Kayli was cooking dinner when I got home. Brian and Matt were in the living room watching TV. I greeted Kayli with a kiss on the neck. She spun around swiftly as a smile illuminated her face.

"Hi baby," she said as she kissed my nose and tucked my hair behind my ear.

"I come bearing wine my love," I said as I pulled the bottles out of their paper bags.

Kayli giggled. She was so sweet and so beautiful. She had on a black dress that landed mid thigh. It was fitted at her bust and flowed outward as it went down toward the hem. It was snug enough, however, to offer a glimpse at her full round ass.

I twirled around her and headed to the living room.

"Hey beautiful," Brian said without getting up. He knew where I was headed.

I kicked off my shoes and bounced over to the couch. His lap was so inviting after a long day. I curled up on him as he rubbed my ass and ran his fingers through my hair. I could fall asleep like that, it is the most comfortable feeling in the world.

Matt grabbed one of my feet and started rubbing it.

"How was the drive home? I know they were doing construction and I meant to text you before you left work," Matt said as he lovingly rubbed the stress of the day away."

"Yeah, that would have been nice to know. I was stuck backed up forever." I said.

Brian had started to slowly move his hand from my butt cheek to my hip and I met his touch with equivalent eagerness. I had had a very long day, and there was nothing else I would rather do than be pleasured.

I jumped up and danced off into the kitchen. I needed to try to convince Kayli to come join us.

"Baby, take a break, we can eat later. I have missed you all so much... And I have had such a long day... please... for me?" I begged, batting my lashes at her.

"Grace, come on. If I don't finish cooking, none of us are going to eat tonight. I'm not stupid. Or we will end up ordering delivery later." She protested.

I reached my hand up the back of my dress and unhooked my bra, letting my tits fall free, as I walked toward her, never breaking eye contact.

"Kayli, baby, come on... please... I want you," I whispered in her ear as I licked the side of her lobe.

Kayli moaned as she reached a hand up to cup my breast. I started kissing down her neck toward her collarbone. Her breath faltered. Then I grabbed her by the hand and led her to the living room.

Brian and Matt were already naked and waiting. I pulled down Kayli's panties and started stripping her dress off; exposing her beautiful brown skin, her large tear shaped breasts and her gorgeous glistening pussy. All eyes were on her. She quickly started pulling off my dress and panties as well. Brian and Matt were watching the two of us intently.

Kayli pushed me back, onto the couch. I rested my head on Brian's thigh as she started running her tongue up and down my pussy lips. Brian was jacking his cock and rubbing my huge tits. She started licking and sucking on my clit and I let my eyes close. Kayli licked my pussy better than any man ever had. I loved her so much. She knew exactly what to do to make me cum.

"Baby, touch your pussy while you lick her. You're so beautiful. God that is so fucking sexy..." Matt said between his own lustful moans. He was jacking his cock as well.

Kayli reached her hand down and began rubbing her pussy. It was practically in Matt's face. Kayli was moaning into my pussy as her tongue continued to circle my clit. My orgasm was coming, I could feel it. But I wanted to wait, so I broke contact with her pretty mouth.

"Brian... mmm... I want to feel your big fat cock in me... I need it," I said as I got up.

I quickly straddled him and felt his hot cock pressing up against my pussy. Kayli had assumed position, hovering over Matt's huge cock too. Kayli and I started kissing as the guys started rubbing our pussies with their cocks. Matt couldn't wait and he dove into Kayli's pussy. She pulled back from my kiss as a lustful scream came out of her mouth.

Her tits were bouncing as he fucked her. She had her head back and was making the most beautiful moans I have ever heard.

Brian couldn't wait any longer, he started easing his cock into my pussy.

"Mmmm... that feels so fucking good... Mmm... Stretch me out... YES... Oh my god... that feels so fucking good..." I said as Brian finally fit himself all the way inside me.

Matt had grabbed Kayli's wrists behind her back as he bounced her on his cock. It was one of my favorite things to watch. Brian and I watched them as he pounded my pussy.

"I want to lick her pussy Matt, come on! Mmmmm.... oh... fuck... mmm.. Come on! Share!" I said between moans.

Kayli came over and stood over Brian and I. She lowered herself down to my mouth. My plump lips encased her beautiful little pussy. I stared licking and sucking on her clit. I could taste Matt's precum in her pussy.

Matt came over and started lubing up my ass. In no time, he was trying to push the head of his cock into my asshole while Brian was still in my pussy. However, Brian's cock is so fat that it is difficult to enter my ass while he is inside my pussy.

"Mmmm yes baby!!! Yes... mmm.... I'm gonna cum!" Kayli screamed as Matt finally plowed deep into my ass.

Matts cock with Brian's cock made me feel so fucking full and so fucking good. I was nearing an orgasm myself and I was trying to cum with Kayli. Brian and Matt continued to pump their cocks in and out of me. I was in absolute bliss.

Brian leaned his head forward and began licking Kayli's ass. She couldn't handle it, I knew she was going to cum soon. I grabbed Kayli's ass cheeks and pulled her further into my mouth as she went over the edge. She has the gushiest wettest orgasms, and this was for me.

Kayli started shaking and squealing. She was cumming on my mouth and she tasted so good.

Brian pulled out of my pussy, and Matt continued to fuck me. We all shifted around so Brian could fuck Kayli next.

The room was echoing with all of our moans. Kayli squealed when Brian pushed his cock into her. She started rubbing her pussy as he started pumping in and out of her.

"Grace, your ass is so tight baby... mmm... fuck I love it so much...," Matt uttered as he quickened his pace.

Here I was having such good sex with all of the people I love. And fuck was it sexy. I was ready to cum. I started rubbing my pussy and screamed out in pleasure as a huge orgasm rippled through me.

Suddenly, Matt leaned forward and bit down on my shoulder as he emptied his balls deep in my ass.

"Mmmm..;. fuck... yes... fill my ass with your hot cum... oh my god yes.... its so fucking full.... mmm..." I was in heaven.

Sound started erupting from the other side of the room. Brian and Kayli were cumming together. Kayli was squealing and Brian started moaning.

"Kayli baby, take it, take it, take all that cum... mmm.... yes... take it deep in your pussy... cum with me... yessss!" Brian shouted.

We listened to each other breathing for a few minutes and then the guys pulled out. Cum started flowing out of both of us.

Kayli was ovulating, so she was mindful to try to keep as much cum inside her as she could. We wanted her to get pregnant. And I was excited for my turn in a couple weeks. Kayli and I wanted to be pregnant at the same time.

Kayli popped up and started pulling her panties on. We all followed suit.

"I am going back out there and I am finishing dinner, because we are not ordering in again!" she yelled as she pranced off to the kitchen.

I returned to Brian's lap and Matt came up beside us so I could lay my head on his lap at the same time.

I love us.