WebTalk Affiliate Pre-Qualification During Beta

WebTalk Affiliate Pre-Qualification During Beta

Independent WebTalk Affiliate

DID YOU KNOW: Webtalk is not limiting the 5-Tier revenue share commission plan to the first 1M qualified users IF there are more than 1M who PRE-QUALIFY during our Beta launch!?

Everyone who is PRE-QUALIFIED during our BETA will be given that commission plan for LIFE!


1) Complete your profile (use the completeness meter on your profile to guide you to 100%

2) Refer/Invite 1 user who upgrades to our PRO premium feature packages (launching soon in a Beta as well)

NOTE: During the PRO Beta feature testing, we are offering ALL PRO Beta Customers 50% OFF for LIFE on our PRO PLATINUM packages.

For more details, visit www.WebTalkPro.net


Beta testing is a process where the company puts out the product to a limited amount of users to discover and fix bugs, find product bottlenecks that cause friction with using the product and add features were there is a gap that could cause a bad experience. It's also to make sure it works on all browsers and devices.

(Right now as of time of writing Webtalk is not fully compatible with mobile devices nor Internet Explorer, Edge and Opera browsers- we are working on it!) -- see www.WebTalkPro.net for updates.

Invite-only means the company does ZERO marketing and doesn't allow open registration. Only current users are allowed to invite new users by sharing their links through text messages, social networks and email, and also importing email contacts to Webtalk's invite to connect feature that sends a nice email on your behalf inviting your contacts to connect with you on Webtalk. (has your name, photo and job title so we recommend you complete your profile prior to inviting anyone)

For more information on our inviting tools, please visit www.WebTalkPro.net

Thank you all for your support and joining our Beta launch. We look forward to making the world a better place with all of you.

If you are taking advantage of our free affiliate revenue sharing program, good luck and happy inviting (please be courteous and do not spam).

If you are not yet a member of WebTalk, here is a free invite so you can join now! Note that you do not have to accept me as a Contact upon joining, but you do need an invitation to join, and you are welcome to make use of my FREE invitation.

For alerts and updates join the Telegram Channel: https://t.me/WebTalkPro