Washing frequency: how often a wig should be washed?

Washing frequency: how often a wig should be washed?


Washing a wig is important to keep pretty looking of wigs. Besides the washing way, the frequency of washing is essential, too. Here are some instructions about the washing frequency.

*The type

Follow the wigs type of human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs to decide the washing times. The wash time of synthetic hair wigs suggests 8-10 times or once a month. Instead, with the long lifespan of human hair wigs, they suggested washing between 6-8 wears or every two weeks.

*The frequency of wear

The more frequency of your wear, the more often your wigs washing. If you use a wig daily, it’s better to wash it once a week. And if you use it several times, remember to wash it every 6-8 wears.

*The environment

Depending on the environment of wearing, you need to wash it more often. Such as after experiencing sweat, dirt, or other bad weather, you need to wash your wig, this is because the bad weather will influence the appearance of wigs, and make them tangled. So it is better to wash it after the bad weather.

*styling products

If you use styling products usually, it will make the wig looks dull. This means you need to wash it to make it looks pretty.

* Avoid the over-washing

Remember to avoid over-washing for a long lifespan. Overwashing a wig will damage the hair and its appearance, and influence the fiber of hair, causing the lifespan to be short.


The balance between washing and using is essential to keep wigs looking and long lifespan. 

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