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Trias ( – general-purpose public blockchain that supports running native-applications for all platforms. 

1.  The project's economic model: 

-    Currency: ETH;

-    Total token supply: ТВА;

-    Amount of tokens available for contributors: ТВА;

-    Total ICO hard cap: 35000 ETH (rumors); 

-    Terms of the token sale: 35% of total token supply will be offered for sale (rumors);

-    Token price: ТВА;

-    Token structure: ТВА.

2.  Lock-up periods: N/A. 

3.  Token release: TBA. 

4.  Activity in the social networks (data captured on 05.08.2018):

Telegram EN ( – 12455 users in the chat;

Twitter ( – 1018 followers, 8 tweets.

5.  Investors and partners:

There is no information on investors available so far. 

Octa Innovations, Ltd, P.R.C. is mentioned as the project's partner along with the joint laboratory of Octa Innovations & Peking University (also known as 'Lab').

Octa Innovations (according to the website) will provide technical, research and marketing support for Trias. The core members of Octa Innovations are graduates from Oxford and Peking University, accompanied with high-tech companies like Microsoft, Alibaba, and DiDi that have strong technical support and decades of experience in business and technical development within information security field. Octa Innovations is one of the earliest suppliers of security solutions for the integration of secure computing technology and blockchain in China. The company has successfully conducted a variety of large projects in banking, securities, and state affairs with remarkable socioeconomic results. 

There is almost no information about the company available on the internet. LinkedIn only contains CEO's profile, who also acts as CEO for Trias. In addition to that, 6 out of 8 project's team members work in Octa as senior managers. 

Lab (according to the website) will rely on Octa Innovations so that to provide Trias with innovational research opportunities in TEE, graph computing, and reliable software. The laboratory was built by School of Software and Microelectronics in Peking University together with Octa Innovations, dedicated towards the achievement of innovational R&D and industry development of the technologies of trust, like secure computing systems, reputation systems, and blockchain. The research team is comprised of 4 professors, 12 doctoral students, and more than 20 graduates. 

We did not like the fact that these 2 companies are not being displayed in search results. 

6.   Roadmap: 

7.  Token: ТВА. Purpose: gas for transactions. 

8.  Restrictions for contributors: TBA.

9.  WhiteList/KYC – ТВА.

10. Blockchain: YES. 

11.  Patents: NO.

12. MVP: Q4 2018 – testnet launch, Q2 2019 – mainnet v1.0 launch.

Similar projects:

We consider Trias as a potential competitor for projects like Hashgraph, Oasis Labs, Tolar HashNet. All these projects are going through the fundraising stages and are not available on the exchanges. 

GitHub ( 

The project's GitHub consists of 3 public repos holding slightly more than 13000 lines of code.

The developers claim that there's much more code and the work is being done within private repositories. 

WP ( 

Trias's ecosystem includes 3 subsystems, which the authors compare to 3 divisions of the power: 

-    Leviatom, heterogeneous network of machines that support Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology. Leviatom implements a Heterogeneous Consensus Graph, which uses a Hashgraph-like model, augmented by TEE. The developers are promises high efficiency and security of this consensus, but who does not? 

-    Prometh, the framework for software development, which records all necessary information about development history on the blockchain. 

-    MagCarta, a consensus-oriented programming paradigm. DApp manager that launches apps, developed with Prometh, on Leviatom blockchain. It is a secondary programming language for smart-contract description. 

Trias aims to establish the following solutions: 

-    Layer-1 for other public blockchains, which establishes trusted relationships among the consensus nodes

-    Consensus-Oriented Programming for distributed enterprise apps 

-    Trusted OS and application ecosystem (dApp store, like Apple's AppStore)

-    Trustworthy Multi-Party Computation

-    Trustworthy Cloud Computing Platform

-    Trias offers a Hashgraph-like consensus algorithm, favoring nodes with various TEE implementations. It seems like a good idea, however: a) Hashgraph is patented and Trias is risking to be involved in patent wars, b) not all of the TEEs, mentioned by Trias in their Whitepaper are suitable for use, which raises concerns about their professionalism. 

The project has pretty high-quality Whitepaper (not excellent, though), there's a reasonable amount of noise and technical details are explained. 

The team:

Anbang Ruan - CEO 287 contacts

Anbang graduated from Peking University, got Ph.D. in Computer Science at Oxford. 

He is CEO of Octa Innovations Ltd. China.

Previously he worked as an employee in the Trusted Cloud of the University of Oxford's electronic research center. 

Anbang has more than 10 years of experience in secure computing, secure cloud platforms, secure cloud computing and virtual platforms security. He was a leader in several EU-based research projects (no names are mentioned), which were financed by EPSRC, FP7, and Innovate UK. He also acted as a reviewer in Trusted Cloud for ACM magazine.

Ming Wei – CTO

Search in LinkedIn for this name returns 3230 results, but no results if it's used in conjunction with Octa Innovations. 

He is co-founder and CTO of Octa Innovations, Ph.D. & MSc (Peking Univesity). Ming is a former chief architect of Chinese aerospace scientific-research center and a programming engineer at Siemens. During his years working on software development and managing cloud computing, AI, incorporated projects, etc. within Octa Innovations, Ming has organized and developed a chain of private blockchains and a consortium DASO, along with a security system for a continuous immune system in order to solve security problems in user data processing centers. That provides 100 000 requirements for security apps and storage of TPS data. Ming has more than 10 documents and patents. 

Shuang Hao – CMO

This name returns more than 300 profiles, but no results when it's used in conjunction with Octa Innovations.

Shuang acts as a Director of Public Relations at Octa Innovations, got his Master's in Media Management at HKBU. He is a former front-reporter of the major worldwide news in national media. Shuang worked at Tsinghua University and NetEase, where he was in charge of strategic connections and public affairs. 

Jiahao Sun – CSO - it might be him. 1227 followers.

Jiahao is chief AI scientist coming from a well-known international bank, located in London (???). He graduated from the University of Oxford and specializes in computer science. He acts as a founder of several AI and FinTech companies in London, which attracted leading investment institutes in Europe. Jiahao is also a golden lecturer of AI and an instructor of advanced learning on several online platforms, such as NetEase, XiniuEdu, and JulyEdu.

Zhaoming Yin – a lead developer with 500+ contacts in LinkedIn 

Zhaoming has been acting as a cloud computing developer at Alibaba since 2016. 

He was a researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology from 2010 to 2014, where he got his Ph.D. 

Zhaoming has several years of experience of graph calculations and distributed systems within Oracle & Intel Research Institute in Silicon Valley (it's quite strange that he mentions only Chinese language knowledge in his LinkedIn page). He has published several articles in magazines/conferences, like ACM SIGMOD.

Guo Lin – Director of Development and Maintenance (developer) 276 contacts

Guo is a senior engineer for operation and technical maintenance at Didi, coming from being a leader of the team that provided automation for more than 100 enterprises on DevOps testing and releasing. He is responsible for designing and realization of containers and for DEVOPS architecture. Guo has conducted an advanced research about services integration with blockchain technologies, such as BigchainDB, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS. He has experience in various programming languages and OSes like Linux and Windows.

Fei Li – Director of Development and Maintenance (developer)

His name search in LinkedIn returns more than 8 000 results, but nothing when it used in conjunction with Octa Innovations.

Fei is a former system architect at Feixin (China Mobile), where he was leading a project about internet-port RCS connection and also developed a platform storage system O2O. He was researching internet technologies and creating a heterogeneous environment for middleware software, which has been utilized for 6 millions of simultaneous online apps and TPSes for a $1 million. 

Jian Chen - Director of Marketing for the Chinese market at Octa Innovations. He has experience within NetEase & 360, 10 years of marketing experience at NetEase, Youdao search & dictionary, and 360.

His name search in LinkedIn returns more than 12 000 results, but nothing when it used in conjunction with any other keywords.

The team is above average. 6 out of 8 members occupy various (mostly senior) positions at Octa Innovations. Nevertheless, the team is well-educated and skilled. 


Currently, there are no advisors on the project. 


Strengths: quite high quality of WP, tight roadmap (main net in Q2 2019), educated and skilled team. 

Weaknesses: the absence of any investors at this stage; the partner company mentioned has no profile on the internet. The project's GitHub looks weak (though according to the developers, the work is being done within private repos). The absence of token metrics and advisors.

Currently, it's quite difficult to assess Trias due to lack of a large chunk of the information, which is caused by the early stage of the project. 

To be amended…