Warren Ouma - The Scammer Behind TopEdgeFx.com and Verifiedtraders.org

Warren Ouma - The Scammer Behind TopEdgeFx.com and Verifiedtraders.org

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Warren Ouma, hailing from Nairobi, Kenya, is rumored to be at the helm of some of the web's most controversial financial ventures. His involvement with TopEdgeFx.com and Verifiedtraders.org sheds light on the challenges faced in the digital age, especially in the financial realm.

Warren Ouma, Kenyan Scammer

TopEdgeFx.com: Reputation Blackmail

TopEdgeFx.com has been under scrutiny for alleged reputation manipulation. Reports suggest that the site posted negative reviews about various brokers. To salvage their image, these brokers reportedly paid significant sums for the removal of these adverse reviews, making Ouma's venture potentially profitable.

topedgefx.com reputation blackmail portal

Verifiedtraders.org: A Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Beyond the realm of broker reviews, Ouma's alleged association with Verifiedtraders.org raises eyebrows. The platform is suspected of being a crypto Ponzi scheme, promising high returns to investors by depending on funds from newer participants to satisfy earlier ones. This structure highlights the potential dangers lurking in the online trading world.

verifiedtraders.org crypto ponzi scheme

Delipress Kenya: Ouma's Operation

Warren Ouma is believed to operate under the company named Delipress Kenya, situated in Nairobi. This association suggests a sophisticated network designed to sustain his online ventures.

Information on Warren Ouma:

  • Company: Delipress Kenya
  • Address: 71489 00622 Nairobi Kenya 00100 KE
  • Phone: +254.0740955210


Warren Ouma's alleged association with TopEdgeFx.com and Verifiedtraders.org underlines the importance of due diligence in the digital era. These platforms serve as a reminder of the potential pitfalls of online trading and investments.

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