Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop, Here's an Easy Tutorial

Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop, Here's an Easy Tutorial

The longer it is used, the laptop's performance will decrease. The loading process slows down, or opening applications is not as fast as it used to be. This is a sign that your laptop has started to slow down or slow down.

If this happens, don't rush to replace it with a new laptop. Because, like other electronic products, laptops can also experience a decrease in performance, and this is a natural thing, even though the specifications are high.

There are several things that cause laptop performance to be slow, and generally, the following problems are the main causes.

Too many applications run in the background and are automatically activated when activated, this will make the device's performance heavy and require a longer boot process

Hard disk life is too long, where the read and write process takes longer than usual. the effect will have an effect on overall laptop performance

The capacity of the hard disk that is full, causes the performance to be heavier and makes the laptop slow

Now, by knowing the cause, you can take the first steps of improvement. Who are you to solve a slow laptop independently without having to be taken to a service center.

Through this article, Pricebook provides a tutorial on how to keep your laptop from slowing down, through simple and easy steps. You can do it yourself at home.

How to Overcome a Slow Laptop

With the various causes that we have previously described, laptops that are already slow can be restored. The way to keep the laptop from being slow, which we will describe, is quite easy to do yourself.

Keep in mind, the following methods are not always 100 percent successful, but at least they can reduce the obstacles faced regarding slow laptop performance.

Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

If you already have a laptop, sometimes we want to try various applications. However, if we install too many applications, the storage capacity on Drive C will become full and make the system take too long to read the hard disk.

The long-term effect, of course, will be one of the causes of slow laptops. How to deal with a slow laptop because too many applications can be done by uninstalling some applications that are never used or rarely used.

Try selecting any application that is rarely used. You can also check for applications that were accidentally installed while browsing, then when downloading content from certain websites, or when installing.

Only use applications that suit your needs, because it is a shame if the memory is full because applications are often idle.

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This is a way so that the laptop is not slow which is quite easy, because you don't need to use special software or techniques.

In fact, you actually reduce the burden on laptop memory by removing unnecessary applications and software, which causes the laptop to decrease in performance