Trans Masculine Fur Chat (FtM/NB/GNC)

Trans Masculine Fur Chat (FtM/NB/GNC)


Welcome! This is a fun and positive group for individuals who identify as trans masculine (FtM/NB/GNC). Feel free to join in on the convo, ask and answer questions, hang out, and have fun!


1. We would like to keep this space positive and safe for all members, so please leave hateful and inflammatory language at the door! We come from all walks of life, so disagreements may happen, but remember to stay civil. Spamming is discouraged.

2. The group’s focus is as a chat room/support group for individuals on the trans masculine spectrum. There are many all-inclusive groups out there, but we would like to keep this group as a space where we can talk about our shared and unique experiences!

3. This is a SFW group, however, we understand that many topics related to trans healthcare, experiences, and procedures can be intrusive or even a little graphic! Use your best judgment when posting pictures, asking questions, or sharing experiences, as we would like all of our members to feel comfortable.

  • Questions relating to reproductive and sexual health are OK, but if you feel unsure about your topic or question, you are welcome to run it through a moderator first.
  • Topless/Shirtless photos above the waist are OK to post in the chat. Bottomless and related photos should be linked outside of the chat. Please keep your pictures tasteful and include a short warning for any graphic medical photos.
  • SFW Artwork is fine to share, though please try to keep it on topic!

4. Please understand that while this chat is trans masculine focused, not everyone within the chat may identify as strictly only male, binary, or trans. Understand that not every individual has access to transition or may even want to transition (whether physically or socially). Respect each others pronouns, appearances, and journeys.

5. Respect the privacy of your fellow furs! The contents and the users within this chatroom should be considered confidential. If you are having issues with someone, please direct it to the attention of a mod rather than leaking/outing other members of the chat.

Resources: (A larger list of resources) (Documents/Rights/Advocacy) (Documents/Rights/Advocacy) (Image sharing of photos for trans related procedures. A good start for those looking to research results from varying surgeons across the globe.) (Therapists) (Therapists) (HRT information and effects on the body) (Crisis and Support) (Map for LGBT centers and shelters) (Binders) (Binders) (Donating/Receiving free binders for those in need) (Top surgery financial information) Apply for/Donate to grants for pro bono surgery funding (Surgery Guides and Explanations/Social Transitioning/Packing) (Resources/Reviews/Anecdotes/Packing) (Resources/Reviews/Anecdotes/Packing) (Sexual Health/HRT Provider) (Sexual Health)

(While I could not find a dedicated website related to pregnancy and parenting information for trans masculine individuals, there is a closed Facebook group for this that I can share with those who ask!)