Under Your Control

Under Your Control

It was Friday and my boyfriend had been dropping hints all weekend about tonight being for me to experience something new.

He knew that I was going to be in meetings all day and during the morning I heard my phone chime with a message alert. The person leading the meeting gave us all the evil eye and I decided that the message would have to wait until we had a break. At the first opportunity I left the meeting room and rummaged in my bag for my phone. I had 3 new messages from my boyfriend, I opened the app and found that each message was only a few words long...

'Tonight is'

'A night'

'Just for you.'

I guess he was planning a special evening, there were no more clues. Just to be on the safe side I turned my phone onto silent and would check it again when I could. The meeting continued, during a brief break between speakers I checked my phone again, I had another 3 new messages...

'You will'

'Be totally mine'

'Under my control.'

Now I was just speechless, what was he planning? It was lunch time before I could check my phone again, and 2 more messages...

'For me'

'To pleasure '

From these messages it was looking as if tonight was going to be a good evening. I had too many people around me to send him a reply, I put the phone back in my bag, but I was so looking forward to getting home.

Mid-afternoon saw us have another quick coffee break, checking my phone again I found another 2 messages...

'Or punish.'

'For you to feel.'

My heart started to race, to punish. My thoughts suddenly jumped back in time, I had mentioned a couple of months ago about a fantasy I had of totally letting go of sexual control to someone. After the conversation nothing else was mentioned and it never came up again. Are these messages connected to this conversation?

Returning to the meeting, my attention was not 100% on what was being discussed. My mind kept wandering to being pleasured and punished and what that could mean.

Finally, the meetings were over, I left and made my way to my car. Before starting the engine, I pulled out my phone and saw another message waiting for me...

'Will you be mine to control? Answer Yes or No.'

I now had my answer this must be in response to our conversation about me giving up control. I typed my reply of 'Yes' and sent the message, I turned on the sound alerts on my phone, it looked as if my fantasy was going to come true. I could feel my pussy twitch and get wet just thinking about what might happen.

Within seconds I had a reply...

'Your safe words are Red - everything stops, Yellow - pause to discuss, Green - continue. Answer Yes to agree or No to stop now.'

I took a deep breath and sent the reply 'Yes'. As far as I was concerned there was no other alternative. I wanted to give my boyfriend total control of me.

About halfway home I heard my phone chime with a message, there was nothing I could do but keep my fingers crossed for no traffic and a quick journey home. When I pulled on the drive, I turned off the engine and reached for my phone. The latest message read...

'When you get home, enter the house and close the door, undress and leave all your clothes on the floor in the hall. Keep your pants and bra on. Take your phone with you and sit on a chair at the dining room table. Reply with Done when you are sat down.'

My brain went wild, my God, this is really going to happen, I was going to let my boyfriend have control of my actions. I was so hot and my pussy was pulsing like crazy.

Once inside with the door closed, I kicked off my shoes, stripped off my skirt, blouse and tights, leaving them all laying on the floor. My hands itched to pick up my clothes and put them away or at least hang them up least, however my boyfriend's message was clear 'leave your clothes on the floor', he knew that this would mess with my need to be tidy.

In only my bra and pants I walked into the dining room, clutching my phone. I pulled out a dining room chair and sat down. The feeling of the cold wooden chair against, my legs and back was nice, especially as I felt so hot all over. I then sent a message, as instructed, just saying 'Done'. While waiting for a reply my hands started to rub my tits through my bra and were just moving down towards my pussy, before they arrived my phone chimed with a new message...

'What colour are you now? Answer Red, Yellow or Green.'

I quickly typed 'Green' and hit send.

Within a couple of seconds, a reply had arrived...

'Do NOT touch your tits and cunt.'

My boyfriend knows me too well. I sat waiting for the next instruction, I did not have to wait long...

'Go to your wardrobe and pick out a scarf, return to the dining room with it, remain standing. When you have done this reply with Done.'

I left the phone on the table and ran up to my bedroom, opening the wardrobe I quickly chose a scarf, I then hurried back down to the dining room. Stood by the table, I quickly typed my reply of 'Done' and hit send. Waiting for the next message seemed forever, my brain was racing, why did I need a scarf? Where was my boyfriend? Along with 101 other questions.

My phone chimed and I read the next message...

'Take of your bra and pants and put them on the table in front of you, sit in the chair with your back straight and head held high. I love you. Reply with your colour.'

Quickly stripping of my bra and pants I dropped them on the table. I could see that my own juices had left a wet stain on my pants and for some reason noticing this only made turned me on further. Sitting down on the wooden chair I shuffled to the back of the seat and pressed my back against the back rest of the chair, once again the coolness of the wood felt great against my skin. As instructed with my back straight and head held high, I picked up my phone and sent message with just one word, 'Green'.

Almost immediately the next message arrived...

'I will be there is 5 minutes, you will not speak unless I ask you a direct question, or to say Red or Yellow. I want you to blindfold yourself with the scarf and sit in the chair with a straight back, place your hands behind your head, pulling your elbows back making your tits stick out. I look forward to finding you in a few minutes.'

My heart was beating so fast and I swore a pool of liquid was gathering on the chair from my pussy. I took a deep breath, I put the phone on the table and picked up the scarf. As it was quite long, I was able to wrap it around my eyes twice and then tie a knot at the back. After making a couple of adjustments with the material I found that I could not see, but I did still notice a difference between light and dark.

I raised my hands behind my head and moved my elbows back as far as I could. I had no idea how much time had passed or how long I had left to wait until my boyfriend arrived. My pussy was twitching as I waited, I tried to concentrate on my breathing. I was so turned on it was unbelievable.

Eventually I heard a car on the gravel drive. He was here! I heard the front door open and then close, footsteps moved from the hall towards the dining room. He had not said a word, my heart was beating so fast as I waited.

As he entered the dining room, I could hear him taking of his jacket and put it on a chair. Then he finally spoke, "Well done my love." My breath left my body in a sigh, he was pleased, I smiled. I heard him move behind me as I sat with my tits pushed forwards.

He kissed my neck below my hands and asked, "Have you touched your tits or cunt?"

I replied, "No sir." I had never called him sir before, but it felt right and just slipped out.

"Good," he said. "Tonight your tits and cunt are mine!" Wow, he sounded so authoritative when he spoke, I was almost drooling. He then reached round to cup my tits in his hands, I started to push them further forward, wanting to feel his touch.

As quickly as they had arrived his hands left. In a stern voice he said, "Stay still and keep your back against the chair." I moved to sit back again, once I was sat against the back rest his hands returned to my tits, his fingers playing with my flesh, stroking and teasing my nipples.

"Do you want to come?" he asked.

I quickly replied, "Yes sir."

He told me, "The only way you will be coming is if I give you permission. Your cunt is under my control. Do you understand?"

I took a deep breath and said, "Yes sir, I understand." My pussy was twitching so much. I really wanted to come, but at the same time it felt so good knowing that you were in control of me. I wanted to please you, even if it meant that I did not to come without permission.

With his fingers on my nipples he twisted and pinched, I let out a little whimper, he paused and asked, "What is your colour?"

I replied, "Definitely green sir."

Although I could not see him when he said the word, "Good." I am sure that I could hear a smile in his voice. I had pleased him.

Taking hold of my nipples again between his thumb and finger he started to squeeze and twist, harder than he had before. I let out more whimpers as the pressure increased. He then released the pressure and rubbed both tits, I let out a sigh and moan as the sensation in my tits was amazing, both nipples were throbbing, but in a nice way.

After a minute of rubbing and stroking, he took hold of both nipples again and squeezed, this time I felt his hands moving apart and up, dragging my nipples with them. Yes, it hurt, but it also felt so good, the pull on my nipples was getting greater and greater. Then suddenly, he let go of both nipples and they bounced back to their normal position. I whimpered and moaned, the feeling was crazy, my nipples were tingling and throbbing, my pussy was twitching like crazy, almost as if there was an invisible string connecting my nipples and pussy together.

When he said, "Good girl." I felt as if I was glowing. My hands were still behind my head and to be honest my arms were starting to ache a bit.

I felt my boyfriend move away from me and he told me to put my hands on my lap. I gratefully obeyed, giving both arms a quick shake before placing my palms on my thighs.

I heard him move to my right side and then he said, "Stand up and turn to your left."

I stood and followed his instructions to turned to the left, it felt strange to be moving without being able to see, I felt unsure of my movements and very vulnerable. I heard my boyfriend move the chair out of the way and he moved up close behind me.

He moved my hair to the side and stroked my neck. The then said, "Move your arms behind you." I did as he ordered, "I have you naked and blindfolded in front of me, I am now going to handcuff you. Do you want to give me total control over your body?"

Loud and clear I answered, "Yes please sir, my body is yours to control." My heart was racing as I answered, here I stood, making the decision to do what my boyfriend was asking. Wanting to do what he asked, knowing and trusting that he was going to look after me.

I felt him take my hand in his and a cold metal handcuff closed round my wrist like a bracelet, this was then followed by the second cuff. I moved my arms just to see how much movement I had, not much, and it felt so good know that I could not use my arms even if I wanted to. I was his, totally.

My boyfriend moved in closer behind me, he was still dressed, I could feel his clothes against my hands and back, flexing my fingers against him I could feel that his cock was hard. He was enjoying this too.

With a smile in his voice he said, "That's right, you are mine tonight." He pressed close and kissed my neck and shoulders, I moaned. He then lightly bit along the top edge of my shoulders, I could not help but moan again.

As I flexed my hands against his cock straining in his trousers, it was his turn to moan. "Do you want to be punished for touching me without permission?" he asked.

"No Sir, please don't punish me tonight. I won't touch you again without permission, I promise," I pleaded, was not feeling brave enough to find out what punishment I would have been given. "I'm sorry sir," I whispered.

He took a step away from me and told me to stand perfectly still. Straining to hear what he was doing I heard a clicking sound, then he moved to stand in front of me, I heard another click. As I was trying to figure out what the noise was, he said, "I'm taking pictures of you so that I can show you later how beautiful you look under my control."

He commanded me to spread my legs wide and push my tits out, as I did, I could hear more clicks and knew that he was taking more pictures of me. I felt my pussy twitching and my nipples tingling, at the same time I felt vulnerable, knowing that he was in control of what happened next.

As he was stood in front of me, I felt his hands on my tits again, gently caressing and stroking with the occasional twist or pinch of my nipples causing me to gasp. I felt one hand move down caressing my stomach heading towards my pussy. I held my breath, I was so turned on I thought that I might just come as soon as he touched me.

His hand slid over my mound and between my lips, sliding along the length of my slit. I shivered and let out a long moan. He asked, "Do you want to come?" His finger was stroking along the edge of my slit, teasing me.

I was panting and moaning, trying my hardest not to come. Between moans I managed to say, "Yes please sir." He was silent, his fingertip sliding just inside my pussy. I flexed my hips trying to get his finger deeper.

Then I had my answer, "No! You will not come until I give you permission." As he said this his finger slid further into my pussy and he started to move it in and out, my hips were thrusting against his hand, I could not help myself. I could hear moaning and realised that it was me making the sounds. Then his hand was gone!

"Please sir," I begged. "I need to come," again I was greeted with silence. My boyfriend moved behind me and I could hear him taking off his clothes. He took his time as I could do nothing about my need to come, I just had to stand there, waiting for him.

His hands were then placed on my shoulders and he said, "Turn to your right." I was now facing the table again. "Take 2 steps towards the table," he instructed, his hands remained on my shoulders to guide me as I tentatively stepped forward.

"Open your legs wider," he instructed. I parted my legs. But he was not happy. "No, wider still," he barked.

"Now I want you to keep your legs straight and bend forward," he ordered. As I bent forward his hands slid down my back and he held the handcuffs. "Keep bending forward until your tits reach the table," he said.

With him balancing me I was able to place my tits on the table, I then realised that I had been positioned so that I was laying on my own bra and pants. I was sure that I could smell my own juices from the pants but could do nothing about it. I turned my head to the side and allowed my body to press against the cold surface of the table.

My boyfriend stroked over my back, arse and thighs, all I could do was moan. "You look beautiful," he muttered, he sounded distracted. I could hear the clicking sound again, I knew that he was taking more pictures, this time of me on the table.

I felt so open and exposed, with my body laid on the table where we ate our meals. With my legs spread wide, I could only imagine what I looked like, how exposed my pussy must be. I hoped I would get to see the pictures that my boyfriend was takhttps://onlyfans.com/Spinazzola#










ing. The thought of seeing pictures of me in this vulnerable position was turning me on even more and causing my pussy to leak.

I was brought out of my thoughts with the feel of his fingers moving against my clit and pussy, teasing me. I felt one finger enter my pussy, before it was removed, only to be replaced by two fingers. I moaned and whimpered again. He kept swapping between one and two fingers pumping in and out of my pussy.

I could not help myself and called out, "Please sir, let me come," "Please Sir," "I want more, please give me more." I was moaning and pleading for more, I just wanted to come. I knew that he was in control, but I could not stop the words falling out of my mouth.

Eventually when I thought I was going to go crazy he removed both fingers, I felt him moving closer to me and he stroked his cock back and forward along my slit and clit. "What do you want?" he asked.

"Please sir, fuck me" I moaned. Again, he was silent, his cock still moving gently up and down my slit. "Please sir," I begged. "Fuck me hard and make me come."

He then slowly started to push his cock into my very wet hole, I moaned as I felt him fill me up and stretch my pussy. With his hands on my hips he started to thrust into me with force, I could feel the table moving with each thrust he made.

I could feel the pressure building inside of me, my pussy felt as if it was burning and I just wanted to explode. "Sir," I yelled. "I'm going to come."

Suddenly he stopped moving and stroked my back and ass, I whimpered and again begged "Please sir, let me come."

"Not just yet," he replied with a smile. "Remember your body is mine, I have not yet given you permission to come." The urge to come eased slightly, but I knew that I was close to coming, and so did he, I just hopped that it would not be long before he let me.

He then reached round with one hand and felt for my clit and swirled his fingers in my juices. "Well, what have we here?" He teased with a smile in his voice. "I guess you are not joking about wanting to come, I don't think I have ever felt you this wet!" he commented.

He then started to move again, thrusting hard into me with each stroke. I was so close to exploding, I was just repeating, "Please sir," over and over again.

I could hear his breath quicken and his cock felt as if it got even harder, he then said the magic words, "come for me baby!" At the same time as telling me to come he pushed a finger, wet with my own juices, into my little brown arse hole.

I screamed out his name time and time again as I came, I could feel him pumping his seed into me and I just collapsed on the table totally limp and exhausted. I didn't have control of my body anymore and I had just come harder than ever before. I just lay there, my teeth started to chatter, my body was shaking all over as the orgasm ran through me.

"Just hang on baby," my boyfriend said gently. I felt him pull out of me, then his hands were at my wrists removing the handcuffs. He helped me to stand on shaking legs and lead me to the chair I used earlier. He sat down and pulled me onto his lap, with his arms around me he allowed me to relax against him. I still had the scarf around my eyes and could not see, but I did not care, I felt amazing and on top of the world.

As I sat on his lap and regained my senses, he stroked my back and whispered that he loved me. When I had finally stopped shaking, he removed the scarf from my eyes and gently kissed me while I fully returned to this world.

I looked up at him and whispered, "Thank you so much." We shared another gentle kiss before I asked, "When can we do that again?"

My Boyfriend laughed and said, "Soon baby, soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it, maybe next time I will get to punish you as well as give you pleasure."