Use normal browser, I guess?

Use normal browser, I guess?

Chrome for Android
Firefox for Android
Chrome Desktop
Firefox Desktop
Edge Desktop

Also your screenshot seems sketchy overall. Why there's no browser window? If that's phone, then how the hell did you managed to do scrolling screenshot and later crop it exactly to borders of article element?

Text touching edges of screenshot

Top text touches parent element sides exactly as on your screenshot
Bottom does too

just a rant, no need to really read that.

I can't accuse you of anything, but it's amlost like you've used browser developer tools, appended gallery div and then used element capture tool (for example in chrome dev tools, it generated bad name like "umaar.com_dev-tips_156-element-screenshot_.png" and you had to rename it before uploading and couldn't think of anything better than "tmp.png".

Also, hosting you've used doesn't strip any PNG metadata whatsoever. I didn't found a way of taking screenshot on PC that does not include Gamma field and bunch of others. Can't tell for other OSes (smartphones are out of the question, considering that for such screenshot you would've needed both scrolling screenshot and managing to crop it to edges of node that you supposedly didn't even know of), but let's continue rant.

Here's how metadata from screenshot made by me from dev tools looks like:

Here's what yours screenshot looks like:

Here's screenshot made with ShareX on Windows.

System tools (Snipping tool and new Windows 10 Snip&Sketch) and even PrintScreen+Paint combo do include same metadata fields (Gamma and so on).

As you can see only my Chrome dev tools screenshot (that's metadata after uploading to hosting you've used) is like yours for some reason. Nothing like normal Windows screenshot (but again, can't say for other OSes).

Maybe you use different OS, that does not include meta, or use some third-party screenshoot tool, that strips meta before uploading, I have no idea. But combined with the fact that your screenshot is perfectly croped as article node size this looks really fishy.