Update. Functional for working with Fans in the chat extension on Svadba.com

Update. Functional for working with Fans in the chat extension on Svadba.com


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  • Fans Status is deep individual work with each fan, depending on the level of the relationship
  • Fan profile info is in the chat window
  • Fan Reminder. You will plan messaging and remember everything
  • Sharing fans, comments, notes about men inside the agency (optional)


Fan Status

This function is necessary if you invite each of your fans, taking into account the individual interests in communication and your relationship level.

For you there are 4 statuses for the list of your Fans

New - this status will be automatically assigned to the newly added Fan

Familiar - It is a fan with whom you communicate periodically or your communication has not reached the  frequent status yet 

Paused - A fan who needs rest from you for a while

Favourite is your fan who you chat with regularly

Here's what it looks like in the Fans section.

Assign fans the appropriate statuses

Use filters to sort by relevant fan categories

See the Fans status in the Fans field on the chat page

and watch it in an open chat with a Fan near his avatar

What you should do
After updating the extension New status is applied for all your Fans lists automatically. Go through the list and assign the statuses corresponding to your fans if you liked the “Fan Status” function and you are planning an individual work with different categories.

Chat Profile Information

Now, while chatting with the Fan, you can always refresh in your memory his basic data without opening his profile in a separate tab.

Just move the cursor to the “Info” icon and details from the profile are to your attention

Fan Reminders

Do you agree with a man the date and time of the next chat?

Or do you plan to message a man at a certain time and want to remind yourself about an important event?

Set Reminder about a Fan. At the time planned by you, the system will remind you of it.

To set the time, click on the “Bell” icon in the panel with information about the Fan

set the desired date and time of the reminder (your local time). You can set repeat notification if it’s necessary. Click “Remind”.👇

At the appointed time you will receive a reminder, open a chat and message to the man👇

If this man is offline at the moment, then you will have the opportunity to “ask” the system to let you know when he goes online to invite him to chat.👇

Agency’s Fans

A tool that allows translators to share agency fans with each other, generate new regular interlocutors manually, to know more about a man thanks to the comments and notes of other translators.

In the “Fans” section of the extension click on the “Settings” icon. There is the ability to turn a function on or off

Using this feature is up to you. By default, it is enabled, but you can always change this. If you need it, mark is set (3)

in this case

1. You will see a list of fans from other ladies. There are no your Fans in this list

2. If you open a chat with any man from the Agency’s Fans List, you can see comments and notes about him from other ladies. You can read, but not edit or delete them.

But if you add this man to your own fan list, you can create-edit-delete your comments and notes about the man.

Your comments and notes about your Fans will also be available to your colleagues.

If you don’t need “Agency’s fans” function and don’t mark the field, then no one will see your men, comments and notes, but the information about promising men (other ladies’ fans) will not be available to you either.

3. Also you can send invitations to “Agency's Fans” list by selecting the appropriate category in “Send to”.

(Invitations will be sent to fans of the agency who are online in sending moment. Your fans and the blacklist are excluded from such sending)

Work with men who like to spend time in chats, and getting info about the men from colleagues, you have great chances to become a desired interlocutor for such a man, who will be your new Fan.

Act! Pamper yourself with attention from new Fans!💚