Urgent Car Recovery Edinburgh

Urgent Car Recovery Edinburgh

Most car owners dread pulling over due to a mechanical hitch, especially with little or no warning. It is such an inconvenience, to say the least—you may miss an important meeting or wait for hours before help arrives. It is during such emergencies when you need a car recovery company the most. At Lothian Towing Services, we understand how useful car recovery services can be at such times and strive to be ready to assist stranded drivers regardless of the time of the day.
Car owners in need of emergency car recovery Edinburgh may benefit from the following services:

Broken Down Engine
Whenever a car engine breaks down, car recovery becomes essential to help move the car to a safer place like a garage. Moving a car with a dead engine is difficult, and a car recovery company helps get it out of a dangerous spot along a highway or a remote area.

Accident Car Recovery
Auto accidents are common, and it might be unsafe or almost impossible to drive a car to a garage after a collision or crash. A car recovery company can help remove a car safely from an accident scene to a garage.

Multiple Punctures
Drivers may be comfortable with a quick fix for a flat tyre while they are on a journey. While it may sound far-fetched, multiple punctures may occur and driver may be left stranded as passenger cars only keep one spare wheel. In such circumstances, a car recovery can help get your car to a garage to have the tyres fixed.

Dead Batteries
Without the proper maintenance, drivers risk dealing with dead batteries. This my especially be common for electric cars as they use batteries to power keep the cars running. Whenever batteries run out of juice, calling a car recovery company helps move the car to a safer place.

Drivers needing emergency car recovery Edinburgh can always count on Lothian Towing Services for immediate response and damage-free car recovery regardless of the situation. Whether you have dead batteries or broken-down engine, we guarantee unmatched services to ensure your safety and that of your car.

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