Troubleshoot My Norton Antivirus Related Problem

Troubleshoot My Norton Antivirus Related Problem

Yehana Mccoy

When we use our computer without installing anti-virus software, our system may cause problems after some time. To protect against this situation, we must use an antivirus program that protects our computer system from various threats. An antivirus program is a set of programs or software designed to prevent viruses, threats, and other malware. For this reason, we must consider the best antivirus program to protect the system. But here's one question that is the best anti-virus that's great for our business.

Different people have different perceptions of the anti-virus. But here I recommend one of the best antivirus software that protects the entire system against spyware, viruses, worms, Trojan horses, etc. It perfectly scans the entire computer program to protect against websites, file downloads, and open mail. But we have seen many times that some users have technical problems with Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus does not open, crashes, sometimes there is an installation problem, a download problem, and many other problems.

If you're facing this type of problem, follow these steps to make you worry-free.

1-If you find that Norton Antivirus is not working properly, immediately remove and install it.

2-If there is a problem with the download, then:

3-Log-in to your Norton account first

4-Now look to the upper right here, you'll find My Norton, click on it.

5-Download this.

Sometimes because of a problem with the Internet, this problem is changing. Due to a problem with the ISP, Norton has stopped working. The Norton firewall blocks Internet connection most of the time.

Because of the following reason:

1-Kindly close all programs and restart your computer.

2-Here you need to temporarily disable the Norton firewall.

3-After starting your computer, open Norton.

3-Go to the settings options, in the detailed settings, click the firewall.

4-Here you will find the General Settings tab and then click the slider to disable it.

5-There is a protection warning dialog box in the drop-down menu, click Apply and select permanently.

6-Then apply it and click OK and make sure the firewall is turned off. Restart your computer and go to Norton After the update, you can enable the Norton firewall.


If you still feel the issue does not resolve by these steps you take assistance with our skilled tech support team. We are always here to assist you with any bug or any technical glitches you face while using antivirus applications. I hope these steps will solve all the problems. However, if there is any issue related to activate my Norton antivirus you can call our expert.