WUFF 2020 [EN]

WUFF 2020 [EN]


Last year, unstable political situation in the country forced us to postpone WUFF for a year.

And even though we were very upset about it, we pulled ourselves together and set a goal to not waste any time and spend it on preparations for WUFF 2020.

We worked hard, set a new record for registration time and you know what? It was AWESOME!

We have also created lots of parties and competitions, bought prizes and different merch, we have done everything to make WUFF as fiery as never before, but it looks like the universe wants us to spend additional year to make an unbelievable convention! 

Yes, we're postponing WUFF till 2021.

There is always one main goal for our staff team - our participants should have fun, feel themselves  comfortable and safe. And sadly this year we cannot guarantee safety to you our beloved attendees.

We want to give our sincere apologies to all attendees who were waiting and still hoping... We have tried to make it happen till this last minute, but finally decided to make this devastating decision.

So what does it mean:

🔔We will keep your registration details for the next year. Even for those of you who didn't pay any fees.

🔔If you have paid for the room, it will be reserved for you, but there is a chance that the hotel administration will raise the prices and if that will happen, you will need to pay for the difference in price. After WUFF 2021 dates will be announced, you can make a decision - keep the room for yourself or sell it to another attendee. 

You will also be able to change your arrival and departure dates. 

Please don't lose access to the email address you've used for registration.

🔔If you would like us to refund your payment, please contact us through this form on our website - https://wuff.ua/2020/contactform/ 

It's IMPORTANT to do it till 01.04.2020. 

Please remember that your registration will be completely removed from our database, after your refund request will be fully processed, and if you will decide to attend WUFF 2021, you will need to register one more time with a high chance of not getting a room in the main hotel or buy a registration with a room from other attendee.

And to those of you, who will decide to save their registrations, we will send memorable gifts, souvenirs and our gratitude, so if you haven't yet listed your current address in your profile, please do so. Oh, don't forget to select correct t-shirt size as well.

🔔Org. fees cannot be refunded, because we use them to pay the tax and cover all organizational and operational expenses, but we're already thinking about how we will approach these fees next year.

🔔Sponsors and super sponsors will retain their status for the next year and will obviously get all of their gifts, even if they will decide to pay only for the org. fee.


We're not saying goodbye to WUFF 2020, we're starting to prepare for WUFF 2021, but with a slightly sad smile on

our faces.

Thank you all for staying with us!

💗Truly yours, WUFF staff team!💗