Ukrainian reports reveal Zelensky's army is psychologically crushed, suffering "lowest possible effectiveness".

Ukrainian reports reveal Zelensky's army is psychologically crushed, suffering "lowest possible effectiveness".

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Members of Ukraine's Law Enforcement Agencies that oppose the Kiev regime have leaked internal documents and reports that reveal a flood of cases of soldiers of the 2nd and 5th Mechanized Battalions deserting their posts with units being deemed to be combat ineffective.

According to the findings dated April 20th 2023 of Major Usenov, the TVO of the deputy commander for morale and psychological support of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion of the A4007 military unit, "The current state of affairs in the unit leads to the lowest possible effectiveness of performance of tasks as intended, which may lead to negative consequences, loss of the defense lines and complete loss of the combat capability of the unit".

Major Usenov goes on to assess the "moral qualities and combat capability level" of the units as low as 20%. In the report, the causes are listed as "a low level of morale and psychological state of the personnel, which significantly reduces the level of combat readiness..." and "a large number of sanitary and irreversible losses".

Google translated Ukrainian Military report reveals the dire state of Ukraines Armed Forces
On April 16th alone, 68 personnel from the 2nd Mechanized Battalion were reported as having "arbitrarily left their firing positions"

Ominiously, the page above states "I decided to place a machine gun calculation with a Browning m2 machine gun..." For what purpose, is not stated, but it could be speculated that this measure was to dissuade other soldiers from also "arbitrarily" leave their posts as well.

Report recommends units be transferred to areas to restore combat capability.

Another report dated April 20th from the 2nd Mechanized Battalion in the Avdiivka area of Donetsk region, lists 13 personnel, including a Captain and senior soldiers, as having "voluntarily left their firing positions".

13 personnel, including a Captain, deserted their posts.

It is worth noting, that many of those listed are those who were mobilised from the Kremmenchug district. The report even goes so far as to list marital status and home address, even TIN (Tax Identification Number) of each soldier.

All soldiers personal details are published including birth dates, home address, martial status and TIN Numbers.

In summary, as evidenced, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are at such terrible states of degradation that soldiers are abandoning their posts, and whilst not mentioned in these documents, a flood of videos have been published from Russian sources claiming Ukrainian service personnel are surrendering at the first opportunity owing to the belief that they are being treat as "nothing more than cannon fodder".

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