Virologist Dr. Lanka press charges against Christian Drosten

Virologist Dr. Lanka press charges against Christian Drosten

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Christian Drosten - Press conference RKI

The virologist Dr. Stefan Lanka, who has already attracted attention with his thesis that there is no measles virus at all, has now filed a criminal complaint against the virologist of the Berlin Charité Christian Drosten.

Dr. Stefan Lanka himself writes in his newsletter: "In order to end the corona crisis quickly, I have brought charges against Prof. Christian Drosten. For his actions, which led directly to the planned and executed elements of the offences listed in §7 (1) of the International Criminal Code (VStGB) "Crimes against humanity", and other offences: Employment fraud, pretending in public to work as a scientist, but violating the laws of thought, the logic of virology and the clear rules of scientific work, and fraud in order to gain advantages by spreading proven false facts"

Dr. Lanka believes that Prof. Drosten's globally effective assertion that he had developed a reliable test for the allegedly new virus not only violates the laws of thought and logic of virology, but was acting and still acts with intent. Dr. Lanka has apparently offered Drosten the opportunity to work with him on the control experiments that are mandatory in science in order to save face. However, Drosten did not accept this offer.

To date, Drosten has either not carried out or not published the prescribed control experiments, according to Lanka. These experiments must, however, prove whether the gene sequences (which were only mentally assembled to form an alleged viral genome strand) actually originate from a virus or are only typical components of the metabolism.

Swine flu: Claim disproved

Dr. Lanka refers to the swine flu of 2009, where it was claimed that the crisis could only be ended by vaccination. However, the idea of vaccination has been refuted just as much as that of viruses, says Lanka. At that time, police and the population were to be vaccinated with vaccines that used novel "drug amplifiers", so-called nanoparticles. For technical reasons, these should only be added to the vaccine shortly before vaccination. At that time, however, it became known that these "drug amplifiers", adjuvants without which a vaccine could allegedly not develop its effect, were untested. Chancellor Merkel and the German Armed Forces, on the other hand, were to receive vaccine without nano-particles. When this became known, 93% of the population rejected the vaccine with untested nanoparticles.

Dr. Lanka writes: "It is clear and obvious that Prof. Christian Drosten of the Charité Berlin has not only violated the most fundamental rules of scientific work with his actions in the Corona crisis. His action to construct an alleged virus detection test and to offer it to the world public via the World Health Organization (WHO) - before the Chinese scientists in charge of it had published indications of a possible presence of a harmless or dangerous virus - had the intention to globalize the wave of panic in Wuhan/China which started on December 30, 2019.

"Prof. Drosten knows that with his test, even under the assumption that a SARS-CoV-2 virus would actually exist and that it has been proven to have pathogenic properties, and to this day the virologists involved point out that this evidence has not yet been provided, he cannot detect an intact, infectious virus, but at best fragments attributed to the virus cannot distinguish between endogenous and exogenous substances.

Dr. Lanka therefore considers the criminal offence according to §7 of the German International Criminal Code (VStGB) (1) - Crimes against Humanity, to be given in the following sections:

"Whoever, in the course of a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population"

  • 2. "with the intention of destroying all or part of a population, places all or part of that population under living conditions likely to bring about its total or partial destruction".
  • 5. "tortures a person in its custody or otherwise under its control by inflicting serious physical or mental harm or suffering on that person, other than as a result of sanctions permitted under international law".
  • 8. "inflicts serious physical or psychological harm on another person, in particular of the kind referred to in § 226 of the Criminal Code".

shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term of imprisonment of not less than five years in the cases referred to in points 3 to 7 and not less than three years in the cases referred to in point 8. We will prosecute the case -

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