Vacation Rental Owners Can Easily Use Facebook Pages As Their Website

Vacation Rental Owners Can Easily Use Facebook Pages As Their Website

Some Owners are reluctant to create their very own website for insufficient technical ability or cost if they opt for a web designer. I've previously written here regarding the need for your own website, and here and here on how using WordPress as well as the thousand's of free or premium templates available allows non-techie Owners to create a low-cost site - and to maintain simple point-and-click control over editing it.

But if you still aren't convinced here's another alternative, and it is Facebook: do not think Facebook friends, think Facebook pages. Facebook has a huge audience, and based on industry data has now almost reached very good of Google in the variety of searches being made into it by users.

And designing an online site are a wide deal, even though WordPress's simplicity puts creation within the hands of non-techies. It takes time - it's difficult to acquire something ready to go in, say, just 2 weeks Facebook pages saves that period.

If you will want site that can engage people by permitting them discuss the property, post pictures and video, and take contests then Facebook does it quite inexpensively - websites can perform all this too, however it comes at a price. The biggest challenge to a web site is a vital: you need to obtain visitors to visit it. Yes, you'll be able to put Facebook or Twitter social buttons in your site into it, and then blog the hell from it, or write articles for this, but the building of traffic is still a black art and dirty work almost similar to one-armed wrestling.

With a Facebook fan page you get:

It's instant gratification (and I'm all to the). You get 25 friends, a Facebook username (a unique-to-you-URL for example ), and hey presto, you have business. It's still easier to obtain a Facebook URL than the usual good url of your website.

Functionality is Built-In. The social networking functionality you desire on an internet site is already that are part of Facebook: there's commentary, discussion, visitor posting of photos and videos, and reviews. This means you don't have to learn how to add this functionality to an internet site or pay a person to add it in your case.

Limited flexibility. don't give you the total flexibility of an online site, but that is a bonus for some Owners - it stops them from talking with features and design. Basically, you'll find tabs and sub-tabs to experience with. A side benefit is always that individuals don't expect a unique/cool/whatever website simply because they note that all Facebook fan pages have the identical look and feel.

Flexibility. Within the limited flexibility of Facebook, however, there is substantial flexibility. You can pick from hundreds of Facebook apps to incorporate functionality.

Controlled environment. Facebook is really a more controlled environment compared to the wide-open world wide web. People have to participate Facebook, and a lot people do worry about their identities and reputation. You can also block troublemakers and complain to Facebook about them. On the web it's hard to have rid of those who send trashy comments, spam you, attempt to upload horrible photos and so on.

Size and Spread. The neat thing of Facebook is the fact that determined by what source you read and which team you believe you can find about 400 million members. If Facebook were a country, it could be another largest inside world-behind China and India but ahead of the US. Every time people do something on your fan page, they spread the phrase regarding it on their social contacts. This is the holy grail of promoting: unconscious word-of-mouth advertising! There's power to this - a lot more so than hoping a visitor will visit a "Like" or "Tweet" button on an online site or forward an internet site's URL within an email to some friend

Free. It's challenging to argue with free. You pay nothing to Facebook. Though they certainly drop ad placements on your page to produce ad revenue

What include the pro's and con's of a Facebook fan page strategy vis-a-vis your own personal website? There are some:

Some say you might be supporting Facebook's climb to achieving worldwide domination. Do you care? You probably already use Windows. (Something I don't do.) You've probably looked at buying an iAnything from Apple. (Something I often do, but then I'm a shallow person.) I'm also selfish - and think if Facebook helps my bookings and business succeed, allow it to go have worldwide domination, I don't care. What I do I worry about is if Facebook helps my business. It's not personal. It's just business.

You're putting your bets on Facebook. This is true. If Facebook falls, so will your page (Facebook URL). It's more likely your premises will have fallen down in decay before that occurs. In other words, don't get worried over it for some decades.

Experts will show you that wont have the SEO 'juice', brand awareness or links, of a website and it is true. But then again you'll not get much from just your site either. I doubt that failure of getting bookings in your holiday home will probably be using Facebook instead of a website.