Two Thighs Ch. 13

Two Thighs Ch. 13

Chapter 13 The Ladies' Room Continued

When Aiko came to a few minutes later, Aiko saw that the other women, including Mrs. F, were still standing around her. The evening had reached the stage where Mrs. T decided it was a good time for her to take a break while letting her friends play with her living sex toy.

Still strapped in the love-recliner, Aiko lay passively in place as several women took turns licking between her legs. They used the tips of their tongues to capture a drop or two of her female nectar. At this point, they seemed to content themselves with just tasting her.

The sensation of tongues, especially when they licked across her clitoris, caused her to squirm with pleasure. They were clearly doing just enough to keep her in a high state of arousal while stopping short of making her cum again. Aiko's body shivered, not with cold but with heat.

Then Mrs. F appeared between her legs. She had let the other women precede her in taking the Aiko taste test. She licked up and down her hairless cleft. Unlike what the other women who had tasted her had done, the black woman had pushed her long agile tongue well past the swollen gates of her pussy and reached for fresh juices inside her love channel. Aiko wondered if the next phase of the activities in the Ladies' Room was about to begin.

For a moment, Aiko thought that the black woman was the one who would get to use her body next. But her conclusion was only partly correct.

Mrs. F stopped what she was doing, only to be replaced by a blonde woman who, like most of the other women, had just been a spectator until Mrs. T invited her and others to taste the sex doll's delicious sweetness. The blonde took the black woman's place and began feasting on her fleshy female morsels in earnest. Her ardor sent electricity shooting through Aiko's body. She didn't have a chance to see what letter was on the woman's necklace because, at that moment, a pair of bald black pussy lips was descending toward her face and obstructing her view.

"Do to me what you did to Mrs. T," the woman instructed.

Aiko recognized the voice. It belonged to Mrs. F. Just before the black pussy sat on her face, she saw her grab the handle bars to the left and right of her head. She was obviously going to use them to steady herself, her legs apart and astride Aiko's face. Then Aiko felt the love-recliner move up slightly so that her lips were barely touching the woman's humid vulva.

Aiko now began to understand the purpose of the contraption's design. One woman would stand over her face, expecting her to perform cunnilingus. A second would get on knees between her legs performing oral sex on her at the same time. The contraption was designed to make the occupant of the love-recliner to be the centrepiece of a female threesome, the middle section of a short female daisy chain. The love-recliner made it possible for all three to engage in oral sex in a manner that was comfortable for all of them.

Aiko felt a couple of drops of moisture land on her lips. She licked them off her lips and tasted pussy juice.

Mrs. F began to rub her vulva on Aiko's mouth encouraging to her to use the same techniques on her as she had on Mrs. T. She slightly adjusted her own position to receive maximum benefit from the Asian woman's oral skills.

Meanwhile, the blonde at the other end was carrying out her own exploration of Aiko's publicly displayed private parts. Her technique was different from Mrs. T's but it was just as pleasant and equally effective.

Thanks to her already high state of arousal, Aiko soon found herself starting to climb up to her peak again, desperately craving and needing another sexual ecstasy. Although the restraints on her legs made it difficult for her to move, Aiko heaved up her pelvis toward the blonde's mouth and felt her body blast into orgasmic heaven at the same time that her black lover screamed out her own orgasmic climax and then squirted into Aiko's mouth and over her face.

Mrs. F dismounted. The blonde who had just brought Aiko to her second cum of the evening withdrew from between her legs and then took Mrs. F's place on her face. Another small adjustment was made to love-recliner so that the blonde's pussy was flush to Aiko's wet face.

"Do me," the blonde ordered.

Aiko knew she would have to probably perform on every single woman in the room. But she had resigned herself to her fate and would dutifully perform pleasant obligations without hesitation.

Aiko would find no rest for a while. The women took turns playing with their sex doll. They established a rhythm in which one woman would occupy herself with her vulva, either with their mouths or a strap-on, while another obtained her pleasure on Aiko's face. Aiko was their sex doll. They used her like a shameless slut they believed her to be.

The cycle of a woman between her legs, followed by the same woman pleasuring herself on her face continued until, well, until it stopped. Aiko did not cum every time there was a switch in lovers. However, every woman who sat on her face stayed on her face until she made them cum. She had to lick and slurp and suck every pussy that came her way. She was nothing more than a living Sybian.

At some point during the rotating orgy, someone caught Aiko by surprise by inserting a hard object into her vagina. She could tell by its texture that it had to be a strap-on covered with bumps and ridges. This facsimile of a felt good inside body. She welcomed its intrusion. Her pussy told her that it was designed to maximize a woman's pleasure because it worked. It pushed her into a climax.

Finally, the cycle of women pleasuring her pussy and then pleasuring themselves on her face came to an end. Someone was releasing the straps around her ankles and raising the love-recliner's backrest until it was returned to its original slanting position.

Aiko had to been too busy to count how many women she had serviced. She had the impression that every woman in the room had used her for their pleasure, perhaps some of them more than once. Never in all her wildest fantasies had she thought she would find herself as the centrepiece of a lesbian gangbang.

However, she would soon find out that not every woman in the room had had their chance with her.

* * *

A couple of women helped her out of the love-recliner with the intention of leading her back to Mrs. T's mattress. But a corpulent black woman black woman intercepted them. "Hey," she protested, 'I didn't get my chance to have my turn with her," she protested. Her necklace had a 'C' on it.

"Sorry," one of the women who had released Aiko said. She moved to strap Aiko back into the love-recliner.

"No, don't bother," the Rubenesque woman said. "I got something else in mind."

She took hold of Aiko's hand and led her to a mattress next to the one that Mrs. T occupied.

"Lie down," she instructed.

Aiko did as she was instructed.

"Open your legs," the woman ordered Aiko.

Mrs. C lifted Aiko's right leg so that it was pointing toward the ceiling. Then she scooted her large bottom toward Aiko until their pussies were flush against each other. She was clearly a strong woman as she seemed to be able to prop herself up on her own arms. While holding up Aiko's leg, she began to wiggle, grind and gyrate her vulva against Aiko's, verbally encouraging her to do the same.

Fortunately for Aiko, the woman's pussy was just as hairless and smooth as her own. Both pussies were wet with lubrication. She would not have to worry about friction caused by hair. It took Aiko a few moments to recognize that what she was now about to experience what was known as tribbing or scissoring, although technically, the former was the action of rubbing their vulvas together and the latter was the position that women took to perform the action.

Although Aiko's afterglow had receded somewhat, and she really could use another break to catch her breath, there was, as the proverb said, 'no rest for the weary'. She was a sex doll. Dolls might wear out but they didn't get tired. They could use her body any way they liked. She had agreed to it. She had only one other choice: quit by using her safe word. But she had gone this far. There was no way she was going to quit now.

Aiko mentally shrugged her shoulders and began to gyrate her crotch against the corpulent woman's large juice pussy. Having never tribbed before, she let her partner take the initiative. As she got into it, though, she began to rub herself more actively against her partner with the intention of taking her own pleasure as well.

However, Aiko's partner who had, until now, been watching but not participating in the sexual activity centred on the sex doll, was extremely aroused and was entirely focussed on her own sexual satisfaction. She was soon vigorously pumping her big black pussy against Aiko's much smaller, pale pussy. She was clearly looking for immediate satisfaction. Aiko had achieved hers more than once. She was clearly experienced in tribbing and knew what to do. Aiko was trying to figure out what would work best for her. Not surprisingly, the black woman reached her climax long before Aiko was even close.

Mrs. T had been watching. "Come over here, honey," she said to Aiko. "I'll take care of you." Although the words sounded like an offer, their tone sounded more like a command.

Just as Aiko was moving over to Mrs. T's mattress, Mrs. F started walking toward Gerald. He was naked and holding, but not stroking, a very hard pole in his hand. Aiko guessed what the beautiful black woman had in mind. When she saw the lust in Gerald's eyes, she was certain that her husband would not disappoint her.

* * *

"Lie down on your back," Mrs. T instructed her sex doll.

Aiko complied.

Mrs. T sat up and got on her hands and knees. She turned around so that her ass and wet pussy were facing in Aiko's direction. She lifted a leg over Aiko's head and scooted down a little more so that her pussy was just inches away from Aiko's face and her own face was close to Aiko's pussy.

Aiko stroked Mrs. T's ample bottom. She knew what was coming next, what she was expected to do, and was even looking forward to it.

Mrs. T lowered her nether lips to Aiko's upper lips. Aiko kissed the woman's lower lips the same way she had kissed her upper lips.

Aiko was hoping that she would turn their sixty-nine position into a session of mutually satisfying cunnilingus but she soon realized that the differences in their heights made mutual oral sex impossible. Her consolation prize was having Mrs. T stick two fingers into her well-used love hole.

Although the entry of her lover's fingers was pleasant, Aiko could tell by the way her lover was moving her pussy across her face that she was more focussed on achieving her own orgasm and less on bringing her Asian lover with her.

Aiko's tongue slowly lashed up and down their outer and inner labia. She savoured the soft smooth textures of the woman's skin. Her tongue dipped between the bigger woman's lower lips. As she had done earlier, she lapped up the juices leaking out of her vagina. He main focus, though, was licking and sucking on the bigger woman's clitoris.

After a few minutes, her big-breasted lover was already beginning to flood. She was close to cumming. Just as she was about to reach the point of no return, Aiko stopped.

Before Mrs. T could complain, Aiko jammed her thumb into her lover's asshole and start to wiggle it. At the same time, she resumed suckling on the protruding sexual button, treating it like a lactating tit. The combination of tongue and thumb pushed Mrs. T over the edge. Her climax flooded Aiko's face with her vaginal fluids. A veritable swamp of female fluids drained off Aiko's face.

"You're a natural at lesbian love, Manko," Mrs. T panted as she rolled to Aiko's side, "but I wanted you to cum too."

Rather than replying, Aiko straddled her face with her pussy and said, "Then do me!" She started rubbing her pussy up and down Mrs. T's face, and she was doing it enthusiastically.

Mrs. T murmured as her long agile tongue dipped into Aiko's pussy and licked the inside rim of her vaginal entrance. To Aiko, her tongue felt like a wriggling penis. Keyed up by an evening of constant sex, it was too much for Aiko. She peaked. This time, she was spilling her womanly fluids into Mrs. T's skillful mouth.

Aiko wasn't sure that she should have taken charge in the way that she just did. She was supposed to be a sex doll who did whatever her mistress commanded her to do. From the look on Mrs. T's face, though, she apparently hadn't minded her initiative.

* * *

Gerald had watched the lesbian orgy. He marvelled at his wife's capacity for sex and her obvious ability to adapt to her circumstances. Unless he had seen it himself, he would never have believed that Aiko was capable of doing what his own eyes saw her do, act like a slut for women.

Like the other men in the room, he was enthralled by the spectacle of the wives ardently making love to each other. But Gerald's cock was now aching for attention. It felt as if it was ready to explode. He could have had any of these women at any time but he had been so mesmerized by Aiko's all-female gangbang that he had ignored his own urgent need for sexual relief. Although he had his hand around his cock, he made no attempt to masturbate himself to the point of blasting a load into the air. That was not his style.

His 'thing' was to shoot every single load into a female orifice, preferably, usually, and as a high priority, her uterus, the receptacle inside a woman's body that usually served to take a man's cock and receive his baby-making seed. For him, oral sex was best used as foreplay. As pleasant as oral sex was, it was rarely the main event. He took no interest in anal sex.

Although immersed in his own thoughts, Gerald had watched the black woman cum on his wife's face. He found her quite attractive and had mentally designated her as the first woman whose body he would use to take care of his carnal needs.

The black beauty walked straight toward him. Pointing at his dick, she asked, "Need some help with that?"

"You read my mind," Gerald said, smiling and getting his first close-up view of the beautiful black woman.

Her laugh was almost like a tinkling bell. "I don't need any mind-reading skills to see what's on your mind. I'm pretty sure your cock was waving at me as I came closer."

"You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?"

"Yep," she said as she got down on her knees between his legs. "Horny men are hopelessly transparent," she said giggling. "Either your cock is telling me what you're thinking, or it is doing your thinking." She knelt down and took his cock into her mouth.

He gasped as he asked, "Where's your husband? None of the guys here are wearing a necklace with an 'F' on it."

She took his cock out of her mouth. "Oh, he's in the Men's Room," she informed him. "My husband and I bought Blondie. Roan is her name, right? We made agreement with Mr. and Mrs. T. I would party with Mrs. T in the Ladies' Room. She would share your wife with me and the other ladies. Mr. T would join my husband in the Men's Room and share Roan with him and the other men. She's in for a real treat, if she can take it. She does seem a little shyer than Manko."

"I'm guessing she's in store for a gangbang," Gerald said.


'Oh my god,' Gerald thought. 'I don't think Nora really thought it through when she made that silly bet with Aiko about who would outlast who. And how is Ryan going to react when he realizes what's going to happen? His wife is going to have more different peckers in her body in one night than she's had all her life, including a few black ones.'

"What are you thinking about, sugar?" Mrs. F asked.

"About my friends in the other room," he told her. "I'm not sure they fully understood what they were getting themselves into."

"Did you?" she asked.

"No, I guess we didn't either," he confessed. "But we've done few wild things during our swinging life although nothing like this. Manko and I are at least more experienced. So, we're better prepared for the unexpected. They knew they were walking into something wild, but they may not have realized how wild."

Mrs. F shrugged. "They're adults and they have free will. If it gets to be too much for them," she noted, "they can quit. That's all there is to it."

"That's true," Gerald agreed. "Besides, there more important things for me to worry about."

He reached for her black pussy and discovered she was both bald and wet. The wetness he had expected because she had cum on Aiko's face. As for her bald pussy, he was beginning to think that all the housewives in the Ladies' Room had shaved off their pubic hair. 'I guess these ladies like bald pussy as much as I do,' he thought.

"Your wife made me cum," she said as though she was confirming his thought.

"I saw," Gerald replied. "I'm going to disrupt your plan for my wife by taking you for myself. You don't mind, do you?"

She smiled at him. "Of course, not," she answered.

Although she relished the memory of the Japanese woman's little tongue wriggling between her excited labia and then working its magic on her sensitive female button, she was more than happy at the prospect of getting something much bigger and harder inside her body.

But she wanted to taste his hard cock first. She grabbed his cock and put it back into her mouth. She wallowed most of it. His love muscle throbbed in her mouth. She wondered if the pulsing in his cock matched the one in his heart. Her other hand went down between her legs so that she could play with herself. She could tell that he was close to cumming. Hell, so was she already!

Gerald stopped her. His cock was in urgent need of relief but he didn't want to send his load down her throat, He preferred to send his ivory rod deep into the hot sleave of her gorgeous ebony body. He helped her get off her knees and then directed her to sit on him.

She smiled because that was exactly what she wanted too. She wanted that blond man's white throbbing phallus spraying the walls of her vagina.

"You're the boss," she said smiling.

"What hole do you want?" she asked her white lover.

"As much as I'm an ass-man, I'm not really interested in anal sex," he declared. "I want to travel to the stars through the heaven of your hot black gates," he declared. He was already fingering her, making sure it was wet enough to receive his libation. Of course, it was.

In fact, she was eager. "Good," she replied huskily, "I want that big white column of yours filling my hungry married black pussy. Go in deep," she urged. "Stick it into my womb if you can! Find my eggs!"

Gerald pulled her into him so that she was straddling his lap, facing him. He glanced briefly to see what his wife was doing. At this point, a big black woman was scissoring his wife and freely using her body for her wanton Sapphic pleasure.

Then he turned his attention back to his partner. The dark beauty lowered herself on his lap, making sure that his cock was aligned with her feverishly welcoming pussy. She sighed as her sex channel slid down his iron-like pole until her ass was sitting firmly on his lap, his cock deep inside her body and his balls nestled underneath her ass. His stiff cock made her feel full. The heat of it, and its throbbing, was all it took to ignite the fire that would soon cause her to explode.

She squeezed his cock with her pelvic muscles. Gerald groaned in response. He enjoyed the softness of her body, the softness of her curves and the heat of her vagina around his increasingly desperate cock.

Gerald wanted to pump hard into her but the chair he was sitting in was uncomfortable. It dampened his pleasure and inhibited his ability to perform his manly task with the vigor that she deserved. "I'm going to take you to that mattress over there," he said, gesturing his head toward the right.