Walleon - Smart GPS Wallet with modern design

Walleon - Smart GPS Wallet with modern design

Bill Crocket

While looking for the most interesting crowdfunding projects in 2021 I found Walleon - a new generation smart wallet, with a modern design, multiple features, and a promising future.

Walleon GPS Wallet

Some of the Walleon Features:

  • Global GPS Tracking
  • Built-in Power Bank
  • SOS Voice Calling
  • Anti-lost distance notifications
  • RFID Protection

Walleon lets you choose between Bluetooth tracking, which offers a more limited range, and Global GPS tracking that allows you to keep track of your wallet worldwide. This means that you can use the app on your phone to track where your wallet is.

The SOS call function allows you to make an emergency phone call to a list of predefined numbers. Modern phones are so fragile, so imagine breaking or losing your phone in a more isolated place.


The LED light function is optimized to save battery, so when the camera is covered (for example in the pocket) it turns off the light.

Walleon moto: "Rule the Business Jungle"

Modern wallets still keep the same old fashion design - it's time to break this concept, to add not only smart features but also smart design.

Expect Walleon soon in Indiegogo.

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If you want a modern-looking wallet at the same time functional and smart, Walleon is the number one choice for 2021.