Warriors of the Lustlands 2025

Warriors of the Lustlands 2025

She anxiously tapped her fingers on the counter, her head turning side to side to make up for the lack of peripheral version from her gas mask. Her contact was late, and she didn't like the feeling of it.

The location had been carefully chosen, the dilapidated dance club was out of the way enough that patrols were unlikely to come by, but distinctive enough to be found if you were looking for it. The décor also provided a bit of security, nobody in their right mind would fire a focused light weapon in a room full of mirrored orbs. Her reflective suit served a similar purpose, but the thin fabric could only deflect a small part of the blast, maybe enough to keep her alive. The heat had also forced her to unzip the suit down past her navel, making it even less effective.

"Five more minutes," she thought to herself as she started counting off the seconds in her head. She had gotten up to 137 Mississippi, when she heard footsteps approaching. She ducked behind the counter and readied her laser rifle, rising far enough to keep watch.

A man entered her view, similarly dressed in reflective suit and gas mask, cautiously sweeping the room with his laser rifle, a worn satchel hanging at his side. She waited until he was facing away from her and rose, keeping her laser rifle train on him. "You're late." she called out.

He swung around, fixing his laser rifle on her. "I was being trailed," he replied, "Had to lose 'em."

The who stood there for a moment, guns uneasily pointed at each other. Eventually she spoke again, "Sorry to hear about your dick."

"Yeah", he replied, "Shot clean off."

They both slowly lowered their weapons, code words were a necessity in her business, and she liked to have a little fun with them. "Alright," she said, "Let's see it."

He approached her and reached inside his satchel, removing the item and placing it on the counter. She began examining it, it was a power converter alright, a little dirty, but there didn't seem to be any damage. She looked up at him, "How do I know this is any good?"

"How do I know your merchandise is?" he responded.

Their eyes locked, they had no reason to trust each other and every reason to be suspicious. Eventually she spoke, "Okay."

She reached inside her suit, pulled out a small metal container, and placed it on the counter. He picked it up and cautiously peeked inside. There they were, just as promised, five tomato seeds. He snapped the container shut before the radiation could destroy his precious new cargo. "Well," he said, "I guess our business is done he..." Suddenly he was interred by three serpentmen crashing through the door, and apparently they weren't in their right mind as they began firing wildly in the two humans' direction.

She ducked behind the counter and he hit the ground as laser blasts bounced wildly around the room, each clutching their new acquisitions. He scrambled over to join her behind the counter and turned to her, "Does this place have a back door?"

There was a back door, and she knew exactly where it was, but she was also kinda hoping he'd provide enough of a distraction for her to use it. She tried to come up with a reasonable argument that would get him to cover her escape, but came up dry. "Yeah," she finally said, "Follow me and stay close." At the very least she figured he could be a shield.

She pressed up against the counter as lasers ricocheted around the room, waiting for a chance to run. Eventually one of the serpentmen cried out and the firing ceased. She peeked over the counter to see one serpentman lying on the ground, obviously felled by one of their ricocheting blasts, and the other two looking down at him confusedly. "Now," she said before taking off running from their cover. He stumbled to his feet, taking off after her as the serpentmen return their attention to them and resumed firing. Lasers shot around the room as they jumped over debris running for the exit. She led him into a narrow halfway, around a few corners, and finally through a door and out into the daylight.

She immediately felt the sting of the sun on her bare chest, hastily zipping her suite back up, hot was better than dead. They took off down the street, occasionally looking over their shoulders to see if they were being pursued. Not too far behind them the serpentmen popped out of the door, surveying their surrounding for their prey. Eventually they were spotted and the serpentmen took off after them.

Laser blasts hit the street and buildings all around them, he quickly spun around firing off two of his own, hitting one serpentman and not even distracting the other. While his back was turned she spotted an alley and ducked inside, gesturing to him to follow her, against her better judgement. "Fuck," she hissed trying to catch her breath, "the streets are going to be swarming with those bastards in no time."

"I've got a little hideout near here," he replied, "We should be safe there for awhile."

She silently considered his proposition, if he was dumb enough to trust her maybe he was too stupid to be a threat. "Okay," she said eventually, "Lead the way." After taking another moment for them to both catch their breath, he started down the alley, signaling her to follow.

He led her through winding streets, in and out of buildings, and down secluded alleys until they reached a grate in the ground. He pulled a hooked tool out of his satchel and pulled the metal covering aside. "Get in," he said, gesturing towards the hole while anxiously scanning his surroundings. Once again against her better judgement she did as she was told and squeezed through the narrow opening. A moment later he followed, sliding in and lifting the grate back into place.

He led her through twisting tunnels ankle deep with stagnant water, it was near pitch dark and she could tell he was navigating from memory rather than sight. Eventually they came to an old rusted door, he jammed his tool into the frame and began prying it open. She grabbed hold and helped him pull the door until the opening was just wide enough for them to squeeze through.

Once inside, they both pulled the door shut, leaving them in complete darkness. She could hear him moving around in the dark, tightening her grip on her laser rifle in case it was some kind of trap. Soon a soft light flickered on, illuminating the space.

The room was small, concrete floor and walls, some bedding scattered in one corner and supplied piled in another. He was crouched down fiddling with the small lantern, his back to her and his laser rifle leaned against the wall. She considered shooting him and taking everything here for her own, but eventually lowered her weapon deciding not to, for now.

He turned to face her, "Serpentmen haven't even gotten close to this place," he said, "I don't think they even know about the tunnels."

Realizing that she was probably going to be there for a while, she pulled off her mask. The air was stale and putrid, but it didn't burn her lungs and that was a lot better than the surface. He looked at her in the soft light, clumps of long hair streaming from her head, one sharp blue eye set off by a bulbous yellow one, and a minimal amount of lesions. She was the prettiest sight he'd seen in quite some time. "Well," she said as she slumped down against the wall, "I guess we're stuck together for a bit." 

"Guess so," he replied pulling off his mask, "I've got food and water for a few days... if you promise to pay it back."

She studied his face, completely bald, but with strong features, his left ear was completely gone, and she couldn't help but find the bony growth on his forehead and long claw marks running down his face a little cute. "Well," she said, "We'll just see how things go." She unzipped her reflective suit, feeling relieved by the rush of cool air on her sweaty body. That's how she'd been when he first saw her, but without the imminent threat of serpentmen he now took the time to appreciate her toned body dripping with sweat, and the soft curve of her breasts peeking out from the shiny material.

She couldn't help but notice his eyes looking up and down her body, something she found surprisingly pleasing. "You mind if I take this off?" she said tugging on the edge of the suit, "I got really hot running around up there."

He was a bit taken aback by her request, "Uh, yeah sure," he managed to sputter out.

She just smiled at his reaction, standing up, sipping the suit off her shoulders, and pulling out her arms. "A little help?" she said, holding her foot out to him. He crawled over and began untying her boot, slipping it off her foot followed by the other. After he freed her feet she stepped one leg, then the next out of the sweaty suit, and let it fall to the ground. "So much better," she said, stretching her arms over her head, "Doncha think?"

His eyes ran up and down her body, lean arms and legs, glistening with sweat, and completely hairless, a daily dose of gamma rays was an excellent depilatory. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do from there, fortunately she did, reaching down and placing her hands on his face, guiding him between her legs.

That was more than enough guiding for him to begin lapping and her slit, licking and sucking at her clit like she was the first woman he'd seen in months. She was in fact the first woman he'd seen in months, but it felt like years, and he couldn't remember the last time he'd had the opportunity to enjoy one's body.

She was quite grateful for that enthusiasm as his eager attention to her clit sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as his tongue darted around her severely underserviced pussy. Her moans echoed through the small room as her juices flowed into his waiting mouth. She pulled his head into her as her moans came faster and louder, the pleasure building up inside her and releasing in a much overdue orgasm. Her screams filled the room as she shook with intense pleasure, rubbing her hands on the back of his head. Suddenly she fell quiet, short quivering breaths escaping her lips as her swollen clit twitched in his mouth.

She tapped him on the shoulder, "Up," she said softly. He began kissing his way up her body, savoring the salty tangy flavor of her sweaty flesh. He found his way to her breasts, kissing and caressing first the left one, then moving to the right, sucking at the twin nipples he found there. Having someone paying attention to her body like this made her feel like a woman again, not just a filthy irradiated rat scraping to survive in an inhospitable world. He eventually left her breast, kissing upward to her slender neck, and on to her lips.

Her lips parted, allowing his tongue into her mouth, exploring every crevice and intertwining with hers. She felt euphoric, their lips locked together, his hands exploring her naked flesh, she wanted more.

She pulled down the zipper on his suit and reached inside, grasping around until she found his cock. She ran her fingers up and down the stiff shaft, then wrapped them around and began stroking him. In turn his hand found its way between her legs, his fingers gently stroking at the wet folds of her pussy. She felt her labia parting as he slid his fingers inside her, exploring her moist cavity with great enthusiasm. She wrapped her arm around him and let her head rest on his shoulder. She loved all of it, the confined space, the lips kissing her neck, the fingers probing her wet hole, the hot cock throbbing in her hand, it was driving her wild. She lifted her head and whispered softly in her ear, "Fuck me."

He immediately pulled his fingers out of her and began stripping off his reflective suit as she continued stroking him in anticipation. Once he had freed himself of the garment, she pressed herself against the wall, spreading her legs wide and putting her hands on his shoulders and pulling him close. He bent his knees and began rubbing the head of his cock against her wet slit. Her eyes locked with his and he pushed inside her, forcing a loud moan out of her mouth. He slid out and back in with force, prompting a second moan, and soon a third and fourth, until only a long wavering scream escaped mouth as he pounded her pussy.

Her body bounced up and down as his rough hands dug into her ass and his cock pushed deep inside her wet hole. Her arms wrapped around him as she reveled in the pleasure or turning control of her body over to him. She felt soft and vulnerable, something she hadn't let herself do in a long time. For the moment there were no serpentmen, no blistering sun, no scrounging for enough food to make it to the next day, just her body and the cock slamming into it as if everything was suddenly normal again. She tried to form words in her mind, but found the task difficult, eventually being able to spit out, "Harder, fuck me harder."

He lifted her legs, pulling her feet off the ground and forcing her down further onto his cock. He lifted and dropped her, filling her up with his length each time. He thrust in and out of her quivering body faster and faster, the sound of their flesh slapping together mixing with the moans and heavy breathing. He pressed her against the wall and slammed his cock into her pussy like he expected this to be the last time he'd ever see one. Loud moans and gasps escaped her uncontrollably as she felt him stretching out her insides with each thrust.

He pounded her faster and faster, pushing more and more rational thought out of her mind as it filled with pleasure. She gripped him tighter as she once again felt it building inside her. Finally her eyes rolled back, her pussy contracted, and her body began trembling as the waves of pleasure washed over her, blocking out everything but this one moment. She lived in that moment for as long as she could before her senses started to return to her, the cold wall pressing against her back, the sloppy sounds of him sliding in and out of her gushing pussy, the taste of sweaty skin on her tongue, and the unmistakable smell of sex all around her.

She weakly brought her lips to his as he continued thrusting into her limp body, kissing him softly in gratitude for the gift she'd just received. Her loud moans were replaced with soft squeaks as her body melted onto his. His hips moved faster and faster, pushing her to the line between pleasure and pain. He broke from her mouth, grunting out "I'm gonna cum."

"Let me down," she replied softly. He pulled out of her, releasing her legs and softly lowering her to the round. Her legs almost gave way as her weight came down on them, but she wasn't planning on standing anyway. She crouched down until her face was in line with his cock, twitching and glistening with her juices. She licked at the tip before taking him in her mouth, she wasn't going to let this go to waste.

She stroked his shaft with one hand as her head moved quickly up and down its length. Her pussy was throbbing from receiving such intense attention after spending so long being a part of her body she couldn't take the time to consider. She started moving her hand and mouth faster, swirling her tongue around his shaft and feeling the head of his cock poking at the back of her mouth with each stroke. She felt his cock begin to swell and clamped her lips around him, swirling around the head with her tongue and stroking the shaft with both hands. He braced himself against the wall as low grunting moans escaped him, until his thick load finally emptied into her mouth. She milked every last drop out of his cock, sucking and stroking until she was confident she'd swallowed every bit of it. She pulled off with a satisfying pop, looking up at him, her hands still running up and down his shaft. "Well," she said with a smile, "That's one way to pass the time."

The two of them eventually made their way into the bedding, holding each other in their arms. They didn't speak, just silently enjoyed the momentary comfort found in the warm embrace of another until they fell asleep.

He awoke several hours later to find himself alone. He was more than a little disappointed, he'd hoped they might have another go before they had to part ways. However, his disappointment soon turned to panic as he began searching the small room. Power converter: gone. Seeds: gone. A not insignificant amount of his food and water: also gone. He leaned back against the wall suddenly feeling incredibly foolish. He kinda wished it had been shot clean off.