Used Bitch

Used Bitch

"Then would you mind telling me why you are such a skanky slut" I emphasize "slut." Something few women want to hear that other women think of her as. As Dana hears the word, I see another twitch at the rim of her tunnel. Mike was right, she does like being insulted! "that you're about to cum all over me while I'm examining your useless clit so I can see for myself that it's too small to be of any use?"

"I don't know, Ma'am!" Dana quickly blurts out, the nervousness picking up a little in her voice.

I release her nub. Then I touch the tip of my first finger to the open entrance of her tunnel. I hold it still, not entering her, just touching her enough for her to feel what it is and where. I keep it there, not pressing it into her. "Listen carefully, skanky bitch." I tell her firmly, but still not raising my voice. I want her to know I'm not angry with her yet. I'm just giving her non-negotiable instructions. And I expect them to be followed.

"I am going to examine your pussy, all the way back to its very depths. More thoroughly than your doctor does. It will take a moment. You will stay still the entire time. You will not move hips. You most certainly will not squeal out slutty moans like a cheap whore. You will breathe deeply, and steadily. Nothing more."

Then I start pressing my finger very slowly into her tunnel. It doesn't take me but a second for the tip to press into the little space between her walls. That's plenty for me to feel the burning, fiery-hot, heat in those walls. And to feel just how plush and spongy they are. I don't even get my knuckle into her before I feel Dana's body tense hard, her muscles turning to steel. So hard that the stiffness makes those muscles in her legs and back quiver slightly.

I hear her breathing, too. Obediently she keeps it kind of steady. And deep. But it very quickly takes on a raspiness that she can't hide. It's not quite a moaning, but it might as well be. Her hands ball into tight fists, too. I keep slipping my finger into her tunnel.

I make it all the way into her. At least as far as I have the finger to reach. I don't have to do it anymore. I can feel the spongy walls around my finger as the twitches rack her muscles just beyond the thin layer of walls. Lots of twitches. As if a million little pinpoints randomly snap, one at a time, all around my finger. I press the tip of my finger down gently. Only until I can feel the thin wall of toned muscle just beyond that sponginess.

I am evil. So I unnecessarily give that finger the slightest little wiggle as it's pressing against her muscle, squeezing her nervy walls against it. It is far too much for Dana. She screeches out a squealing, girly moan as a sharp shudder hits her body. A very sharp shudder. One that even has her head snap back and her toes curl. It happens as I feel her pussy snap tight around my finger, those twitching walls squeezing hopefully against it. As soon as her moan ends, Dana pants a few very fast, squeaky, and hungry breaths.

"Slut!" I scold Dana. But Mike can see the smirk on my face and I think he knows that I made her do it intentionally. I'm evil like that. I slowly inch my finger back out of Dana's pussy. As I do, she's able to control herself as she did while I entered her. Except that now her breaths are far raspier. And it's an urgent raspiness.

Once my finger has fully slipped from Dana's hungry tunnel, I let go of her lips and allow them to close over her pussy.

I put my hands lightly atop the rounded bend of Dana's globes. One light squish is all it takes for me to feel what I want to feel. Her muscles are firm and taut. Not exactly rock hard and toned, but pretty nice. She has a lean bottom, with a layer of body fat over her muscles about as thick as a sheet of paper. It's just enough for her cheeks to have a soft squishiness to them.

Then I spread those globes wide. "Ooh," I coo softly, a little evil hint in my voice that I doubt anyone other than Sophie catches. "Dana's anus is just so tight and tiny," I add a little excitement to voice. Dana told Sophie she's never even thought about trying anal sex. Mike's already told me that her previous owner left her butt alone, too. But he did that because he deemed her too squealy, too big of a cry baby about her butt. Not because he wasn't interested in it.

Now Dana is going to learn what it's like to really be truly owned. She going to learn that her cry baby routine won't make a bit of difference. That a true owner won't care one iota if she wants her butt "messed with" or not. It doesn't matter. Dana doesn't matter. Only what I wish to do with her body matters.

I don't need any lubricant. My finger is still covered with a good layer of honey from Dana's pussy. It's thin, but it's also very slippery and clingy. It will work as well as a lubricant.

Dana's asshole is tiny. And it is definitely cinched tight. A little tighter, as tight as it will clench after she heard me say that. Her is a tight ring on muscle no bigger than a dime amid a swatch of medium pink flesh with a slight purple tinge to it. It's inset just a hair, leaving the lines of equally tiny wrinkles to flow in as they flow towards the little pinprick of darkness at the center of her ring, and disappear into the darkness. There are a few stray hairs back here, but none are close to her ring.

I put the slick tip of my finger against her muscle. I don't even push the slightest yet. Dana immediately fidgets hard. Her breathing changes, too. Her breaths take a panicked, ragged edge to them as they hasten. And they take on a light, whiny, note. I already feel her body quivering nervous under my fingertip.

"You will behave, bitch, while I see if this bottom is as slutty as the rest of you. Is that clear, bitch?"

"Yes, Ma'am..." Dana's voice is now pure panic. It's still soft, but it does have that squeal to it.

It tells me it's time to tease up her anxiousness another notch. "Say it, bitch. Promise me that you will behave while I put my finger all the way up your filthy little bottom and see for myself if it's slutty, too."

"I promise, Miss Rodgers," Dana squeaks out, her words coming fast and running together in her nervousness. "I will behave while you put your finger up my bottom and see if my bottom is as slutty as I am, Ma'am."

Then I have mercy on Dana, knowing that she's a complete novice with this part of her body. "The instant you feel pressure against your anus, you will take a very deep breath and hold it in. Press back, like you're constipated and straining to use the toilet. You will feel my finger slide through your anus. It will feel very weird. You will keep pushing until I am fully inside your bottom, no matter how weird it feels or how uncomfortable you are. That will ease it for you. I won't feel a thing."

I give her about two seconds to process the instructions. Then I slowly start pressing against her ring. Immediately I hear Dana suck in a panicked-fast, and very noisy, breath of air. Then I feel her pushing back against my finger. She has to feel it, too. As she pushes, it forces her muscle to relax and turn rubbery. It also pushes her ring back against the tip of my finger. Biologically it's exactly what happens when she is using the toilet, her ring opening to allow exit. But with my finger there, nothing is coming out that exit. Instead, her ring presses against it, allowing my finger to effortlessly stretch the rubbery muscle around it. Once her muscle has stretched just that little bit, there's nothing left to block my finger. It starts slipping easily through her ring, gliding along her wrinkly skin atop a layer of slick honey.

I see her pink-purple flesh as it lightly snuggles around the pastel green of my glove. I see her skin glistening with the film of honey now coating it.

Dana feels my finger sliding along the flesh over her muscle. And she knows that it's sliding through her unwelcoming asshole and into her bottom. She blurts out a nervous cry. "UH!... OH!-OH...OW!" in a very squealing voice. She sucks another fast breath and squeals again. But she never stops pushing back against my finger. It doesn't take my short finger very long to slip all the way into her bottom and stop moving.

As soon as Dana feels it stop moving, she stops pushing. Her asshole tightens around the base of my finger. It doesn't matter. It won't feel any different to her. And just a little tighter to me. I hold my finger still for a few seconds, giving Dana time to get used to feeling it. Ninety percent of which is feeling it clamped in the ring of her asshole. Beyond that muscle, her rectum is loose enough that she barely feels it.

She pants fast, panicking breaths. And she whines out, "OH!-OOH-OOH...OW!" I feel the nervous quiver running all through her body now. And I feel her asshole snapping hard as it squeezes around my finger.

"Dana... now that my finger is all the way inside your bottom... Am I going to find that your bottom is just as slutty as you are?"

"NO, MA'AM!" Dana firmly assures me, quickly, her voice is still pure squeak, breaking with nervousness. "I HATE anything up my butt, Ma'am! Please, Ma'am, hurry up and see for yourself, and GET IT OUT OF ME! PLEASE!" She cries as she pleads for me to get it out.

I wonder how long Mike is going to let me go without saying something. It wouldn't surprise me, the way is his wife is whining so desperate for me to get out of her butt.

I slowly curve my finger just a hair. Just enough to put a very light pressure against the inside of her bowels. It lets me feel the sausage-casing like membrane of her rectum and the paper-thin wall of smooth muscle beyond. And it lets me feel the denser layer of spongy soft muscle and pussy wall beyond that. I can feel the same fiery-hot heat that I felt in her pussy.

I feel a single little twitch in those walls already. Just one. But it's a sharp one as if a hot spark shocked a single nerve.

Dana can feel the pressure, too. It doesn't hurt. It just feels like something's there. It's a sensation Dana clearly has never felt before. She cries out a loud "OOH!" drawing it out, before ending with a squealy "UH!" She fidgets, struggling to keep her bottom still enough not to displease me. She keeps crying out.

I wiggle that finger. It very lightly glides over the inside of Dana's rectum, tenderly caressing the walls beyond.

Dana immediately snaps to full vibrating stiffness. Her whines vanish as she stops breathing, holding her breath. She stays like that for a couple of seconds.

I feel her asshole cinch to its full straining tightness as it squeezes against my finger with every bit of its power. I feel the vibrations in her muscles making her body tremble. And I feel her walls exploding as a zillion hot sparks erupt like machine-gun fire all through her spongy walls. Sharp sparks that have those walls snapping hard as twitches rack it.

And then Dana screams out the loudest, sluttiest, most desperate cry. But she stays tensed up impossibly hard. She screams out again, with even more sultry desire and urgency in her voice. Then her hips snap back a little, bucking crisply against my finger. She screams a third cry.

And then I lift my finger, taking the pressure off her walls. I can still feel them snapping with twitches, but the twitches steadily ebb now that I'm not teasing her any longer.

After a couple of seconds, the tension flows out of Dana's body. She breathes again, panting fast breaths. Breaths that are as raspy as they are hungry. I give her about one more second. "Well, I see I was right. Your bottom is every bit as slutty as you are! You prissy little bitch, trying to pretend you're not just a total slut!"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," Dana squeaks out in a voice that's a mixture of equal parts humiliated shame and erotic excitement. A quiet, soft voice.

I slip my finger out of her bottom. Slowly. Which instantly gets Dana whining nervously again.

"Stand, bitch," I snap firmly, adding a little distaste to my voice.

It gets Dana's attention. She almost snaps up, anxious to please me, and relieved that my finger is out of her butt. She spins quickly to face me. She stands.

"You know, you really are a filthy, disgusting slut, bitch!" I scold her scornfully. I hold my hand up, extending the gloved finger fresh from her bottom so that it's right in front of her eyes, about three inches away. "You promise to behave. Then you squirm and squeal like a gutter whore. But no, that's not enough for your slutty butt. Just look at my finger, bitch! You pooped all over it! That is so filthy disgusting! Here I am kindly checking your butt for you because we can all see you'll lie about its sluttiness, and how do you thank me? By pooping all over me!"

Of course, she did. There's a reason health care professionals wear gloves for this. Rectums are supposed to have it in them. Right where I was just poking around. There's no way I couldn't get a little on my glove. But that's about all I got. Enough that she can easily see the little spots on it, but not much.

"Fine, you want to be a filthy butt slut, then I'll treat you like the disgusting butt slut you're acting like. A nice enema will fix your butt right up."

Chapter 03: A Little Bitch Needs Her Discipline

"NO!" Dana screeches out in a voice that's pure panic. She takes a slow, tentative, and short, step back from me. "OH my G-d, NO! Please, I don't need an enema! Please, Ma'am, Please, I don't need an enema!!" Her hands come out from behind her back and she hugs herself tightly. She inches back another baby step.

I just glare hard at Dana.

"Oh, my G-d..." Dana bursts into tears. "I don't want to do this anymore! You're not giving me an enema! NO!" Dana trembles. The quivers are hard enough that they show. From head to toe. She cries for another couple of seconds as I keep staring at her. "PLEASE!" she screeches out, panicked, desperate, and loud, "Leave me alone! I don't want to do this! I don't want an enema! I don't want anything up my butt! PLEASE leave me alone!"

I stare at her hard. And I take one real step forward, closing the space that just too her a couple of trembling baby steps to open.

"NO!" Dana screams. It's an outright scream, too. Fully of a desperately nervous, panic. "I'm not letting you give me an enema! PLEASE!! I want to stop! I don't want to play anymore! Leave me alone! Just go home! PLEASE! I don't want an enema! I won't do it!"

I sigh. Then I move. I move fast, my hand coming up like lightning. I grab hold of her hair, take a big handful of her silky soft tresses, and letting them run through my fingers as I grab hold. Then I just yank. I yank her forward. Her head follows her hair, tilting towards me for a brief instant. Then her feet stumble forward.

It only takes me one yank to get her moving. Then I step back, dragging Dana along. Her feet are unsteady and clumsy as she stumbles to keep up with the fast pace I set. But it's a short walk. I stop beside the chair.

I'm not going to tell Dana to do anything. I doubt she'd do it. I think she just stands there, shocked and nervous, while she cried and begged not to have an enema. I tap the back of Dana's knee with my foot. As unsteady as she is on her feet, it's enough to buckle the leg. And that's enough to send her down to her knees. Which is where I want her.

I still have a hold of her hair. I'm holding it tight, and I'm keeping her up on her knees, not letting her sit back. I sit in the chair, my knees parted slightly. As I sit down, I bring Dana's head forward and down. It pulls her shoulders and chest forward, leaning her over my legs. I keep pulling her forward, letting her shoulders lower as they come across my thighs.

I pull Dana until she's over my knees. I have one of my thighs snug in the bend of her waist. My other thigh is under her chest, the undersides of her ample, firm, breasts lying flush against the outside of my thigh. Dana's tall enough that her knees are very lightly brushing against the floor. Not quite on it enough to support any for her weight, but touching it. Her hands are on the floor, squirming around to brace against something. She squirms, too. Especially her hips as her feet find the floor.

I give her head a little shove downward as I let go of her hair. I use that hand to pin her down on my knees by pressing firmly, but not too hard, on the small of her back. It doesn't stop Dana from struggling. Her feet find the floor and she tries to lift her bottom off my knees.

I hope Dana can guess what's coming. But somehow I doubt it. The panic I feel in her tells me she's thinking that I'm turning her over my knees to give her that enema. I'm not going to make the enema that easy for her. I'm putting her over my knees for the obvious reason.

The way she struggles against it makes me wonder if she's ever been spanked like this. In her adult life. There are countless ways to spank a woman. Any position that offers access to her bottom will do. Somehow I suspect that her previous owner wasn't the type to tun her over His knees. I'd bet, if I had to pick one, that he was the stand-up, bend over and touch your toes for your spanking kind of guy.

Not me. I like turning a woman over my knees. Especially a 30 or 40-something woman a generation older than I am. It arouses me to turn her over my knees as if she were a misbehaving two-year-old. And I know the subs find it a little more degrading to be spanked like this. Which is another plus to me.

I expected Dana not to be eager for an enema. Not too many are. Dana should have been less eager than most. I know she doesn't like anything in her butt. Or so her brain insists. But her pussy seemed to love my tiny finger in there. She'll deny it. But she can't hide those hard twitches I felt erupt throughout her pussy. She can't lie to me. Her pussy was quickly getting ready to cum.

It's obvious that Dana is scared to death by the thought of an enema. I just wonder if she is truly scared of the idea. Or if she's "slut scared." As in scared that it's going to have an effect on her that she won't be able to hide from me and her husband. An effect that she's convinced herself it shouldn't have. Like exciting her. Most likely, I think, it's some combination of both. As in that Dana is scared i

t's going to be miserably uncomfortable for her, and on top of that, it just might arouse her pussy a little too much for her to act like her body is as unhappy about it as she is. I am certain that she does not want her husband to know that her pussy likes anything that involves her bottom.

And I think a good part of it is her cry baby attitude. Maybe it served her well so far. I can't see her husband ignoring it. I'd bet this is going to be a first for Dana. It will be the first time she hasn't been able to control what happens to her by crying loud and pitifully. Although I don't think resistance is the reason for her crying routine. I think she subconsciously wants to be seen as a little girl and treated that way when she's scared or uncomfortable.

I hold my right hand out. Sophie scrambles to pull the dirty glove off of it. "hairbrush, slave," is all I have to say. As soon as the glove is off my hand, Sophie puts the handle of the "hairbrush" in my hand. It's just what it sounds like. An old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. Minus the bristles. Just the wood base. It's oval-shaped head measuring about four inches long, and just under ½" thick of nicely varnished wood. It's my third favorite paddle. And, if I'm right about Dana, the perfect one for her bottom. Being turned over my knees and spanked with a hairbrush is such a stereotypical, "leave it to beaver," kind of punishment for a bad little girl.

I give her a hard swat on one cheek with the paddle. It lands with a decent crack against the taut flesh of her cheeks. The cheeks that are now pulled tight as she lies over my legs, her waist fully bent. It leaves a bright, angry, and fairly light, pink oval seared onto her milky skin.