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Violet Fire_(0)

Violet Fire

My friend signed me up for a club called "Violet Fire" apparently it was some sort of casual sex club, almost like a brothel. He apparently knew someone that knew someone. His name was Franklin, by the way, but everyone called him Franky. Me? I'm Jefferson Daudsund, but they call me Jeff or Jeffie.

Anyway one night, a saturday night, Franky and I went out to ther "club house" it was a large old looking house in the middle of no where. The house looked Victorian, but that doesn't really matter. There was a large sign in front of the building, a wooden sign that read: "Violet Fires" it was painted on in pink, red, and purple. There were a few lights around it, lights with purple and red colored gels on them. There was only one car outside the building, it looked like that pink car Elvis used to drive, I can't remember, it's a cadillac something or other... Anyway Franky and I made our way inside.

The house was lit with several scented candles, as you expect for someplace specializing in sex. Every table in the place has a white doilie on it, and the couches and chairs has skirts with ruffles. Mostly everything in the house was either pink or red, even the wood looked like red pine. The entrance had a desk, it looked more like a small hotel than a house. There was a clerk setting behind the desk, a woman, she looked about 30. She was wearing red slacks, a white blouse, and a red vest with gold buttons. Everything in this place was so tacky, even the woman, it gave the place a feel of the western saloons.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" the clerk behind the desk asked.

"Uh yea, I'm Franky, and this is Jeffie." Franky said, pulling out his membership card, they had sent us in the mail the week previous. I did as Franky did and I pulled out my ID card aswell. The woman smiled and nodded at us, "Well what can I do for you today?" she pressed on.

"Well this is our first time here, and we're not totally sure how everything works." Franky explained. The woman grinned a little and spun around in her chair. "Wht kind of girls do you gentlemen like?" she asked, thumbing through few drawer directories. "Well I like 'em blond, with long legs, and... uh... busty." he said at length. The clerk stopped suddently and pulled out a card from the drawer. She spun back around to us and handed Franky the card, "Like her?" the clerk asked. "Yea yea! She's Perfect!" Franky said excitedly. The clerk spun back around and opened another drawer, and found the key corresponding to the card. "third floor, 5th room on the left." she said after spinning back around and handing Franky the key. Franky handed her the card and walked off down the hallway, but not before winking at me with a huge grin on his face.

"What about you, Jeffie" she said, spinning back around, putting the card back in the drawer it originally was. "Well," I started, "I would like for her to be brunette, petite, with a cute face, and bg eyes." I said, wrinkling up my jacket in my hands. She spun back around and her fingers flew through another drawer directory. She stopped and snatched a card up. She turned around and handed it to me, looking me in the eye. My jaw dropped to the ground! the girl in the picture as exactly how I had imagined her in my head. On the card as a full body photo of a girl, brunette with large green eyes. It had her personal information to the side; her name was Ginger, she was 5'0" and she had a lovely pear shape, only a size b cup, but she had a classic beauty about her. "She perfect." I said excitedly, I couldn't help but smile. I handed the card back to the clerk before she spun back around. She put the card back in place and opened a different drawer, to find the key. She turned around after picking up a key. "Here you are." she said handing me the key, "Fourth floor, second room on the left." "Thanks..." I read her nametag, "Cheryll." She nodded to me, and I returned it.

I made my way through the living room, it a den of lust, roundish love seats places around a fireplace, with a large white fur rug infront of a roaring fire. The windows had large pink and red drapes, held back with matching rope. There was a small bureau in the back, with an assortment of liqours and wines, the glasses where in the sliding cabinet compartments I assumed. Passed the living room was a staircase, with plush carpet all the way to the top. I made my way up the staircase, my hand on the rail. When I came to the top there was a wall to the left, and a hallway full of doors to the right. I made my way down the hallway, the smell of lust and scented candles in the air. All the doors were closed, but music slipped fromhe cracks around the doors. All the songs were the same, a lovely, soft, haunting song, it was a catchy melody. At the end of the first hallway was an open doorway, iside was another staircase, facing the opposite direction as the first one. At the top of this staircase was another hallway, and at the end of the hallway was another stair case. At the top of the third staircase was the last hallway. I found the second room, to the left, the number on the key matched the number on the door, of course.

I put the key in the door knob, twisted it, and opened the door. The room was rather large, and there was a bed near a large window. The drapes on the window, red and pink, were drawn shut. Right beside the door I was standing at was another door, the bathroom door, it was opened a crack. "Hello?" I said into the room, trying to peek into the bathroom, where a ray of light shown. "I'll be out in just a minute." the girl in the bathroom said. Her voice was soft and pleasant, and had a bit of a melody to it. "Make yourself at home." she said. I looked in the bathroom, I saw her reflection in the mirror. She was leaning over the sink with a powderpuff in her hand, she dabbed it on her face and a little cloud of powder puffed off. I left the door and sat on the bed. In the corner of the room was a red overstuffed chair, and beside it was a tall lamp, and in the other corner of the room was a wardrobe, no doubt filled with sexy outfits and lingerie.

The door to the bathroom open and Icould hear Ginger blow out a candle. When she stepped out all of the blood rushed straight to my head, she was gorgeous. I stood up to meet her. She was wearing a maroon bustiea with black lace and trim, a black garter belt, black silk panties, and maroon stalkings. Her hair was fairly short, cut just to below her ears, and it feather out at the bottom, curling almost upward. Her cute face was framed by her shiny brunette hair. She had red pouty lips and plump rosey cheeks, her eyes were bright green, and her make up was perfect, like it was painted on by an artist. "My name is Ginger." she spoke, meeting my eyes with a curly grin. "I'm Jefferson, but you can call me Jeffie." I replied. She held her hand out to me, as to shake it. I gently took hold of it, I bent over with my hand behind my back and kissed it. "Nice to meet you." she said, holding the back of her freehand up to her lips. She walked around me and sat on the bed. She leaned back and proped herself up with her hands, "So, why don't you tell me what you'd like to do." she said, her pearl white teeth showing through her grin. "Well, Uhm, how about we start with some foreplay? and then take it from there?" I said, seeing if it was okay. "That sounds great." she said, standing up to me. She put her left hand around me and started unbuttoning my collared with her right. She slid my shirt off and lightly put her forefinger on my lower lip. She slid her finger down my chin, then my neck, and down the middle of my chest and stomach. She unhooked my belt and pulled it out of my belt loops, she tossed it on the chair in the corner, along with my shirt. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, she loosened them and let them fall to the ground arund my ankles. We laid back on the bed, letting my pants slip off, onto the floor.

When we kissed it was like cold fire, you could feel the heat and passion, but it didn't burn. Her tongue was writhing in my mouth like a snake, it was warm and felt great. Our lips met and I was engulfed in lustful passion. As we kissed she held her right hand behind my head, running the fingers of her left hand on my chest and stomach. I held my right hand around her back, rubbing and smootihng my hand across the small of her back, holding my left hand on her face, feeling her warmth. She moved her hand down my chest, to my stomach, and finally down to my nether-regions, groping and massaging my groin. I made move next move, taking my hand from the small of her back to her luscious butt. It was smooth like silt, and warm, i rubbed my hand across it before gently squeezing it.

She sat up, strattling me with her legs, she plucked at the lace on her busteia, letting the lace fall limply after it was untied. She pulled the busteia off, letting her breasts rest lightly. They were beautiful, perky, and soft might I add. She started to unlatch the garter belt and stockings, "No no, leave them on..." I whispered, completely taken by how the stockings comlimented her petite size. She smiled, letting the edges of her lips curl into a little smile, "Okay." She came back, putting her hands on either side of my head, to prop herself up. We kissed once again, our tongues entwined in the passion.

She stareted moving away from my mouth, kissing and biting on my bottom lip, then moving down to my chin, and then to my chest, until she came to my boxer shorts. She looked up into my eyes, mischeif in her gaze. She pushed the tips of her fingers under the waist band of my shorts, before pulling them off, exposing my member. She grinned whilely, and once again her gaze returned to my eyes, she smile and batted her eye lashes at me before taking it into her mouth. Pleasure surged through my body in waves, moving from my nether, making its way to my toes and up to my eyes. She pulled it out, saliva dripping from both my member and her lips. She started tonguing it, licking it, and kissing it, using both hands to massage me while her tongue went to its magnificent work. "I'm gonna pop-off." i whispered, closing my eyes tight. She smile and sat up, letting me shoot on her chest and stomach, rubbing it in with the end of my member. "Oh...God..." I moaned lightly, hardly able to move.

"That's not the end of it, lover." she said, rubbing her lips against my ear. She sat back up and looked at me face to face, I grinned and she matched me with her curly little smile. My piece was still rock hard and ready for what she had in store. She sat up on my stomach, and kissed me before sliding down and impaling herself on my member. She rose up and down, slowly, taking in her breath with her pleasure. She pressed her hands on my stomach to balance herself, and held her head to the ceiling, breathing heavily, letting out small whimpers of pleasure and pain. It was obvious the pleasure overrode the pain. She was so tight, and warm. She felt like silken velvet. I held onto her arms just below her shoulders, keepng her steady. Then she raised her arms up and bit, and I took hold of her hips, one hand on each side. She looked down and gazed directly into my eyes. Her eyes felt me with pleasure and terror, ecstatic joy; her eyes were a haunting bright green, eyes that I would never forget for the rest of my life. The sheets felt to be rising up around me, building up into almost a wall, because She and I were working down into the matress, putting pressure on the pillow of air.

We came together and were joined in a moment of pure lustful ecstasy, passion that I had never known before, and nobody but her and I would ever know it. "Wow, that was amazing." i said to her as she collapsed in bed beside me. "You weren't bad either, stud." she said with a grin and a wink. "There's the bathroom if you wanna clean up." she said, poiting to the room she was in previously, "Thanks." I waited a few minutes before I finally got up. I gathered up my shirt, pants, belt, boxers, and shoes. I sat my shoes with my jacket and hat in the chair in the corner of the room. I walked into the bathroom while Ginger smoked a cigarette, laying on the bed. I turned the water to somewhere in-between medium and hot, tested the water with my hand, and climbed in. It was a stand up shower with a glass door, it was frosted voer so you couldnt really see inside from the outside, or vice versa. As I started lathering up the sop I heard the bathroom door creak open, I looked over the top of the glass door and saw Ginger walking in. Within a few seconds she had opened the glass door and was standing in the shower, arms wrapped around me. She looped her arms around my neck, and i put my hands on her hips. "Again?" I asked excitedly, "Yea." she said, pulling her head back, biting her bottom lip.

We started kissing and i grabbed her left leg with my right hand. I pulled her knee up to my waist, where she curled her leg around the back of my legs. I bent slightly at my knees and came down to her, pushing my member inside her. We kissed as i thrust in and out; i could feel that her bottom lip was quivering. I pulled my head back and took a good look at her; her pretty face, her green eyes. I grabbed her by the butt and lifted her up off her feet; which she promptly wrapped around my back. I couldn't help but squeeze her butt as she bounced up and down, fulfilling both our sexual needs.

When I finally made my way back down to the entrance lobby area Franky was sitting in the chair, dozing off. "Franky..." I whispered, tapping on the short round brim of his hat. He jumped a bit, but never-the-less came-to. "It's 'bout damn time." he said looking down at his watch.

"You were right about this place." I said to him, looking back up in the direction of where my room would have been.

"I know. Who ya gonna trust?" he grinned, "Ya gonna trust me, Franky-boy." he said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

We walked out the front door with a quick wave and a wink from the clerk woman.

Violet Fire

Did you know

I would come if you spoke my name

Did you lie

When you said you needed the cool

Of the night

To caress your deepest thoughts

I can hear

All the darkest things you think

I'm gonna make it easy

Did you smile

As i wandered in the black

Of your eyes

Now I live among the things

That we see

And the darkest things you fear

I'm gonna make it easy

Violet fire