Two of Our Favorite YouTube Guitar Teachers!

Two of Our Favorite YouTube Guitar Teachers!

Recently, I was asked if there were guitar players/teachers who frequented YouTube and distinguishing themselves with both talent and teaching style. As a side light, YouTube has become an amazing source of talented guitar lessons and performances. Today, a young person with a modest instrument, can, with time and commitment, learn to play quite well. So, YouTube has become a very important influence on today's musicians.

That brings me to my point. Keep in mind that there are many worthy musicians and teachers who ply their wares on YouTube but, for now there are two musicians/teachers that have caught my attention recently. These two are somewhat unique in my mind. They are known as Privittricker (PT) and MyTwangyGuitar (MTG). Both are very talented musicians and have developed their own way of teaching. They share a number of things in common: 1. they rely on their musical ear rather than theory 2. they primarily teach by playing and then slowing it down 3. they use a wide array of guitars suited to the particular piece they are playing 4. they both prefer to remain anonymous and 5. they both have tens of thousands of YouTube subscribers.

Other than the fact that (PT) is in his forties and spent some time in Upstate New York, we know very little about him. He uses an extensive collection of beautiful and expensive guitars. Also, he provides his viewers with a constant and ever changing fashion show of College, University, Sports and Musicians/Bands t-shirts and sweaters. (Sorry, I am Canadian and that is what we call them!). His video cam gives you a shoulder down view which often incorporates his home in the background. Man... Nice home (PT)!

More importantly, his playing is great. He will tackle complicated riffs or simply two chord songs. (PT)'s style is to play along with the record and be, in almost all cases, indistinguishable from the original track. He tends to be a player but occasionally, although not often enough, he does an audible. He'll slow the playing down and explain what he is doing and why. If you are expecting theory he is not your guy. In fact, at times, in the comment, he is at a loss as to which chord he is using. No matter. This guy is great to watch, listen to, and learn from.

(MTG) presents a more moody visual. He is dressed in black with a black background. All that is spotlighted is his beautiful guitars and music. He has a distinctive Rock-n-Roll inclination with some Nashville Twang and Rockability thrown in. It is not hard to close your eye and see Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry or Duane Eddy. In fact, (MTG) has lesson DVD's for these and other performers/styles.

He is more commercial than (PT) in that he sells many lesson packages and will even provide private lessons.

His style is less audible. In fact I do youtube video marketing not recall ever hearing his voice. His approach is to play a piece and then 1. Slow it down to medium speed and slow speed and 2. Split the video screen so that you have a clear view of both right and left hand action. If you are not a visual learner, I don't think you are a candidate for (MTG)'s style of teaching. His playing style is crisp and has passion. Fun to listen to.

Now, as mentioned earlier, I know that there are many more wonderful and talented teacher/performers on YouTube. In fact, I am looking forward to discovering them all and would welcome your favorites as well. Saves me the time to find them myself. But for this moment both Privittricker and MyTwangyGuitar have caught my attention.