FAQ TronHives.com

FAQ TronHives.com


What do I need to start the game?

The game runs on Tron's blockchain smartcontract and for interaction, you must have the TronLink or TronPay browser extension installed. To start the game, you must have at least 1-2 TRX coin on your account to pay the commission for the first transaction.

How can I get an Airdrop bonus?

At the start, each registered player will get a frame on which 32 AirdropBee breed bees live. You can collect 100 waxes every 8 hours with the free Airdrop frame.

How to top-up the balance and withdraw funds?

Buying wax for TRX coin in the game is an adding to your balance in fact. You can withdraw the collected honey at any time and in any quantity without any restrictions! Exchange rate: 1 TRX = 50 wax, 50 honey = 1 TRX.

How to earn more?

It's simple more bees = more honey! Each next frame is more profitable than the previous one! Improve the quality of production honey, the higher it is, the more honey your bees will produce. Build your Bee-garden by inviting new beekeepers and get 10% in honey from each wax purchase in your Bee-garden hives.

How does the accrual of profits go?

Profit is credited automatically to your balance in real time, according to the profitability of the bees you purchased.

Is it possible to register without a sponsor?

You can not participate in the game without a sponsor. Therefore, if you do not have it, then you can select it on the Representatives page.

Who is the Representative and how to become one?

A representative is a player who understands well all the intricacies of the game and is ready to share his knowledge with young beekeepers, attracting them to his Bee-garden. A list of representatives with their contact information, as well as a button for submitting an application, is available on the official website of the game.

SuperBee - when will it be available?

The bee knows its value and works when it wishes. Be careful and you do not miss the chance to catch the SuperBee!

What is the commission rate?

Commission for the maintenance and development of the game is 10% from the amount of coins spent on the purchase of wax.

How to play from a smartphone?

Download the Banko Wallet, Math Wallet or TronWallet app from the app store. After installation, you can create a new TRX wallet or import an existing TRX wallet, and then transfer the TRX coins to it. After that, find BeeHive game in the wallet app or go to our website TronHives.com using the in-app browser.

Is BeeHive Reliable?

Yes! The BeeHive game works on Tron blockchain smartcontract. A smartcontract cannot be changed or deleted by anyone, and all internal transactions are strictly regulated and complied by its rules regardless of anything, and no one can interfere with its operations.