Unique Quran

Unique Quran

Jewlry&Diamonds laboratory

For those who wants to got the best!!!

For those who wants to got the best, Masters and jewelers of JD-LAB transform the Holy Quran into a unique masterpiece. It is not just a Great Book, but a true work of art, designed to give Holy knowledge and aesthetic pleasure.

The Quran in Arabic. Each book is done by the Wizard manually, individually. The production of each Koran takes from 7 to 10 days.
The text of the Koran is written on the thinnest paper made by hand. The text passed several expertise and has certificates of conformity from independent experts and institutes studying the Quran. The text was made in one of the Muslim mosques in Syria. Imam blessed the text. The cover of the book is made of gold leaf with fully hand engraved and painted enamel. The weight of the book is about 2 kilograms.

The book is sold in a case from a natural rosewood. Each book can be executed in accordance with the requirements of the buyer.

Any changes in the design of the Qur'an can be made, personal information about the buyer, and some text added. The cover can be made in white gold or silver. There is an opportunity to decorate the book cover with precious stones or diamonds.

Total price for standart copy

Total time for producing 2 weeks
(Don't forget - delivery time depending of your district!!!)

Custom-made copy with your individual wishes.

At your request, we can produce a more expensive version of the binding with high quality diamonds. This design is negotiated individually. Just contact us and tell about your wishes and the estimated budget.

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