/PayPal etc details
* Not be under age of consent
And to remain as an affiliate for life, you must:
* Make at least one public post per month

The above will qualify you but if you want to open up getting commissions from all your referrals to 5 degrees of seperation (levels) and make really big money getting paid 10% of all income generated from all WebTalk members who are within 5 degrees of separation from you -- i.e 5 "levels" -- those you invited, those they invited, those they invited, and those they invited, and those they invited, as explained in the video above, then you must also:

Have at least one upgraded account in your direct first level of referrals
Which cannot be a family member or close relation

At least one upgraded Pro account in your first level (direct referrals) must be active.
If you fall to zero, you have at most one month to find a new active upgraded referral.

You do NOT need to be in the USA, you can be anywhere in Africa and almost anywhere in the world to join SocialCPX and get paid into your bank account or via PayPal and some other payment methods. As with Google's AdSense, payouts are made after $100 balance.

The WebTalk Affiliate Program in Marketing Terms

WebTalk CEO R.J. Garbowicz, described the affiliate program thus:

"Webtalk's affiliate program is like a lottery ticket, except you don't have to buy them, you earn each one through your referrals to Webtalk.

"Some people you invite won't use Webtalk or invite anyone (those tickets don't win)

"Some people will invite people who use Webtalk and don't invite others nor make purchases (those tickets have small awards from ad revenue share)

"Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite people (these have larger awards)

"Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite a lot of people (these will have even bigger awards)

"Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite a lot of people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases (these will have biggest awards)

"The way to win a lottery is to increase your chances by getting more tickets, same applies here.

"The more personal referrals you acquire to Webtalk the better your chances are for the grand prize.

"You don't know what your referrals will do, but what we do know is the more referrals you get, the better chances you will have of your referrals getting you to the grand prize.

"There is a REAL opportunity here to earn 5, 6 or even 7 figures PER MONTH in revenue share for LIFE, like a lottery winning, without it costing you anything!

"If you don't play, you certainly won't win, and the more tickets you get the better your chances are for life changing success!

"As our video says, invite everyone you know before they invite you, and in this case before someone else does!

"This is our Beta and while we wrap up the remaining bug fixes, it's also the Pre-Launch to our FREE SocialCPX affiliate "lottery" program.

"You'll find your referral links and your referral tracking dashboard located within your account menu in Webtalk!

"We are wishing you all success here because there an opportunity for at least 1M grand prize winners who will be able to share in up to 50% of our revenue for LIFE (10% revenue share from your direct referrals through 5-degrees of referral separation)

"However, our 10% revenue share program will NEVER go away! That's a 10% payout higher than all other social media platforms.

"So even if you don't get the grand prize, you can't lose because Webtalk's software blows away the competition, and it's FREE, and it still pays you for your referrals as they generate revenue."

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More comments from WebTalk Co-Founder RJ Garbowicz about SocialCPX:

"You earn 10% revenue share for life on your referrals. PERIOD!

"Nothing to buy ever!!!!!

"The first 1M users who invite a user who upgrades their free WebTalk account to a paid account (1-sale qualifier) will earn a bonus of 10% revenue share through 5-levels (the referrals of your referrals and so on through 5 degrees of separation) and YOU still never purchased anything.

"So it's not the first 1M users into Webtalk, it's the first 1M users who acquire 1-premium customer referral. That's up to 50% of our revenue for LIFE!

"On the low end, we project every user you refer who uses Webtalk DAILY for 5+ mins (prorate for less usage) will pay a commission of $0.01 per day ($0.30 per month) just from advertising revenue -

"NOT FACTORING ALL OTHER TYPES OF REVENUE (which you also earn revenue share on)


"100 referrals = est. $30/mo

"1K referrals = est. $300/mo

"10K referrals = est. $3k/mo

"100K referrals = est. $30K/mo

"With the 5-tier bonus, we open an entire referral network to increase your user referral book of business so you aren't just rewarded for your own efforts, you are also rewarded for the chain reaction of referrals you created.

"An example, if you invite only 10 people personally that's only $3/mo estimated from ads starting off. While it's $3 more than what Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. paid you, if every one of your 10 referrals invites 10 users and that continues through 5 degrees of separation you would end up with over 111K users within your referral network, which is your book of business.

"Getting paid revenue share on 10 user referrals is a lot different than 111k users, all from inviting the same 10 people personally.

"If you don't qualify, you still receive commissions on your direct referrals no matter what.

"However, if you do qualify and you take this seriously and invite as many people as you can then you have a real opportunity to create wealth for yourself as a Beta user!

"Welcome to our Beta! Enjoy and happy inviting."

If you would like to use a commission calculator to see how much you could earn from WebTalk go to https://www.socialcpx.com/#/affiliate then scroll down to the calculator.

Please join WebTalk today. Joining is only possible via invitation. You are welcome to use my FREE invitation here, and you do NOT have to follow or connect to me after joining, that is entirely up to you!

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