Twitter Bounty Programs Launched On Cryptobulls Exchange

Twitter Bounty Programs Launched On Cryptobulls Exchange

Bounties if plainly talked is an explanation that emerges when a specific person discusses gaming stages which can let to claim prize or at the time when a section is separated by the passageway enlargement.

These projects essentially help guarantee and acquire sub department given by organizations to individuals. This includes any association uncovering a protest or advantages offering by the association to people similar to an item that is occurring by different tasks.

Now and again, assurity in rising innovation conditions can appear to be a staggering test: achievement is about gradual enhancements that advance the efforts, move ahead.

A Bounty program is certifiably not a one-estimate fits-all security arrangement that will operate for each organization, however, it very well may be an incredible route for groups to refine their way to deal with aggressor protector elements while teaming up with skilled programmers.

At the point when helplessness rewards are intended to adjust analyst, engineer, and security group motivating forces, they can be a useful asset that drives the development of an item security program.

Now as there is big hand of Social Media Platforms for meeting and helping developments to take place...Cryptobulls Exchange brings you their robust Twitter Bounty Program.

Keeping up viable security is a network exertion, and we are glad to have a lively gathering of free security specialists who volunteer their opportunity to enable us to spot potential issues.

To perceive their endeavors we offer our twitter bounty program for detailing certain qualifying security vulnerabilities. If it's not too much trouble ensure you survey the accompanying project controls before you report a powerlessness.

By taking an interest in this program, you consent to be bound by these guidelines.


How to get Started ?

The guide is here to answer your questions

1. Steps to follow

  1. Fill the online form for bounty program at
  2. Follow Cryptobulls on twitter @crypto_bulls .
  3. Like 10 posts of @crypto_bulls .
  4. Retweet 4 posts of @crypto_bulls and 1 post with Cryptobulls Media Coverage from ( )Tag 10 followers in each post.
  5. Retweet content in each post must contain a link to
  6. Follow the steps for 7 days. Half way left Bounty will not be considered.
  7. Minimum followers required for bounty 50

2. Rules of twitter bounty

  1. Your twitter audit ( score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count.
  2. Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign.
  3. The rewards can be multiplied by retweeting from multiple accounts. Each account has to be registered under Cryptobulls Bounty Program
  4. To check the Rewards received, register at and check "My CBXE Holdings"
  5. Rewards will be distributed every Monday

3. Rewards

  • 50-499 followers result in earning 5 CBXE
  • 500-999 followers result in gaining 10 CBXE
  • 1K-4999 followers result in availing 25 CBXE
  • 5K-9999 followers result in obtaining 50 CBXE
  • 10,000+ followers result in acquiring 100 CBXE

Words to Remember

You should follow every relevant law regarding your interest in this program. You are additionally in charge of any relevant duties related to any reward you get.

Not only this to bring attractive bounty programs our Telegram Bounty Program also functions like this program. For more information just hit on our website where real trading awaits for you.

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