Transcription Services For Market Research Firms

Transcription Services For Market Research Firms

Titus Livingston D

It cannot be denied that market research firms have to gather a lot of information before launching a new product. Apart from that, they need to do a lot of research on existing products as well. The research is important for shaping the marketing strategy and creating unique plans. The market research firms utilize interviews as the primary tool for collecting all data required from potential customers, focus groups, and producers. Now, it is important for researchers to get every interview transcribed. It takes a lot of time for any inexperienced individual to transcribe the video and audio recordings of the interview. This is where the importance of audio transcription services for market research firms come in. There are numerous benefits that market research firms can get if they choose the right audio transcription services company.


Online transcription services company will deliver accuracy. Getting accurate transcripts is imperative for every market research company. If accuracy is lost, the insights are lost as well. Yes, there is certain software that can be used for transcription. For instance, Automatic Speech Recognition software is capable of delivering transcribed content. But you have to consider the accuracy. The software has an accuracy rate of 80% while human transcription services have an accuracy rate of 99%. Transcription professionals can identify speakers, they can handle cross talk and can even deliver the edited transcripts that are absolute to the point.


Market research companies produce a lot of data. With access to proper and professional audio transcription services, it becomes easier for them to access the data in a simple way. It is faster to read a transcript than listen to a recording. The best part is, professional transcription services will deliver transcription services that capture minute levels of detail. They will offer access to transcribers that have knowledge and experience in different industries. Thus, it allows them to edit the transcripts in the best way possible. The most common options that you will have from the transcription service dedicated to market research firms are, verbatim, full-verbatim and detailed notes transcript.


The verbatim transcripts are also known as intelligent verbatim. These are one of the most versatile transcripts and useful options among the category of transcription services. This service remains close to the word-for-word account of the recording, eradicates all the stutters including ‘ums’, ‘ahs’, any false starts and pointless interruptions for delivering a transcript that is easier to read while still gathering the details. The full verbatim transcriptions are also known as the delivery of every single detail that includes false starts. For additional fees, you will also get the annotations on a tone, the pause and laughter as well.


If you are looking transcription services for particular circumstances of market research, this is just the right type. But, be careful because most of the time, there is too much information. Sometimes it becomes slower to read as well. You should only opt for the full verbatim scripts if you have a specific reason to do it. Detailed notes transcript is another form of transcription serves that is essential for the market research firms. They are edited to be on-point and are perfectly suitable for market research specialists. The editing of verbatim transcripts is taken one step further by removing off-topic chit chat, rambling the answers, summarizing the interview questions and delivering a shorter, cheaper and absolute on-topic transcript.


For availing and accessing the detailed notes transcripts with confidence, you need to make sure that the transcriptionists have relevant experience. You are giving them the license to make edits which means you are trusting them to cut out irrelevant things. Thus, they need to know which one is “relevant” and which one is “irrelevant”. And the professionals are capable of doing it accurately. Thus, they make your job far simpler and cost a lot less. Professional transcription services online ensures the security of the transcripts. Since market research firms have to deal with sensitive data, it is imperative to ensure security. Professional transcription service providers have an HTTPS website instead of an HTTP one. Thus, you can rest assured that all sorts of data exchange between your organization and the transcription service provider website will remain encrypted and cannot be accessed by any other 3rd-party.