Virtual Third

Virtual Third


My eyes fall onto the line she was responding to

Renard stood before Amber, it started.My eyes travelling further along the line.His erect cock near her face as he pushed the first small golden trickle from his bulging dick.

Increasing the pressure it would become a forceful stream rushing from his erection, splashing across her bare breasts and face.I read further, working the vibe between my wife's legs gently. Renard reached down and would guide Ambers' face into that golden stream.

"Please" she begged me, "Don't read anymore".

"It's a little late for that" I softly say into her ear, as my eyes fall onto her written, unsent response.

Amber allowed Renard to guide her face into that stream, it began.Amber would part her lips and rest her chin under the head of Renards' cock., allowing his piss to pool in her mouth.As she tucks her chin and allows it to run down her chin and body, sliding her fingers across her clit and through her pussy, bathed in his liquid.As the last trickle leaves his member, Amber takes the whole of it into her mouth to the base.As her hand began to work her clit more aggressively.

"I'm sorry" she says softly, I'll delete it.

Before she can do anything my hand jumps from the vibrator and hits the enter key.She watches in horror as what she wrote flashes up in the chat.My hand runs back down to the vibe and I start softly kissing along the nape of her neck.Working my way up to the lobe of her ear.I see the response flash from the person on the other end.I pay it no mind, my focus on the woman right here, as I'm nibbling her ear.

"You had better answer him", I softly say.As if she was hit by lightning, a shudder took hold of her."Are you sure?" she questioned.

The only correct answer I could give in this situation was pressing my rock hard cock into her side."Oh, well!", she softly exclaimed.

Standing there softly kissing and nibbling her ears and neck, my right hand working the vibe in her pants and the other hand under her shirt, massaging and caressing her breasts.All the while the room filled with the sounds of her sharp breathing, the click of the keys, and the low hum of the vibrator.

Not being able to stand it any longer I pull back and she flashes me a look of curiosity.Taking to the floor and worming my way to the front of her chair I reach up and start to remover her tights and panties.

She lifts her ass up to allow them to slide down and I see the vibe fall from her pussy and into my lap.I knew which one it was by the feel through her clothes.The cheap one we bought off the web.Looking at it, transfixed by the amount of thick, white fluid covering it.Without a second thought I reach down and promptly run it between my lips making sure to clean all of her juices off of it.A small groan escapes her throat as she watches me lick her love off of it.She then slides forward parting her legs to display what she was hiding, her arousal.

Her pussy, unshaven and on full display right before my eyes. The soft dark hair was never thick until you got right to her clit, then there was a thick tuft right at the base.She spread her legs further and I saw the depths of her arousal.Her pussy had swollen and her meaty lips were a deep crimson.Her pussy was filled with the same fluid that covered the vibe that fell.In that crimson curtain I notice the tail of another vibe, "The Lush", I thought.I look up at her, seeming to read my mind she tell's me that the cheap one she used on her clit.

"Oh", I say, nodding.

I lean in to feast on this banquet laid bare before me, when I get hit with the smell of sweat and of thick musk.Taken aback she looks at me apologetically and tells me she hasn't showered yet.That wasn't the problem.Sure it smelled of sweat but it wasn't overpowering, no it was the smell of her.Thick and intoxicating some part of my brain wanted it, needed to taste it.

I couldn't help myself, I slid my tongue from the bottom of her opening to the underside of her clit, making sure to lap up all of her juice along the way.

It tasted divine, sweet yet savory, whatever the case, I felt a surge at the base of my skull.I was already horny, this just turned it up to eleven.My cock,

so hard it appeared to dance as it throbbed.I reached down and slowly started to rub my cock with gentile strokes, from the tip of the head to the base of the shaft.

My face buried in her crotch as I ran my tongue all around her clit and licked that delicious juice from her hole.

"Click, click, click", sound of her keys as she wrote her lewd fantasy to the person on the other end."Uhhmmmm..", her moans escape as I continue to nibble and suck at her clit.She slid forward a bit more, as I feel her hand on my head.Working it's way to the back, running her fingers through my hair.Her hand coming to rest behind my head.Then I feel her shove my face into her groin, hard."Oh, fuck yes" she breathed, as it seems her hips took on a life of their own.Grinding her pussy against my mouth.

I gaze up to see one hand playing with her nipple and the other I hear on the keys.We lock eyes,her jaw drops and her eyes close, "Oh my god, I'm going to cum", she said between breaths. I was close too, my hand working my cock furiously.I wanted to cum, I could feel it, so close, my own hips bucking my cock through my hand.Her other hand appeared behind my head and her hips started shaking violently,"I'm cumming!" she cried, almost as if in pain.The juices from her pussy running over my chin and onto my cock.

I inhale sharply, the pressure that had been building, suddenly released as a jet of hot cum erupted from my cock and splashed across my legs and stomach.

We sat there breathlessly for a while, "That felt amazing" she said, breathing heavily, "Mmmmm", I agreed.

I stand up as she takes hold of my hand and guides me closer to her.Then I feel her tongue glide across the cum trail on my stomach and down to my dick.She wraps her lips around my semi-flaccid cock.Carefully pulling the foreskin back I can feel her tongue working around the head, taking up all the cum that had been trapped there.

She pulls away and gives the head of my dick a tender, yet small peck, and smile through tight lips as her eyes meet mine.

Somewhere within, something carnal awakened as she was looking for a tissue to spit into, I gently take her face into my hands and sensually press my lips to hers.She starts to pull back, "Mmm mm", she protests,

I don't let her move, relenting she cracks her lips and my tongue darts into her mouth, instantly taste my own cum, it was nothing like the nectar that ran from her sweet spot.We keep kissing, saliva mixed with my semen running down our chins until the taste disappeared, then we pull back and stare into each others eyes, "I love you", I whisper, I love you too", came the reply.

Hitting the lever under the chair to lower it, she stands and spins it around with the back against the desk.Sitting on her knees inside she presents her round ass to me and continues replying to her friend.Reaching over I grab the tail of the Lush and pull it free from her pussy, careful to clean it as I did the other.I cock in my hand for a third time that night, this time running from clit to hole as I feel her squirm.I bring my cock back up to her hole and start to push in, when he jumps forward a bit and lets out a cry of pain.

"You okay", I ask, "Yeah", she responded,

"It's sensitive", she says with a bit of a laugh.

I push up against her and let her work her pussy back onto my cock at her own pace."Go slow" she says, as I start letting my hips do the work.

As we work her juice starts to flow and things start sliding the way they are meant to.I hear the sound of her typing, I can't make out what they are writing, but she seems eager to respond to his I'm sure, explicit details of what they're doing in their roleplay.

Soon she's driving her ass up against me trying to stuff as much of my cock into her pussy as she can, slamming against and grinding, moans escaping her lips that would make a whore blush with envy.

Her warm, wet enclosure squeezing down on my cock."Oh my god", she moans, "I can feel every inch of that hard cock" she cries.

"Enjoying it that much, are we?" I playfully ask, "Yeeeess", she breathes."I can even feel shape of your head rubbing around in there.", she moans, "It's too sensitive", she cries, and tries to pull away

I lock my hands in front of her hips and start thrusting harder."Your pussy feels amazing", I breath.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaim, "I'm going to cum".

"I can tell, you've gotten so hard." she cried, between thrusts.

I then feel something on my balls and realize she's playing with her clit, "Rub that pussy" I moan.

"Ohhhhmmmm, I'm going to cum around your rock hard cock", she cries.

Her pussy clamps down on my dick as her hips start to spasm, bucking against me."Oooohhhhh", came her moans of pleasure.I make one final trust into her tightened pussy almost having to batter my way back in the pressure is so great.Likewise, the pressure I had felt growing at the base of my cock had finally worked it's way up and I could feel it explode from the tip."I feel it, I feel your hot cum pouring into my pussy." She said through what sounded like tears.

I start to move, "Don't, I want to feel you throbbing until you fall out", she said.I feel my cock slowly slide free from her pussy to reveal a bright red, cum filled pie."Don't mind if I do.", I say, as I kneel and run my tongue from the under side of her clit to her freshly filled hole. Her inhale was sharp I feel her push and a large spurt of semen flows into my mouth as I'm licking her up and down, I stand looking for something to spit it into. When I feel her hands on my face and her lips push onto mine.

Her tongue running across them, I don't fight, I open up and we stand in the living room, in each others embrace with spit and cum running down our chins.

She pulls away to glance at the monitor.

]Hello, did you fall asleep?was sitting in the out of character chat.I'll catch you tomorrow, good night.just flashed into the window as I was turning away.

"Aw, he logged off", I heard my wife say as I left for the bedroom.

As I lay there with my wife sleeping soundly, head resting on my bare chest.I start thinking about what had transpired, admittedly I felt a small pang of guilt.He himself was probably siting on his end with his erection in hand waiting for those words that never came.I could feel my foreskin tighten as my gland swells again as I recounted the events. Laying there, gently running my hand up and down my stiffening dick, "I couldn't have dreamed what a turn on that was.", I thought as I drifted off into a peaceful slumber.;area=summary;u=17688;area=summary;u=17717

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