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Hi, dear admins.


Mahdi marked emails which generate javascript as @unsupported and You decline this issue


But my template whith the same "issue" You rejected

And after that You ignored your own rule and don't see the issue:


This site has a lot of articles where emails is important or ever main part!


Without emails the article isn't full and shouldn't have IV, on the first screenshot I provide Your own rules where says that those elemets must be marked as @unsupported. I've made this and other participants too. "Winner" don't and his template generated incomplete articles.

Why did You decede to make him a winner? Maybe he is a part of family from one of the admins? I don't want to think that telegram like corruption like this case. Maybe You were tired and make that mistake.

But rules must be the same for all users.

All users who marked those emails as @unsupported bring Your attntion to those elements and You added support for them. So their actions were helpfull and right now all their tempoates shows those pages with correct emails. But "winner" wasn't that guy who did this. He didn't ever know that his template generate broken pages...

And You didn't check the serhii template, why? On that page with emails are absent figcaption for a photo from slideshow with man in blue:

It must be like this:

In original:


Why did You check figcaptions in sean's slideshow and didn't in serhii's?


And I have a file with a lot of links with different issues for that template.

The competition for this domain should go on.

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