Video Calls (Beta)

Video Calls (Beta)

Authors Team of Telegram
Prepare for something new.

During the past two years we have been looking forward to this moment. Apart from the constant improvement of our daily services, we have been developing a market-conquering feature. Sweat, pain, arguments - everything left in the past in order to start a new Telegram era. Today we want to announce beta testing of Video Calls.

High-quality Video Calls in addition to recently added voice calls

Fast and simple

In our best traditions, we made it fast, we made it simple, we made it secure. It is everything that you need.

In order to make it fastest on the market, each team member left their family to fully give themselves for the product innovations... We are just joking. However, team contributed a lot for real. Whenever possible, your video calls will go on a fastest speed possible, using best audio codecs (just like in voice calls, remember?) and video codecs to provide with the best possible connection. We do not care where you are - New York, Berlin, Tashkent or Moscow - connection is adapting to the server to provide you with the best quality calls.

We do not care about your phone either - old Nokia (if you can download our app), Android phone or Apple - calls are adapting to the software.


Making it fast and simple is just an average part of the deal, what really matters - security. You should feel absolutely safe whenever you are calling and whatever your are talking about. Speaking about business with your boss, explaining your grandmother how to adjust the volume or supporting distance relationship with your girlfriend - you should always feel secure. And Telegram is giving you such opportunity.

Just like with voice calls, it is end-to-end encrypted. We were so adorably surprised with your feedback on emoji coding, that decided to continue with this simple tradition. So all you need to do is to compare a set of emoji with your call partner.

Private calls

You are welcome to test!

Be the luckiest one, come and test it.

Why is it limited? We need to test the servers, overall traffic load and possible issues. Improving the product - this is our main priority and it is relevant to all the messenger's features - new and old, small and big!

Test it fast!

That's it for today. Stay tuned, stay curious, stay with Telegram (and invite others)!

April 1, 2017
Authors Team via Telegram.

P.S. Only available for the first 1,500 beta testers. Access is given randomly.

P.P.S. Please, enjoy and share your experience in the official channel @videocalls.