Wait Until We Are Married (Chapter 1)

Wait Until We Are Married (Chapter 1)


(I really liked w1dmgs Adam series, and just felt it was too short and needed a little something more.So, with his permission, Ive expanded and altered the story a bit, but all the characters and a few of his best lines are directly copied to try and preserve what I thought he did best.Hope you enjoy it.)


Megan… I groaned as I ground my face into hers.Our desperate lips caressed each others as our passion built and built.I was on fire and I could tell she was the same.Her soft long dirty blonde hair fluttered at my cheeks as I kissed her fiercely.

Oh Adam… she whispered back as my hands caressed her smooth shoulders and back as I moved my lips to the nape of her long neck and gently bit into her soft flesh.I alternated little bites with little kisses and she gasped and sighed in ecstasy.One hand of mine now caressed her long and incredibly hot bare leg and slowly slid to the hem of her short skirt then inched up under it…

Further and further until finally my hand lightly brushed up against her damp panties.I couldnt believe I was touching my first pussy ever!Then my happiness ended.

Wait… Stop.

The words werent said in that sexy way that meant keep going, but in that aggravatingly ‘You stepped over the line sort of way.She wasnt mad, just firm.We separated and I let her sit back up on my dorm room bed and regain her normal composure even though we both knew we were both as horny as rabbits in Spring.I looked at my tall and beautiful goddess, only revealingly clad in her short skirt with knee socks, and a tight white tank top that allowed me to easily see her amble breasts held tight against her heaving chest by a lacy white bra.I knew she had dressed a little more provocatively when we studied and it always turned me on more knowing she was doing it just for me. You know I pledged to wait until Im with the man I going to marry.Her voice was so soft and musical I just couldnt resist her.And you made the same pledge to me.

Yea… I know, I responded a little dejectedly.Its just, I blushed but just felt I had to add, You turn me on so much!Sometimes I just cant help myself.I was so embarrassed saying that, but she kissed my cheek and reopened her American Literature book we had been reading from.

Megan and I had decided, since we were both virgins, to wait to have sex until we found the right person.I hadnt actually proposed to her yet, since we had only been dating six months, but I figured when we were done college it would be a foregone conclusion.Her mother had gotten pregnant with her at a very young age and she didnt want to make that same mistake.Id proposed oral sex and protection, but she said only abstinence is one hundred percent effective.

We had met at freshman college orientation and hit it right off.It was probably because we both were scared and lonely at being away from home for the first time.Id never been able to date any of the girls at my high school since Id been kind of a geek there, but here at college was a new start as they say, so Id been bold and asked her out.It seemed so easy afterwards, and we have been dating ever since.So now we were finally getting really into some heavy petting, and I was so ready I was going to explode, but didnt want to lose my first and only girlfriend, especially one as hot as this girl is, by being a pushy dick-headed jerk.

We finished the reading assignment homework we had originally come to my room to do and she bid me goodnight.Three minutes later I was jerking off some a porn mag and imagining Megans face on the women in it when there was a knock at the door.I scrambled to get my pants back on and got to the door without tripping too much.

Megan, the love of my life was back again, and I had vivid dirty thoughts racing through my mind at a mile a minute.She was giving me this sexy smile and biting her lip.Was she suddenly ready to change her mind?I forgot to ask you Adam, will you drive me home for break next weekend?I was crestfallen, and it must have showed because she explained, Its my little sisters sixteenth birthday and Id kind of promised her Id bring you home to meet her and the family.

How could I say no to her?No man could.I smiled and said, Sure.No problem.She giggled, kissed me quickly on the lips, and thanked me before rushing off.I locked the door and jerked off like mad in less than two minutes, not needing porn anymore; just the memory of her smile and the feel of her lips on mine was all it took.

So a week later we were driving the two hour trip to her house from the college.I myself lived only about an hour away from her and wished we had met sooner, but since we went to different schools it was not to be.I was clean shaven and wearing slacks and nice button up shirt, while she was in a long ankle length skirt and fluffy blouse that concealed her wonderful breasts, but still made her an angel to behold.

We talked about school, friends, and smiled as we both sang along to the radio, but it seemed like no time and we were at her home.She knocked on the door and were greeted by her father.He was a short balding man with a thick horseshoe of black hair around his scalp.‘Wow, I thought, ‘Megan looks nothing like her father.

Daddy!Megan cheered happily as she hug-tackled her father.

Princess!Welcome home.He released her and looked at me seriously, And is this Adam?

Geez, Daddy.You dont need to scare him off. Hes a nice guy. Megan playfully punched him in the shoulder.

He smiled and held out his hand.I shook it and said, Nice to meet you Mr. Reynolds.

We chit-chatted as he welcomed us into the house.We got to the kitchen and I was introduced to Mrs. Reynolds who politely said, Please, call me Alice.She was beautiful too and had dusky blonde hair, just curled up and a bit shorter than Megans.She was still a bit shorter than her though and had to look up at her daughter.She looked quite a bit younger than and even shorter Mr. Reynolds, and barely looked old enough to have been Megans mother.

Then I remembered that shed had Megan quite young.Suddenly all I could picture was Mr. Reynolds, somehow still old and balding, banging and impregnating a teenaged Alice in the backseat of his car.It took all my self-control I had not shiver and get turned on by this thought all at once.Luckily nobody was paying that much attention to me since both parents were animatedly asking Megan all sorts of questions about college.

Then everything went dark.There were two small feminine hands over my eyes, and a pair of soft breasts pushing into my back.Guess who? said a cute voice that sounded an awful lot like Megans.

Abigail? I said inquisitively since Megan had told me that was her younger sisters name.

You win!Her hands were removed from my face and she then hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.When she let me go she then said in a more serious tone, But only my mother calls me that, and only when shes really mad.I saw a near duplicate image of Megan beside me.The only difference was her hair was more a strawberry blonde.

Abby!Happy birthday!Megan had spotted her by the door with me and soon they disappeared to do girl-sister talking in her room.

Ah… what a handful, a pleasantly smiling Mr. Reynolds said after they had left me alone with their parents.It was easier when they liked dolls.Id just by a new pair and theyd spend hours playing with them.Now they bring home boys…

Be nice Brad! Alice said playfully and winked at me before usurping me into a chair at the kitchen table with them.At least they are doing better with boys than I did.

I suppose… Mr. Reynolds said before clapping me on the shoulder, Youre not dishonoring my daughter now are you?

No sir! I answered quickly.

Brad! Alice smacked him with a newspaper from the table before looking pleasantly at me, Youll have to excuse him.Even thought theyre not his biological daughters, he still is their father in every way that matters.

Oh?I hadnt expected that and was at a loss for words.

She didnt tell you? Mr. Reynolds asked.

Of course not Brad.Youre the only father shes ever known after all… Alice said lovingly to him.Then she turned back to me and explained how shed been only sixteen when shed run away from home with a tall red-headed stoner named Skip after shed gotten pregnant. Hed tried to support her and their child, but bailed on her when Alice got pregnant a second time.She then told a tale of how shed fallen in love with Brad, a bank loan manager while she was explaining why she couldnt pay her car loan.

And you never had any more kids? I asked, knowing instantly I had said something wrong.

Mr. Reynolds looked uncomfortable, but Alice stepped in with a pleasant, Well, we have tried, but unfortunately we just never got lucky enough.

Conversation turned to school and me and my family history, but the girls came back before too long.We had dinner and talked about everything.I mentioned my motorcycle and Abby instantly was all over me about it.A motorcycle! You have to give me a ride! Abby pleadingly demanded. Its my birthday wish, so you just have to!

Well I dont have it with me of course, I told her. But Ill be sure to bring it next time and give you a ride when I do.

You do have helmets for your passengers dont you? Alice asked.

Yes Mom, I wear a helmet, Megan assured her mother.

We talked some more and finished our meal and dessert. After dinner a strange thing happened, Abby suddenly became like my best buddy. She was right next to me as I talked to Megan. She put one hand under my right upper arm and the other on my forearm, as if she was afraid I would run away.We watched some TV until Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds said they were off to bed. We decided to hit the hay too since tomorrow afternoon would be Abbys sweet sixteen party and there were a bunch of things to do to get ready.I asked about guests and was surprised she wasnt having friends from school over.Megan explained birthdays had always just been a family affair with them, and that had been why it was important for her to come home.

Abby went off to get her stuff and put it in Megans room for the night and I was alone with Megan for the first time since we had arrived.She kissed me quickly and said, Im sorry.Abby can be a bit of a pain sometimes.

You kidding?I laughed, Shes cute as a button.Just like you.That made her smile and she gave me a real kiss for a few minutes more.

There was a polite Ahem, from Abby in the hallway and she disappeared back toward the bedrooms and Megan rose to follow her, then turned and whispered quietly to me, Wait up for me and Ill give you a surprise.Then she ran off after Abby.

I was assigned Abbys room for the night as she would sleep in Megans room tonight.It was weird as I started undressing looking at the very pink girls room I was about to sleep in.There were stuffed toys and rainbows, and a few posters of boy bands.I was deciding whether or not to peek into her underwear drawer when there was a knock at the door.I pulled my shirt back on and was glad Id not yet taken off my pants off when both Abby and Megan came in.Only they werent in their clothes either, at least not the clothes they had worn just a little bit ago.Neither were they in any kind of night clothes.They were in cheerleader outfits.I was instantly hard as a rock in my pants.

Megan smiled and said to me, Look, my old uniform still fits.I just nodded stupidly as the blood drained from my upper head to my lower one.Abby wanted to show me her new cheer, but then I thought it would be more fun for us both to do it for you.Again I just nodded and tried not to drool too much.

Then they worked slowly, Abby showing Megan how the moves went, with both of them eyeing me oggiling them and they giggled.After a few minutes they got the moves down began their routine, only quietly saying the words instead of shouting of course since their parents already in bed.They shook their hips and tits in synchronization.They stretched their legs and flashed panty shots at me as they kicked up their long legs into the air.They flitted their hair and bent over showing ass and cleavage.When they finished several minutes later they asked how I liked it and I tried to say something smart and professional about it, but they just giggled like schoolgirls and dashed out.I was sporting a massive hard-on and thought about stroking off, but decided Id REALLY get in trouble if I got caught making a mess in Abbys room.So I tried to think sports and school and anything just to fall asleep.

It was quite dark when something woke me late that night.There was a little light coming from a veiled window from the streetlight down the road and I saw someone at the door.Hmm?I grumbled sleepily.

Shhh… a young feminine voice made softly.

Megan? I asked plaintively.

The woman came close to me and whispered, I wanted to thank you for being a good sport.She then quickly kissed me on the lips and reached under the covers.I wasnt hard right off, but only seconds after her soft hand found my groin I was erect and hardening quickly.

I groaned a little, but she hushed me again whispering, You have to be completely silent or my sister will wake up.I bit my tongue and leaned back into the soft pillow.We had never gone this far before and I was in heaven.Its amazing how it can feel so much better when someone else does it to me.She lifted the blanket off me and ran her delicate hands up and down my shaft that was already producing a small wet bead of precum on my tip.I knew she was as inexperienced as I was, and there were a few pokes with fingernails, but the whole experience was so exciting I just couldnt do anything but enjoy it.

Then the completely unexpected happened.My hard shaft got hot and wet.I didnt see it coming in the dark, but Megan had just bent over and was now sucking on my hard prick.Id never felt anything so awesome in my life.I couldnt stop from placing my hands on her head and thrusting in deep as I grunted and exploded into her throat.

She gagged and pulled off me coughing up my cum after the first few shots hit her tonsils, leaving the rest of my orgasm to splatter onto my belly.I whispered a dizzy apology, but she wheezed and muttered, Its okay, just surprised me.She took a moment to catch her breath and quickly grabbed a tissue from the bedside and cleaned up, and I did the same wiping up my jizz from my belly and crotch.Then she kissed me again, on the cheek this time, before disappearing out the door.

I wanted to do more to thank my girlfriend for the wondrous gift shed just given me, but I was spent now and quickly passed out.In the morning I was a little crusty and dirty from some my mess still covering my lower half and now dirtying up Abbys sheets.‘SHIT! I thought.I grabbed some tissues and tried to clean up as best I could.I tore off the pale pink sheets and balled them up.Then I dressed and knocked on Megans door.I heard rustling inside and soon the door opened a bit and Megans head poked out still sleepy.Whats up?

Where is the laundry room? I asked cautiously.

Down there, she pointed, and then followed up with an inquisitive, Why?

Sheets were a little messy… She stared at me blankly, after last night? I hinted, hoping I didnt have to spell it out because her sister parents might overhear.Her face lit up with an ‘Oh of understanding, then quickly blushed and was replaced with an ‘ooooh of shared embarrassment and closed the door beet red and smiling.

I took the sheets and started them in the wash and took a quick shower.When I got out and redressed I found breakfast ready and the whole Reynolds family already eating.

Morning, I said and they all greeted me as well and Alices eggs and bacon was great.Mr. Reynolds had to run and do some errands, and was taking Alice to do some shopping for Abbys party, leaving us kids home alone for a few hours.

Abby leaned over and asked, Adam?Can you take me to your house and give me a ride on your bike?

I didnt really want to drive for an hour, just to give her a ride around and then drive an hour back.I was about to say no when Megan said to Abby, Its your birthday!Adam didnt know about it sooner or Im sure he would have gotten you something, so Im sure hed love to give you a ride.

I was about to protest, but remembering what Megan had given me last night I felt really guilty if Id said no to her now.Oh, yea.Sure!Well if were going to do that before your party we better get going!Two minutes later I was alone with Abby driving out to my house.I didnt know what to talk about so there was a little bit of awkward silence.

Abby broke it saying, So… sleep well last night?

Oh, yea…You have a very soft bed.I tried to react honestly.

Did you like the… entertainment?She then asked a little suggestively.

Oh yea!I tried to sound calm and positive.You girls sure make good cheerleaders.I bet you have a ton of boyfriends.

Well… not really, Abby said a little sadly.

Really?You and your sister are such cuties I figured you have them lined up around the block?

Well, our school is a Catholic school so the nuns are really strict on stuff like that, Abby confessed.

Oh…So thats why Megan never… I coughed and changed the subject, But they have cheerleaders?

Oh sure, she nodded.The nuns love a good football game.And whats football without cheerleaders?

I guess you have a point.

We talked a little more about her school until we arrived at my house.I found my parents werent home.So I was going to get my bike ready in the garage when Abby asked to use my bathroom.I showed her to it and filled the gas and checked the oil in the bike, and started it up to make sure it was running okay.

I kept waiting for Abby to come back, but she didnt. Getting tired of waiting I went inside looking for her only to find the bathroom door open, and a trail of her clothes leading to my bedroom.‘Oh boy I thought, ‘Be cool.Abby?Were not gonna have time to ride my bike if youre messing around, I called out before peeking my head into my bedroom.

There she was; totally naked and laying back on my bed.One hand rubbing her clit, the other the nipple of her pert little breasts that were just a tad smaller than what I imagined her sisters to look like.She just smiled, Oh, Im definitely messing around, but its not your bike I want a ride on.Her seductive banter in that sexy, ‘I want you voice had me hard as a rock and feeling like I was gonna cum in my pants right then and there.Then she got to her knees and turned around, pointing her round sexy ass at me and bent over onto her elbows.One of her hands snaked between her legs and spread her bright pink pussy lips aside, displaying her juicy wet teenaged cunt, the first one Id ever seen in real life, and added, Its my birthday and I want my present.

Right and wrong didnt matter anymore.No guy could have resisted such a buxom beauty begging for it like this, especially not a nineteen-year-old virgin like me who had so many hormones flooding my system right then that I think I could have been called legally insane.It didnt matter that she was my girlfriends little sister, or that she was underage, or that I wasnt using protection.Nothing mattered anymore except my burning desire and aching cock.Not even a second had passed before I had stepped up to the bed while quickly unbuttoning my jeans and dropping the fly.My pants and underwear didnt make it further down than the top of my thighs before I was directing my raging hard-on against her pretty pink pussy.

I wiggled the head into that incredibly tight wet hole and she moaned and closed her eyes.Then without saying anything to her, I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard, forcing my virgin cock into its first pussy.I didnt get all the way in on the first go, despite the wetness, but didnt stop, despite a loud groan from Abby, and just pounded in again trying to bury my cock fully in her snatch.

I pistoned in and out firmly, but slowly and as I slid back I saw a little blood, but Abby said nothing.You are one fucking bitch, Abby, I told her as I pushed in again, sinking deeper again.Abby dropped her head to the bed, stifling a moan or yell, I couldnt tell which, but she had wanted this and begged for it and I was crazed with sating my lust that I just rammed into her carnal hole again and again, easier with each stroke, slickened with pussy juice and blood, and after four or five I was hips deep, slamming my pelvis into hers and poking my swollen cock into the deepest parts of her formerly virgin womanhood.

I started banged away like an animal, hard and fast.I momentarily thought about Megan and what it will be like to fuck her too, and I was wild with ecstasy.By now Abby must have gotten over her pain, because she was definitely moaning and thrusting back to meet me as I savaged her nether regions.It was all so fast and hot I erupted suddenly before I had even known I was cuming.I clenched up and froze thrust to the hilt inside her and felt like gallons of spunk shot out of me like a cannon into her deflowered womb.I held my breath as pulse after fiery pulse was deposited into my very first lover.It seemed to last forever as my cum went from the first few explosive blasts, to several jerky squirts, and a half dozen shuddering dribbles, but I kept firmly pinned with a death-grip perch on her ass and hips.

Suddenly all my strength was gone and my tingling and shriveled member, having no more to give slid from her oozing cunt and flapped wetly against my leg and I collapsed onto the bed sideways. I flopped onto my back next to her, leaving my legs dangling over the edge, still wearing my pants around my knees.Abby snuggled up next to me and we just laid there for a few minutes to catch our breath.Then when I looked at the disheveled woman I had just lost my virginity to and her to me, we kissed.Abby was obviously and experienced kisser and was actually a bit better than Megan.Soon our tongues were dueling with each other and it all felt incredible.

As we kissed she moved around beside me and soon was on top, still kissing me the entire time.My arms went around her, caressing her back and ass while she rubbed my chest and shoulders and pressed her glorious breasts into me with her pointy nipples erotically tickling me.My groin was still tingly from having just cum, but the newness of everything and the wanton woman now grinding that gooey pussy against me revived my erection.It wasnt the raging hard-on it had been, but Abby thought it was good enough as she sat up and rubbed it a bit before positioning it once more at her now well lubed cunt and sinking onto it with a sigh.

She placed her hands to my sides and slowly rocked her hips.She was slow and deliberate and watching her breasts sway above me was exciting.I snaked my hands up and rubbed and pinched those sweet nipples.Ah… Not so hard, Abby gasped, but her pussy clamping down on me when I had done it made me think she had liked it, despite her words, but I played along.

Sorry, I said quietly, and gently massaged and cupped them instead for now.This went on for several minutes and I wondered I was hurting her somehow since she didnt seem to speed up at all, and screwed up her face in a way that looked more painful than pleasurable.I almost asked her about it, when she suddenly groaned, Oh, Adam, Im… Im… oh, OH!AGGGUH!Then she quivered and shook for a few seconds as she came on me.Her pussy got so tight I thought she might squeeze me right out, and she almost did except I had enough wherewithal to grip her hips and push up to keep my cock in place.She collapsed on top of me and I just held her for a minute, but now I was really turned on again.

I rolled us over, trying to stay inside her, but the physics just didnt work for that.Once I was on top of her between her splayed thighs I lined up again with one hand on my sticky cock and slowly sank back into her squishy twat.Like her riding me, I made love to her this time, slow and deliberate.She was much looser now, and panted slightly as I thrust into her, but it still felt fantastic.She placed her arms around my neck and my head sank to her breasts and I look a mouthful of my first nipple since I was a toddler.They were like erasers on Jell-O, firm and hard, yet soft and jiggly, all at the same time.I dont know why, but I couldnt keep my lips, tongue, and even teeth from playing with them while I fucked her. I was in heaven.

My ministrations on her were having an effect and soon the loose pussy around my cock was squeezing me again.Not at tightly as before, but more like a velvet glove that was made just for massaging my cock.I spread her legs wider and grabbed her hips, pulling myself down into her depths a little faster and harder.I still didnt get as hard as I had before, and I didnt explode with the same force, but this time when the cum came rushing up my cock and pulsing out into my lover, she shuddered and shook with me, milking my love muscle for every drop it could give, which I eagerly did.

I half-passed out on top of her for a moment, just breathing hard when she asked breathlessly, Adam?

Yea, was all I could say.

Is it always this good?

I grinned, I hope so.That was my first time.

You were a virgin? she sounded surprised.

Was until you came along, you little seductress, I told her with a grin.

You wanted me. I just obliged you, she explained and hugged me.

I cant argue with that, I agreed. I did want you. I thought about what we just did, and about Megan. Then my cell phone rang.It was still in my pants, which were still around one foot.I awkwardly disengaged from Abby and pawed at my pocket and fished it out.I looked at the caller ID. Its your sister, I warned her as I answered it.

Where are you guys? Megan asked from the grainy speaker.

Were just got back from our ride, I lied, Were about to head back to your house,Abby crawled up to place her ear by the phone so she could hear too.

Well quit fucking around and get Abby and yourself back here.Mom and Dad are already back and we are ready to party. Megan then hung up without even waiting for me to answer.

Guess we better quit ‘fucking around and get you home, Birthday Girl. We both laughed.

We cleaned up a bit, and I changed into some clean clothes while Abby cleaned up in the bathroom.As we got in the car I said, Too bad you didnt get to ride my bike.

She smiled and grabbed my crotch, I had quite a good ride anyway.Driving her back home her hand never left my crotch and even started to get me hard again after about half an hour.Man, my cock just didnt know when to quit.It was a little sore now, but because he was getting feminine attention he just didnt want to stay down.Abby smiled, Do I need you give you another blowjob?

‘Ding! went the light in my head.I should have known it was you, I said in mock annoyance.

Why? she asked innocently.Was I not as good as Megan?

Its not that… I said, embarrassed to say so, Megan and I promised each other to stay virgins until we are married.

Yes, but? said Abby, but then she got my meaning.A little shocked she said, So she had never…


Not even… and held her hand like it had a cock in it and moved it up and down.

Weve never even seen or touched each other under our clothes.

Wow… she said clearly stunned.

Megan was very clear.She learned from your mother that getting pregnant early would ruin her education and career, I explained, then realized, Oh crap.


We didnt use any protection, I said a little worried.What if you get pregnant?

We were both silent for a moment until Abby said firmly, I wont tell her.

What? I said confused.

No matter what, I wont tell Megan, she explained.It may have been stupid, but I dont care.I love my sister and promise that even if I get pregnant Ill tell everyone it was a fluke one-night-stand with someone I didnt know at a party where the punch had gotten spiked.Ill say I dont remember a thing.Then she looked me in the eyes, Megan really loves you.I know her.So this will just be our little secret.Then she kissed me on the cheek, which seemed a little funny since she was still holding onto my semi-hard cock through my pants.Then she looked me in the eye and said, You just have to promise me that you wont break her heart.

I nodded solemnly and said, You have my word.

Soon we pulled into her driveway, and she released my pant-clad cock.It only took a moment to calm down as she got out and went inside and I soon followed.The party was actually fun, just the family and I, and Megan held my hand most of the time and Abby just smiled at us, saying we were a cute couple.We stayed another night without any events this time and in the morning Megan and I drove back to college, with well wishes from the whole family.











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