2017 is the year I got addicted to outdoor activities like walking and running. I've been busy trying to make this as comfortable as possible. Remember: I like it lean. :)

In this second blog I'd like to give you some insights in the stuff I use on my journeys.


Your feet are the most important things when doing some outdoor fun. Take care of them! I got myself some proper advice from the friendly guys at Kariboe (Hasselt). They also have a shop in Leuven. The first pair I got gave me a nasty blue nail after an intense 2h walking session with lots of ascent and descent. I returned to the shop and they assisted me in finding a better pair for my feet. No questions asked. They even gave me a more expensive model without having to pay extra. That's nice! Currently I'm really enjoying my Han Wag Tingri shoes. My nails are grateful too. :)

Han Wag Tingri


The Osprey Raptor 10 is originally designed for mountain biking, but it is also an ideal model and size for your daily walks. The Raptor 10 offers streamlined organization with enough room for extra food and layers. Lower side compression straps keep the load close to your back and a stretch woven front pocket stashes extra gear. An included water reservoir will take up to 3 litres of liquid. Very lightweight and comfortable.

Osprey Raptor 10


I love . I've been an avid Apple fanatic ever since I bought my first iPhone. I'm currently using an iPhone 6s 64 and will upgrade to the 7s this fall. Since iOS 7 Apple caught up feature-wise with its major competitors. Their combination of sleek design, simplicity and a thriving App store is unmatched. It's also a huge plus Google makes sure all their core apps work seamlessly on iOS devices. Because I love Google too. Thanks to their implicit partnership I can have a best of both worlds approach.

iPhone 6S 64GB


Wait what? No Apple Watch? That's right. For years I've been saying I would never wear a watch around my wrist, let alone a smartwatch which would give me too much noise. It would be the complete opposite of what I am trying to achieve with my iPhone. See this amazing article for a guide in creating a distraction-free smartphone. So I started off with a Polar Loop 2 wristband 24/7 activity tracker. I paired it up with the separate Polar H10 heartrate strap. After about two months of heavy use I noticed I could benefit from something even better to make my active life style even more insightful. 

After some research I was convinced the Polar M430 suits my needs. It has an integrated heartrate monitor (no more need for the strap), the possibility to disable smart notifications (which boosts battery life as a plus), and the possibility to install up to 20 sport profiles which allow you to start any of your favorite activities by the push of just one button. Now that's super fast and convenient.

Polar M430


Who is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game? Anker is! This company creates affordable and sleek devices to enhance your mobile life. Their battery packs are very nice. I opted for the PowerCore 26800 model which recharges my phone almost ten times. It has three ports to simultaneously charge other devices as well. What a powerhouse! Perfect to take with you on long hikes or camping trips. Pro-tip: get yourself a dual micro usb/lightning cable. Very convenient!

Anker PowerCore 26800
Xtorm (A-Solar) Dual Lightning/Micro USB 1m


The PETZL TIKKA 200 is obligatory for late night walking/running. Safety is important! It's very lightweight, has 200 lumen for great visibility at night. It can even serve as a reading light because it has multiple light strength presets. Very handy!



The JBL Go speaker is a very compact, cheap and lightweight bluetooth speaker which offers about 5 hours of playback time. It's a perfect fit to attach to your camelbak.



The Anker SoundBuds Tag In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds are a very cheap and practical solution to listen to your favorite music on the go. The best feature, aside from the price, is the fact they are magnetic. If you snap the earbuds together they switch off. If you de-snap them, they instantly pair with your mobile device. Now that's lean!

Even better: Zolo Audio is working together with Anker to provide a total wireless bluetooth audio solution. Liberty+ It's the first product I ever backed on Kickstarter and I'm really excited for these to arrive at the end of this year.

Anker SoundBuds Tag In-Ear Bluetooth Earbuds
Liberty+: The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones

Your Outdoor GPS Tracker and Logbook for iPhone & Apple Watch. Record all your outdoor activities be it hiking, jogging, cycling, canoeing or skiing down the Alps.

Trails provides offline topographic maps and helps you make the most of your next outdoor adventure, even without an active internet connection. It records your GPS track along with various statistics including altitude, ascent/descent, speed, pace, and duration. It also allows you to upload the omnipresent default GPX files for routing.



I love data and graphs. My Polar M430 feeds the Polar Flow dashboard. Below, as an example, you see a training report of my walking and running activities since the first of May. More screenshots can be found here. Knowing is half the battle!

Here you can find my Polar user profile.

Polar Flow


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I hope this blog gave you some inspiration. Feel free to contact me if you would like some additional information or share some cool thoughts. I always like to improve!