Video advertising: criteria for evaluating its effectiveness

Video advertising: criteria for evaluating its effectiveness


Creating high-quality, interesting and eye-catching video ads is easy and difficult at the same time. Today there are a lot of tools and methods to produce high quality video clips. But practice shows that not always the effort, time and money invested justify itself.

To understand whether video advertising was of high quality and effective, you need to make a special assessment. To do this, there are several criteria that help you look objectively at the work of video advertising. This will let you know that you are moving in the right direction. Or on the contrary, take into account the mistakes you made and correct them in the next promotional videos.

Video ad performance metrics

Once a video ad has been created and published on various platforms, its effectiveness is actively monitored. After all, the main purpose of a video is to attract potentially interested customers, encouraging them to order goods and services. You can learn about the best ways how to advertise on youtube and achieve success with it. But evaluating the success of the video is carried out on several criteria at once.

  • The number of views. The first thing both users and authors of promotional videos pay attention to is the total number of views. One person may watch a video ad once or several times. But it is important to understand that despite 5 views, only 1 person saw it. That's why views indicator is not an objective criterion of quality and effectiveness of advertising;
  • Coverage. This is a more significant indicator. Coverage shows the number of unique users who viewed the video. If one user watched a video ad 10 times, the number of views will be 10, but the reach figure will be 1;
  • Number of impressions. This characteristic displays the number of times a video ad appears on users' screens. For example, promotional videos may appear in users' feeds, but they don't click on playback. The impressions have a direct impact on the model by which ads will be paid for. The more impressions the format used, the more expensive advertising will be;
  • Number of clicks. Also considered an important indicator. Clicks represent the number of clicks on video ads. Videos often include links to landing pages. This allows you to go straight from the video to special offers, to the advertiser's website or to the online shop. The higher the number of clicks, the higher the effectiveness of the video ad can be estimated;
  • CTR. This is an extremely important criterion for evaluating video ads. It is a ratio between the number of clicks and the total number of displays of the ad. If the CTR was low, it means that users have little interest in the video ads. In other words, they don't like the video, people aren't interested in watching it and there's no incentive to press the play button.

A proper assessment of effectiveness is an analysis of all the indicators discussed above. A large number of views does not guarantee a large reach, many clicks and a high CTR.

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