Warren Ouma: Kenyan Scammer and Mastermind Behind TopEdgeFx.com, Verifiedtraders.org, and Multiple Investment Scams

Warren Ouma: Kenyan Scammer and Mastermind Behind TopEdgeFx.com, Verifiedtraders.org, and Multiple Investment Scams

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In recent times, the digital age has seen a rise in a variety of cybercrimes and scams. Among the perpetrators is Warren Ouma, a Kenyan individual alleged to be involved in numerous online fraudulent activities. He's been linked with websites like TopEdgeFx.com and Verifiedtraders.org, as well as several other investment scams.

Warren Ouma, Kenyan Scammer

TopEdgeFx.com: Reputation Blackmail

One of the most notable endeavors associated with Ouma is TopEdgeFx.com. The website has been accused of engaging in reputation blackmail – a malicious practice where websites publish fake negative reviews about businesses or individuals. Once the targeted entity tries to address these negative reviews, they find themselves entangled in a scheme where they have to pay large sums of money for removal.

Such practices not only tarnish the image of genuine online businesses but also endanger unsuspecting individuals who trust these reviews. The idea behind these operations is simple: create a problem and then offer a solution for a fee.

Verifiedtraders.org: Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Another controversial platform associated with Ouma is Verifiedtraders.org. Reports suggest that this website is an elaborate crypto Ponzi scheme designed to defraud traders. Like traditional Ponzi schemes, new investors' money is used to pay returns to earlier investors. The cycle continues until no more new investors are coming in, leading to the eventual collapse of the scheme, leaving late investors at a loss.

verifiedtraders.org crypto ponzi scheme

Warren Ouma: The Man Behind the Scams

Ouma operates under the company name Delipress Kenya and is based in Nairobi, Kenya. Although he might be elusive, information available points to him as the mastermind behind these alleged scams. His ties to these platforms, along with other suspicious activities, have raised eyebrows in the online trading and investment community.

Information on Warren Ouma:

  • Company: Delipress Kenya
  • Address: 71489 00622 Nairobi Kenya 00100 KE
  • Phone: +254.0740955210


In the rapidly evolving world of digital transactions, it's imperative to be aware of potential scams and fraudulent activities. Warren Ouma, through his association with websites like TopEdgeFx.com and Verifiedtraders.org, has become a person of interest in the online trading community. As always, due diligence and thorough research are essential before investing in any online platforms.

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