TrustMuskCoin - must trust coin in the world!

TrustMuskCoin - must trust coin in the world!


About this contract

This contract is of classic type BEP-20 tokens with integrated commission mechanism. Our contact is completely security and honest.

You can see code for yourself. Read more for details.

What is BEP-20?

The BEP-20 standard is the second most often used for crypto token production. The Binance Smart Chain is being used to develop many of the new coins, primarily because it is faster, more efficient, and allows cross-chain compatibility. BEP-20 was built as an extension of the ERC-20, therefore it has all of the ERC20's features.

BEP-20 is the Binance Smart Chain's primary token standard, which means that all tokens on the BSC are automatically based on it. BEP-20 specifies the procedures for using, transferring, approving, and managing a BEP-20 token.

Commission mechanism

Every time you will pay a fee when transfer token. The base fee is 5%:

1% Rewards
1% Liquidity
1% Burn
2% Marketing

About fee value

We do not plan to change the base fee value. In smart contact code each fee can't be more then 10%.

Rewards fee

This token value is rewarding among all token holders.

Liquidity fee

This token value is sending to main contract address. They will be added to the liquidity pool in the future.

Born fee

This token value is burning to zero address. Token supply will decrease with each transaction.

Marketing fee

This token value is sending to the marketing address.

Token economics

TrustMaskCoin - now available to trade in PancakeSwap. Our development team has taken care of the security of your investment. Bot protection is working. Trades are available and safe.

Distribution of token supply TMC - total supply. TMC - frozen on contact address, they will be added to the liquidity pool in the future.

1.850.000.000 TMC - burned TMC - token liquidity to PancakeSwap pool.

150.000.000 TMC - creators needs.

Total supply

Total supply is always reduced by burning. Creation of new tokens is not possible because minting does not exist. 1.850.000.000 TMC has been burned after the start of trading on PancakeSwap.


Them liquidity pool has been created, 100% LP tokens are freezed by

Liquidity pool is under protection, anyone can buy only a allowed value.

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