WHO IS THIS It is therefore used in a standard way, as a common answer when answering calls. But 'Who is this?' uses the less definite 'this', which is.
Maria's mother: Oh, hello, Sally. Maria isn't in now. I think "who's that" is more appropriate. What's your opinion?
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"This" and "that" are used to reference something. "This" usually refers to something close by. "That" refers to something far away.
When you are asking about someone, you should use “Who is he?” or “Who is she?” Is “Who is this?” at any time correct when asking about people?
If you are talking about the possessive case, both whose this and who's this are wrong. Whose is this? would be right. Who's this cannot under any circumstances.
It is not “Whose this” but rather “Who's this”— who's being a contraction for who is. Whose is a possessive word (belongs to whom?) and is inappropriate in this.
is "who is this" more specific to ask "who's calling" at the phone? What about someone knocking at the door?
Do you have any fresh turkeys? Tom: Who is this? Fred: Isn't this the Harrison Poultry Shop? Tom: No. Fred: I guess I have the wrong number.
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Who's is a contraction linking the words who is or who has, and whose is the possessive form of who. They may sound the same, but spelling them correctly.
People will often then call the number back to find out who it is. Apart from being a nuisance, the missed call can lead to a scam in two ways.
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Want the who's who on 'whose' and 'who's?' Much like 'its' and 'it's,' these words are often confused because of the apostrophe. 'Who's' is a contraction of.
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Whose vs Who's: What's the Difference? To start, let's define whose and who's. Whose is a possessive pronoun that you should use when you're.
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This grammatical distinction between that and which is largely used in formal American English. In informal speech, it is very common to use that and which.
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We've explained what subjects and objects in a sentence are. But what does that mean? “Who,” the subjective pronoun, is the doer of an action.
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