Want To Fix This Problem Automatically

Want To Fix This Problem Automatically

Millions of Borderlands fans are finally ending their wait. Borderlands 2 is expected to be released in mid- to late 2012. Gaming geeks and gamers alike are already wondering if it will live up to its predecessor. Let's look at what made Borderlands so popular and see if Gearbox Software and 2K Games can do better with the latest version.

Borderlands was released in 2009. It received critical acclaim because it combined two gaming genres: First Person Shooters with Role Playing Games. This resulted in a new gaming term, the Role Playing Shooter. Borderlands sold more than 2 million copies in 2009 worldwide. This number now stands at 4.5 million. borderlands 3 gibbed save editor There were many reasons for the games' success, including the ability to bridge the gap between RPG and FPS genres as well as the stunning cell-shaded graphics and an almost endless number of weapons and quest lists. Its continued success was also due to its re-playability. Four pieces of downloadable content were added that expanded the storyline, quests and leveling abilities, and even included the final challenge, Crawmerax The Invincible.

Borderlands featured the planet Pandora as the setting. You were one of four main characters on a quest for mysterious alien artifacts to open 'The Vault. It was suitable for both single and co-op, with a split screen of two players or four players.

Borderlands 2 begins five years after the vault was opened (the end the first game), and Pandora is once more the setting. Handsome Jack has taken the blame and gained the wealth from the vault's opening. He is now the CEO of Hyperion Corporation, and has become the dictator of Pandora. This story is about the players. Jack stabs the player and then kills him on the frozen tundra.

The sequel will bring back everything that made the original so popular. The visual style and funny dialogue are back. But what will make this game different from its predecessor? The answer is simple...Guns. In the first, the selection was nearly limitless. But in the second, it will be. It will be easier to identify guns visually, so you won't have to crosshairs over weapons if you wish to add them to your inventory. You can also modify weapons with Eridium enhancements.

There are four new characters available, but only two have been revealed prior to Borderlands 2's release. These characters include Salvador the Gunzerker, and Maya The Siren. All of the new characters and Salvador's skill trees have been completely redesigned. Salvador's 'Sexual Tyrannosaurus,' my favorite so far (can you name which movie it was taken from), which regenerates your health while you take damage.

There has been some attention paid to vehicles with the availability of four-person transports. This is a huge leap forward as anyone who participated in four-person co-op in Borderlands can attest. Borderlands 3 save file One of the biggest criticisms about the first Borderlands was its 'sameness.' This time, a concerted effort has been made to ensure that there are many different areas. The corrosive caves, dangerous grasslands, and the Arctic tundra have all been identified.

These are the names of new enemies that are being considered.

  • Elemental Skaggs: This is when they give away their power to those around them.
  • Arctic Bullymong is a gorilla-like creature that can tear up scenery.
  • Surveyors – Bots who can re-energize allies nearby
  • WAR Loader: A large robot that fires bullets and missiles. It is my favorite.
  • Nomad - A small, chubby bandit who has an all-round shield and a midget attached to him.

Based on the limited information we have, it appears that Borderlands 2 has spent a lot of time to fix the minor issues that existed. Borderlands 3 save editor PC As Borderlands 2 releases near, Gearbox and 2K have done more than just a'spit-and-polish' to make some extra cash.